Best 5 Shinchan Movies That You’re Gonna Love It!

Best 5 Shinchan Movies That You're Gonna Love It!


Do you too feel that being a child and acting the same is the best thing to do? Let’s be the child from the heart and open up with that innocence till the last breath.

I always feel that lets be the kid again and do such silly stuff without any fear and with an open heart. So my mind was hovering around such things and I thought let’s do some crazy trappings and let’s get nostalgic.

So I was thinking of such and I watched Shinchan’s movie. After watching I thought it would be better if we all remain kids always. Let’s get back to childish mode and sparkles the inner us and make them feel relaxed and do whatever your heart says.

Shinchan – Bungle in the Jungle

I love Shinchan when he acts silly and funny when the situation is exactly the opposite and covers the whole atmosphere. Another thing which I noticed is, doing crazy things when it is not necessary but it is adequate!!

I know you people would be thinking that why is am talking with heavy words and that also in an anime chartered movie!! Silly me, but my emotions are having such words to express, but I will take care of this.

Shinchan - Bungle in the Jungle

Okay so why all such stuff of talking of Shinchan??

One another movie which I came across, just because I love the name and it was Bungle in the jungle as I got the first thought Jungle In Mungle, and for that reason, I was excited to watch it. Somehow it carries the same flow with a different context but it will for sure make you feel happy and laughing at the end.

So the movie depicts the Action man, as such as avengers we can say, but the cartoon Vala avenger. Yeah!! So it started with the clue that theirs an action hero who is fighting against the Villan and eventually it was a scene of a movie which Shinchan and his friends were watching on the luxury cruise. Suddenly the bunch of monkeys jump out and get all the members with them except the children who were watching movies.

The monkeys were not the ordinary ones, they were in huge amounts and were trained by a man who wanted to build his kingdom and for that, he required certain people to work as a maid there. But Shinchan whose parents too were taken by the monkeys wanted them back so the Kasukamin defense group decided to go and get their parents and all back, they all try their level best to reach the forest area and to get to know where their parents are.

After a night they found them, but in a very bad situation where the man, the owner of all such was making them do such stuff which a maid does and seeing this Shinchan and their group tries to get them out of it and he succeeded in it eventually, they got the clue that when all would be together they would be able to fight against them and so they applied that strategy to do so and hence they all got out but, the action man, the Villan disappeared in between and all thought that he has gone because he got scared, but accidentally he arrives at last.

As Shinchan with the help of Action Kamin, fight against the action man and proves to all that he is a brave boy and always truth wins.

Yes at the end, I love the dialogue which Shinchan with its dramatic personality says that


Why Should You Watch This?

BUNGLE IN JUNGLE – SHINCHAN, deprives the story of how pure and excited the character is shown which gives the audience a light blue for teaching further. Hence, as I told it’s the same as JUNGLE ME MUNGLE, Vala shot but the same from a different perspective, and I hope you will love the way it has been presented and drafted.

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Shinchan Bungle in Jungle Rating

3.5 /5 ⭐️

As compared to all the other movies of Shinchan, I appreciate the efforts of making it deranged and fascinated, but at the same time, I love the other Content too so I would go with this rating.

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Shinchan – A Very Very Tasty Tasty!

Imagine when you are super carving and suddenly you find a pizza around, like for me it would be a cherry on a cake, or else I can say a day with thousands of surprises. The same happened today with me, as I was super carving and I got to know that today we had cooked something very special which I love and I ate with such satisfaction that now up to a certain time it will be giving me that comfort only.

As I was thinking of it, I recalled one of the Shinchan Movie called Shinchan – A very very tasty, which depicts such kind and I had a very great time watching that. The reason behind it was like I being foodie, like a mad food fan, and so related to such if any kinds of stuff are there it would make me happier.

Shinchan - A Very Very Tasty Tasty!

The movie of Shinchan too had the same situation where the Kaskade defense group try to protect the special sauce which a Dhaba Vala uses, which is the favorite dish of all. Hence, it all goes under this where Shinchan and their friends try to fight against the Villan, who wanted that sauce because he wanted that Dhaba Vala doesn’t cook the food and everywhere he wanted the five starts hotels and restaurants. But he was not aware of Shinchan being so smart and hence the plan of his get spoiled at last.

Kasukabe defense group tries their level best to fight against, with the help of the chief of Dhaba vala and at the end, they win, they just only got the victory but at last, Shinchan cooks the special sauce food and make the Villan realize about the original village food and lastly, they all together has their dinner.

Why Should You Watch This?

The character of Shinchan and his friends are super cool that whether the movie might be not so good or you people doesn’t like it but you will eventually love Shinchan and their friends, especially the way they talk and do crazy things. Coming towards the movie, it is worth watching I can say because it includes very light fun elements and innocence of people.

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Shinchan A Very Very Tasty Tasty Rating

4 /5 ⭐️

I just loved the movie, the way it has been presented and showcased. The light and swing mood can be delighted and feels better after having such a movie.

Shinchan – Treasures of Buri Buri Kingdom

My all-time favorite, I am Shinchan Nohara, Me 5 Saal ka hu.., is back again with the treasure in the Buri Buri Kingdom. The place and adventure are new this time and sound somehow realistic and dramatic too.

As always we see the concept of a very melodramatic Sence where a hero of the story gets kidnapped and to resolve them the main action hero comes and fights against the villain and smartly gets back the hero. As in this there the role of heroine too, but Shinchan doesn’t have one actress in his movie, its like whosoever is being cast are given special treatment or statement by Shinchan which acts as a fun part.

As Sence described, is being the same depicted and the story begins when the actual hero, means to say that the one and only son of the Buri Buri kingdom (Prince) got kidnapped who looks the same as Shinchan. Where on the other side there is the Villan party called the snake group who wishes to grab all the gold and want to rule the whole world.

Shinchan - Treasures of Buri Buri Kingdom

So for that, to open the key doors, there was a requirement of the kid who looks the same as the son Prince. And that was Shinchan, so the snake group caught Shinchan and tries to take him to the kingdom and their Shinchan meets the Prince who looks the same as Shinchan.

The king of the snake group went to that door to achieve the gold and in between he lefts out with his teams for crossing the stage to reach the gold. In the end, he got the chance to wish what he wants and he says that he wants to become the strongest person in this whole world

By the end, eventually, he gets the power of being strongest and he fights against it and at the end, the whole kingdom of the snake group gets destroyed and Prince and Shinchan get back to their home.

It was quite interesting with the funny moments included in it as the story wasn’t that much worthy.

Why Should You Watch This?

The actual entertainment and fun moments can be gathered by such movies which will give you light happiness and makes your mind fresh. The same goes with all Shinchan movies and it’s great to watch them all.

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Shinchan Treasures of Buri Buri Kingdom Rating

3 /5 ⭐️

As the story concept according to me, can be much better and can be more interesting but it was not up to that point. But in general, way whatever things being inclusive in the movie was that and that can be added as a plus point.

Shinchan – Villain Our Dulhan

Sometimes you be happy and at the same time being opposite of It, sounds weird, right!!! We came across such a scene or situation where we don’t know to be happy or to be sad, somewhat like fixed feelings.

So I too was suffering from such stuff and I was wondering to figure it out and there I got the notification of something in which the photo of Shinchan got clicked to me and I thought let’s gear up and watch Shinchan’s movie.

There I came up with the movie called – SHINCHAN – VILLIAN OUR DULHAN sounds interesting right!! As I went ahead I thought now the movies of Shinchan are no longer the cartoon movies scenario but day by day they come up with the other movie’s context and that is super interesting. 😍

Shinchan - Villain Our Dulhan

When I heard the name of the movie I was super excited as same as Shinchan’s OBAKA power, which you will know sooner. The reason is, it started when Shinchan and their friends were playing the game of future as like what they will be in the future and their friends were pretty sure what they want to, but Shinchan was not aware of, as such talk was going on and there suddenly arrive Miss Tami (the future fiancé of Shinchan). She takes Shinchan with her in the future and their friends to get there and the actual drama begins.

The whole story tries to say that how the 5years Old Shinchan protects the future Shinchan, from the president of the city Mr. Mansusoka kanyari, the greedy father of Miss Tami who was much more interested in money rather than his daughter and he didn’t want his daughter to marry Shinchan.

For that, he grabs the power of Shinchan and that can be resolved only by the little Shinchan. And as we know the little one has an OBAKA power which means OHH BIKHARIHUI AGRRESIVE KAMALDHAMAL AMAZING, and with the help of them, they fight against the president and gets the victory at the end.

Shinchan and their friends met their future once and were shocked that what they thought and actually what they are, there was a very hard gap but eventually all ties up and help to get Shinchan back.

Why Should You Watch This?

All the movies of Shinchan contain Drama, comedy, and a mixture of some emotional elements which make the film more interesting to watch till the end. And that I too love about it and that drags me to watch furthermore. Hence, when you feel like doing nothing and getting bored then this will help you to get up to your seats and will make your day.

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Shinchan Villian Our Dulhan Rating

4.5 /5 ⭐️

You might be in doubt regarding my score, but I don’t know I love when Shinchan loves someone, and to watch him I find myself happy and prosperous and so why not give credit in such a manner and reflect my HAPPY + PEACE moment by this.

Shinchan – Adventures in Henderland

One of the best things that we all like is traveling and so do Shinchan!

The movie has a kick start, where the teacher in a class announces about going to Henderland and all the babies were super excited, and so do Shinchan and their friends were also. But before the announcement of such, ma’am was telling a story of a princess and prince where the Princess got caught by some bad boys and Prince fight with them and at last Prince and Princess stays forever, by listening such story Shinchan being a smart guy tells and make a joke of the story that such things doesn’t happen in this world, how will they stay if they don’t earn money and so his friends too started making fun of such and the day ends.

Now the next evening they went to Henderland, the place to adventure and as they entered the place, Shinchan being a naughty boy steps forward and goes apart from all and he reaches a place where he saw the lady in a cage and there he comes across with a Crazy man, who told Shinchan to go from there as because this place of circus is yet not got ready, but Shinchan being Shinchan he refused to go from there.

Shinchan - Adventures in Henderland

The crazy man took him to show some another doll and there he meets the Barbie doll who was dancing and suddenly she stopped, so Shinchan thought that the key behind has got over and so he tries to put it back and then the doll who was under covered, got out of it and told Shinchan that a person is a crazy man and he will kill us and they both run from there.

As they both were passing, there comes another friend of Crazy man Chokinirne, who was the one member of the gang who wanted to destroy people and wanted the cards back from the Barbie doll to destroy everyone, and to protect the card they had to fight with her but she was having great power and was unable to fight against. But as and how Shinchan gets out of this, due to some magic and power of Chokinirne, the barbie doll got disappeared.

Now Shinchan was so worried about the Barbie doll and there Barbie doll comes and Shinchan gets super happy seeing her as she hasn’t gone anywhere. Then the story begins when the Barbie doll explains the whole story to Shinchan that, Makav and Juma are the bosses and they want to destroy everything and Chokinirne and Crazy man, are their team members. So now to fight against them Shinchan was the only one who can do this because he was smart and powerful enough of using the cards and Barbie girl taught him how to use that cards and gave all the cards.

There comes the Snowman into the picture as both the friends of Makav and juma where unable to handle Shinchan, so Snowman comes in form of teacher of Shinchan and wanted to grab all those cards so that they win and rule the world, and he got successful in doing so as because he went to his house and tried to grab the cards, eventually he didn’t succeed but he made sure that Shinchan comes to Henderland again and so for that he kidnapped his parents and so Shinchan anyhow to save his parents went to Henderland, with the help of Barbie doll and the cards he destroyed all four and survived till the end.

At last, he made the doll unlocked which he Firstly met and the Prince too, and there he comes to know that the princess was only the barbie doll and it ended happily.

Why Should You Watch This?

 Shinchan, being always funny and the craziest character among all, I especially love to watch his movies to get entertained and make my day cool and with freshness. The reason to watch the movie I would say is very well clarified in the above writing as such because it carries a drama with funny stuff involved in it and the pureness of Shinchan will ignite to watch his more movies. Yet, don’t believe in me, hurry up and watch it out… 🥳

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Shinchan Adventures in Henderland Rating

4 /5 ⭐️

Rating, the most difficult part to do, I think I would give 5 out of 5 but I gave 4 just because as compared to other anime Shinchan comes to the 2nd position in the priority list and another reason I would like to ponder is that there is no another specific character same like Shinchan who add more mixture of entertainment, and if it would be then it will act as a full package.

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