What to Watch? These 6 Movies will Definitely Make Your Day!

Confused What to Watch? These 6 Movies will Definitely make your Day

There are always some films that are Immensely undervalued at the time of their release dates, critics kill and fart on such films. Every artist associated with such films feels neglected. So I made this list of 6 Movies that will certainly make your Day Awesome!

Then there comes an audience though after some years who makes those films classic neo-noir films as an artistic triumph. Following are the films which were underrated at the time of release but made it to the top later.

Tamasha (2015)

The Gist

Ved and Tara accidentally meet in Corsica, France, and choose to spend another 7 days along with slowly uncovering their genuine personality without any guarantee to meet afterward, ever.

Tara Inevitably falls in love with Ved and goes to discover Ved after a long time. It makes a difference for him to discover his genuine story where he has a place.


The Quick Seek

Tamasha, a motion picture that is ahead of its time with a concept focusing on a particular set of individuals. When I say this, I mean not all can get the mind and the heart of this motion picture combined.

One has got to separate and relate himself with the characteristics that appeared by a hero.

Some individuals say it could be a motion picture that is past the domains of reality. Few say it has touched and changed their lives in one way or another.

Personally, I accept it’s one of the motion pictures which changed me majorly. Additionally, the character, Ved Vardhan Sahni, was exceptionally relatable to me in genuine life.

Some individuals think the same as well. Firstly, The Ambivert-ism of the character.“TU KOI AUR HAI” (You’re SOMETHING ELSE). This exceptional line is the line which most individuals say to themselves when they know they are doing something which they do not wanna do. Being somebody which they can’t be other ways.

More Thoughts

It’s exceptionally dubious to characterize an Ambivert person. As no one knows to which conclusion of the range the individual is more slanted to, being a Thoughtful person

If this was a Hollywood production, this film would be hailed as an artistic triumph. But like people said it is not for everyone.

I can see how a lack of basic understanding of the concept of having to fold yourself into a shape to fit in with the norms of life. The horror that follows might bring about feelings of boredom for the average moviegoer.

Before Midnight (2013)

The Gist

It has been nine months. A long time since we finally met Jesse and Celine, the French-American couple. Who once met on a prepare in Vienna.

They presently live in Paris with twin girls. But have gone through summer in Greece on the welcome of a creator colleague of Jesse’s.

When the excursion is over, Jesse must send his adolescent child off to the States. He starts to address his life choices, and his relationship with Celine as hazard.

Before midnight

The Quick Seek

We develop up with so numerous romanticized thoughts, particularly around cherish and relationship. Nearly everybody dreams of a joyfully ever after.

Individuals accept that a great relationship would be cruel. Which they are progressing to be in adore until the end of time. There exist individuals who are culminating for them.

We expected Jesse and Celine are one of them. We are stunned to see, in this manner, the truth. After all, it seems it was not truly cherished. Or maybe, there’s nothing called adore or a great relationship.

Which one of these is genuine? The motion picture infers not one or the other and I concur. This makes it for me the most prominent sentimental movies ever.

When we live with somebody, when we are together for a long time it is incomprehensible not to abhor the individual you’re with. Don’t we all, indeed despise ourselves a bit? It does not cruel that we don’t cherish this individual.

As Jesse says, usually as close to true adore because it can ever get. Jesse and Celine are maybe a great relationship and what makes it great is that it could be an exceptionally genuine relationship. I hope you, the reader too have felt or can possibly relate to what we have felt.

A Quiet Place (2018)

The Gist

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is constrained to live in quiet whereas stowing away from beasts with ultra-sensitive hearing.

A Quiet place - post apocalyptic movie that i should watch

The Quick Seek

So when I started watching this film I was absolutely stunned. My heart came into my mouth just because of a single reason and that is “THE FEAR OF UNKNOWN”. Yes, that’s it.

The way John Krasinski has used the method was so cleverly utilized, also in terms of cinematography, color correction, and fact in all most every aspect of this film is apt.

tuning in to music on earphones, recklessly dancing on DJ, Something so straightforward however something we take for allowed each day. And here they are.

They misplaced their child (might be a spoiler), they can’t make any clamors, they are planning for an infant who will put all their lives in peril (I cruel you attempt to halt a newborn child from crying), however here they are moving and getting a charge out of being together, totally alone in their cherish for each other.

Another scene was the birth scene. I praise that Emilly blunts character for going through birth with being chased and having to be quiet. It was an effective scene in her eyes.

Ok, so there are some unbelievable scenes which might make you exhaust at some joints but still, you can vouch for it with some best-equipped sound gears.

Healthy piece of cinema, it would be a notably immersive involvement.

No Smoking (2007)

The Gist

A dreamlike story about a man, his subjection of smoking, and a strange and effective association, which claims to remedy such addictions, even though through exceptionally unordinary ways.

No smoking- movie to make my day awesome

The Quick Seek

The direction here is somewhat alike to David Lynch’s style in Mulholland Drive and anybody thinks it’s masterful when he does it but a sloppy job when somebody else does.

The screenplay is well-woven because the movie gets more and more profound and abstract. After all, it progresses, quite similar to the intensity of the pain, restlessness, and anguish the lead character K is in.

The seemingly confusing scenes somewhat reflect the confusion hence the inability to acquire that what K feels beneath him in its movie. (K also refers to Kashyap himself in a very way)

Finally, the acting. Though largely a director’s film, the actors still needed to convey the work of art. I think John Abraham does it brilliantly. His commitment to the character is visible and he does the very difficult job of portraying inner feelings of confusion, hate, and pain through that personality quite well.

Sadly, this genre faded and while I don’t want people to think this can be the simplest movie ever as which is highly subjective, I can only hope people recognize a beautiful work of art that No Smoking is.

Also, this was Anurag Kashyap’s best work to date if we ignore sacred games which were co directorial ventures of Vikramaditya Motwani and Anurag Kashyap.

Ankhon Dekhi (2013)

The Gist

Ankhon Dekhi is a film turning around fundamental character Bauji and his joint family alongside some extra characters. Bauji’s girl cherishes a kid. When the news is known to family, everything goes topsy turvy.

This is only an occurrence in the film as they further get hitched. The primary concern is it triggers Bauji’s viewing of the world, he chooses to accept just what he can straightforwardly see with his detects.

This causes him to lose his employment. A gathering of individuals go along with him thinking about him as ideal – and the story pushes forward.

Aankhon-Dekhi - movies that will make my day

The Quick Seek

The relatable characters and circumstances are beautifully portrayed in this film. Discussed, particularly when the personality of Sanjay Mishra describes toward the start and the end, are a treat to hear.

His character grasped me and I was unable to break free for the whole film span. The Foundation score in light of Hindustani Classical music and instruments is splendidly done.

Nature of Hindi or its lingo in discoursed and verses give a much-needed reprieve from the fair stuff which Bollywood creates consistently. Varun Grover has made an awesome showing with the verses. ‘Yaad Saari Baari’, ‘Aaj Laagi Nai Dhoop’ and ‘Aayi Bahaar’, each sung by Kailash Kher have a place with my unsurpassed top picks.

Regarding tune, they may sound fairly comparative yet verses are excessively acceptable. It takes him his travel to reach the put of clarity in his intellect, where he shapes his possess self through his claim experiences. From the starting, we will say that his intellect is in chaos, attempting to get this newfound belief.

More Thoughts

I would say this chaos is spoken to within the genuine life within the film through all the commonplace fights that take put in a joint family. The heading makes beyond any doubt that these squabbles are moreover chaotic, with a parcel of individuals putting their sees at the same time, however by one means or another they can bring clarity for the gatherings of people to get it.

It enables us to get it that Bauji will also discover clarity in his life, which I’ll not state what, but leads to the ultimate climax of the film. And after you know the conclusion and have caught up with my induction of Bauji’s character. One way to get it might be that he needed to meet everything firsthand. So he takes that step in order to meet life around him, in all its essence.

Jallikattu (2019)

The Gist

The feature film, Jallikettu is a visual experience to behold, Chaos occurs when the slaughtered buffalo of Varkey runs amok in the middle of a village. A spectacle – at times unnerving, appalling – and thrilling at the same time. What follows is a tale of beasts and egos being bruised.

Jalikattu - indian movie in oscar

The Quick Seek

A commentary on the stress of masculinity that’s ignorant of its possess control to wreak destruction. Within the beginning scenes, we see ruthless men ogling at ladies, a foul-tempered constable slapping his spouse, and sundry other male villagers, by and large, making a too bad display of themselves when confronted with a crisis.

If you see the escaping buffalo as a representation of all casualties of violence in these unstable times, at that point the men who are chasing it exemplify all that’s off-base with individuals on the skirt of exploding into acts of edginess that are scarcely human.

The followers inevitably conclusion up in a monster load that’s a pictorial envisioning of a long time of amassing of manly poisonous quality that has found outlets within the careless instability that we all are within the hold of.

Legislative issues run like a string through Jallikattu, but the films eagerly are never obvious. Indeed in case you observe it basically as an active, invigorating piece of cinema, it would be a notably immersive involvement.

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Why was Tamasha a flopped movie?

Tamasha probably flopped because not enough people liked what the director wanted to portray, and to be honest Imtiaz Ali did not do a good enough job of it. 

Where can I watch No smoking?

The Movie is available on Zee5

What is Before Midnight movie about?

On the last night of their idyllic Greek vacation, longtime lovers Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) reminisce about their lives together and what different choices might have brought.

Is A Quiet Place 18+ horror Movie?

Quiet Place is a great horror movie with suspense and good acting, even though there is almost no talking. It is a bit violent, but when someone gets killed in this film it’s usually blurry. 

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