7 Best Amazon Prime Shows: Have You Watched Them Yet?

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Your Amazon Prime account offers so much more than free 2-day shipping. Amazon prime Shows includes thousands of series and movies to watch right from your phone screen.

This obviously gives rise to certain questions like which are the Amazon Prime Best Shows or which Amazon Prime Original Show should I binge watch which I won’t regret later.

Amazon prime video has gathered an impressive lineup of great shows. To make it easier for you i’ve hand picked some of the jewels in this article to make your boring routine incredible.

THE BOYS (Prime Original)

When I first heard about The Boys, I thought it was going to be any standard superhero series, but when I actually watched it I found that I was dead wrong. It is impossible to stop watching after 15 minutes of the first episode.

The Boys Amazon Prime
The Boys (Amazon Prime Original)

This Prime Original Series combines so many things and mashes them together, making it a very interesting, shocking and unique show.

Cinematography: Excellent camera angles and stunning views. C.G.I(Computer-generated imagery) is actually insanely good at a TV show, it looks better than some of the DC movies I’ve seen.

Acting: I loved the acting in this series, it’s pretty credible, and each unique character has its own unique personality that you end up being attached to. There are a lot of badass acting scenes, but also soft and dramatic scenes that are all very well done.

Story: The story is very very unique. It reminds me of avengers mixed with the dragonfly or epic movie, except done exceptionally better. The plot is good in a way where your shocked, excited and interested in seeing what’s next each episode. The series has a really good mix of characterization, drama, comedy and action, which makes you really get into the show.

You can’t leave it until you’re done. There’s only one bad thing in this show, a nd it’s that you’ve got to wait for the next season. Homelander looks more awesome to me than the Superman.

In Conclusion, It’s one of the Amazon Prime Best Show. Don’t think much and go for it asap.


This Amazon Prime show is marvelous. The acting, the atmosphere, even the music, it’s all perfection. I can’t overstate the quality of this show. In the first episode itself, I was so much hooked and it just kept getting better and better. I wish If I could go through my own pockets to pay for the second season.

The Terror (Amazon Prime)

The chilly feeling you get as if you’re the one that’s stranded on ice, the lighting effects, the dark atmosphere of the era, etc. The Terror nailed it in all aspects!

The act is remarkable. The scenery makes you feel like you’re in the time frame right down to the buttons and the utensils. This show had a creepy uncertainty that made me feel every time I had to see what happened next.

You can feel the dark suspense in each episode. Very well written, acted, and produced.

Game of Thrones, Taboo, Vikings, Rome… Yes, these shows are great. But terror surpasses all of them.

This is by far the best old Era show I’ve ever seen. 10/10 in all possible aspects!  It’s a good adaptation of the book, too.

UNDONE (Amazon Original)

From any viewpoint, Undone is an absolutely beautiful show. It’s written consistently, scored perfectly, passed evenly, and painted amazingly.

undone (Amazon Prime Original)

When the trailer came out I was very suspicious about it, Especially from a visual point of view. But fortunately, for some reason the trailer didn’t get the most beautiful shots from the show but mostly the average ones.

Generally, all the frustration of realistic animation and proportions in under-styled graphics is getting away after the first episode. But still, it could be a bit more shabby and distanced from reality just to match the backgrounds better.

I’m paying special regards to Submarine VFX for their hard and mostly seamless work, because it’s so mind-bending. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the artist were going crazy after this project. T hey managed to push it through in an awesome and consistent way. So visually, the series didn’t fall apart halfway through. And it’s particularly charming that Blender was used for this.

In this project, our star and queen Rosa Salazar shines in all the colours of the visible and some time invisible spectrum. She’s funny, dramatic, dorkish, crazy and charming, and all at the same time.

I believe it satisfies those who can’t find enough of the vain content of mainstream TV series. The fluidity of the scenes through many states of consciousness was delightful to watch.


Mr. Robot is quite literally one of the greatest pieces of entertainment ever created! A tight, sharply written, expertly acted, fantastically scored, and majestically produced Amazon Prime masterpiece show.

Mr. Robot (Amazon Prime)

This is one of the best amazon prime shows that was carefully planned and executed from the very beginning up until the last scene of it. A series that had me gripped from the first scene until the last satisfying and epic conclusion. A show that stayed with me, captivated me, haunts me, and at the same time inspires me. This top-rated amazon prime best show tells a unique story with multiple social commentary and lessons to be learned from it.

Mr. Robot is the kind of show that leaves you hanging on your seat’s edge wondering what’s next to happen. The twists and turns are enormous, the characters larger than life, and both the writers and the actors somehow manage to deliver a production of top quality on par with their ambition! That’s no small feat!

This show is not just about computers and hacking, it’s more than just a show. it’s full of emotions and everything.

It also gets better and better, so stick with it if you will undoubtedly miss one of the best Amazon Prime TV series ever made for our lucky eyes, ears, and brains. Perhaps our souls, too.

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JACK RYAN (Prime Original)

Before I started, I didn’t read Tom Clancy‘s novel this show is based on, so I watched it without any comparison to the novel. I understand that Tom Clancy fans are not happy for a long time because the series is different from the book. I can sympathize with that because there are many other shows that don’t live up to their sources.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon Prime Original)

Jack Ryan is the most fun and entertaining action and espionage television series I have seen in 2018. Halfway through the series and I could not stop binge-watching it until I finished the entire season. I was literally screaming at the actors on the screen and getting emotional as the multiple plot twist were revealed.

Amazon prime, you definitely have a great show and I really hope you renew it for an additional season. I love it more than Bosch and also don’t mind having only 8 episodes, just as long as you keep the padding in the script to a minimum. I prefer quality rather than quantity and this first season was definitely a quality material.

The Show Started off Just a little slow, but then it went totally gripping. The pace is maintained throughout the entire series. The story is credible and the large amount that is spent on production is noticeable. Probably the best Amazon prime series I’ve been watching this year. It’s almost impossible not to binge-watch once you get hooked. Well done Amazon Prime for putting this together.

THE EXPANSE (Amazon Original)

Last but not least from the top-rated amazon prime Show list The Expanse is not an easy series to start. The first couple of episodes are slower because there is a lot of world-building to do and character to present. That can throw off a lot of people, but if you keep watching, the series shows everything one can hope for in a Sci-fi and space opera series. I also realized that the first slowest episodes are much better in a rewatch when you know the characters and what is going on.

THE EXPANSE Amazon prime
The Expanse (Amazon Prime Original)

The first season of this Amazon prime show is a more paused space opera, but in the second season the brakes are off, the stakes are higher and the show is even more impressive. The 5th chapter of the 2nd season Home is without a doubt one of the best chapters in the history of science fiction.

The series follow several mayor characters across the solar system:

Miller, a burn-out cop searching for a missing girl in Ceres on the asteroid belt, Avasarala, a merciless Earth politician who wants to stop a possible war between Earth and Mars. Holden, the 2nd officer in the Ice Hauler who sees himself in a situation he never saw coming.

The plot and the characters at first feel disconnected and random. But when the series develops, you realise they fit incredibly well.

The acting is great most of the time. In particular, Thomas Jane simply nails it in a way that makes Miller one of the most compelling and charismatic characters on the Amazon series in a long time.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was a real treat from the opening scene to the end. Writing and casting are excellent, and I hope this will be picked up as a series because this is the Best Amazon Show Pilot I’ve seen that caught me from the beginning and entertained me all the time. I didn’t expect much from this when I began to watch since I didn’t hear anything about it before I saw it.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Original)

This is what a real comedy series is supposed to be. They also found a real charmer in Rachel Brosnahan, who’s not just lovely and energetic, but really funny. A cast of bright characters with great writing rounds off this great show. The other guys could learn one or three things from The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel.

This fresh-looking Amazon Show, the brainchild of Daniel Palladino & Amy Sherman-Palladino, leaves almost nothing to be desired. This is a full-bodied Amazon prime original show that really takes your attention and never lets it go. Everything from camera work, to sets, to costuming is very well done and does a more than adequate job of immersing you in a lush, colorful, mid-century snapshot of New York’s 1960s.

If you’re still wondering whether or not to watch this show, don’t delay man! Go for it, I promise you, no matter where you come from or what you like, there’s something for everyone in this show!

Don’t forget to share this with your friends who love binge-watching amazing series. Also, do let me know in the comments if I missed any of your favorite shows and I will include them in my next article. Cheers.

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