Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV Series 2018-2020) | Quick Read!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV Series 2018-2020)

Ever since Harry Potter made its incredulous impact on the world, people have been looking for more of such magic. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has every kind of magic one could imagine. From hot witches, handsome warlocks, demons, ancient magicians to high school drama, this show has it all!


The show set in Greendale revolves around a 16-year-old teenage, feminist, hard-headed witch named Sabrina Spellman. Sabrina is a high school student with mortal friends and a mortal boyfriend. She lived with her witch aunties and a warlock cousin and had a perfect life. But as soon as she turns 16, she has to choose between her mortal and supernatural life.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina is sure to take you on one hell of a ride with her chilling and ingenious adventures. The show depicts strong themes of friendship, love, bravery and unity.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an original Netflix show adopted from Archie comics. It has 4 seasons and aired from 2018-2020.


  • Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka)
  • Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch)
  • Rosalind Walker (Jaz Sinclair)
  • Susie/Theo Putnam (Lachlan Watson)
  • Hilda Spellman (Lucy Davis)
  • Zelda Spellman (Miranda Otto)
  • Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo)
  • Lilith (Michelle Gomez)
  • Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood)
  • Prudence (Tati Gabrielle)
  • Faustus Blackwood (Richard Coyle)
  • Lucifer Morningstar (Luke Cook)


The show begins with Sabrina’s 16th birthday just around the corner which falls on Halloween and the day for her Dark Baptism. She spends her remaining days with her boyfriend Harvey and best friends Roz and Susie, trying to make the right choice.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1

What was the Dark Baptism?

  • When witches and warlocks turned 16, they had to perform the Dark Baptism in which they signed the Devil’s book – The book of the beast. They had to surrender their freedom to the Dark Lord who would, in turn, look after them.
  • On her birthday, Sabrina refused to perform the Dark Baptism as she wanted her freedom. So, she has to attend The Academy of Unseen Arts along with her high school to learn witchcraft.

Who was Ms. Wardwell?

  • Ms. Wardwell was Sabrina’s high school history teacher.
  • She was killed and her body was taken over by Lilith, Mother of Demons.
  • The dark lord had assigned Lilith the job to make sure Sabrina signed the book of the beast so he disguised herself as her teacher.

Who were the Weird Sisters?

  • At the Academy of Unseen Arts, Sabrina met the Weird Sisters. They were a group of 3 girls named Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcas.
  • Prudence was Father Blackwood’s (Priest of the church of Night) biological daughter while Agatha and Dorcas were adopted.
  • The weird sisters bullied Sabrina in the beginning but later helped her in tough times.

Why did Sabrina and Harvey breakup?

  • After finding that Harvey’s family are witch hunters, Agatha and Dorcas try to kill Harvey’s family but only succeed in killing his brother Tommy.
  • Sabrina tries to bring Tommy back but due to some error could not bring his soul back from limbo.
  • Due to no other option, Sabrina tells Harvey that they killed Tommy, and also tells him about her being a witch. Thus, Harvey breaks up with her.

Who were the Greendale Thirteen?

  • The Greendale thirteen were witches sacrificed by the coven and mortals years ago and were now summoned by Lilith.
  • The thirteen summon the Red Angel of Death to kill everyone in Greendale as revenge.
  • Lilith tells Sabrina that she must sign the Book of the Beast to gain powers to defeat the terrors and save everyone.
  • While Zelda and Hilda protect the mortals and coven, Sabrina signs the book and unleash hellfire on the thirteen witches, thus burning their souls and banishing the Red Angel of Death.
  • Lilith fulfills her duty of offering Sabrina to the Dark Lord and plans on becoming Queen of Hell.


This season starts with Sabrina focusing on the Academy and taking leave from Baxter High. Ms. Wardwell becomes principal of Baxter High. Susie wants to publicly accept her transgender male identity and decides to go by the name Theo.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

What happens at Lupercalia?

  • Lupercalia is the witches’ version of Valentine’s Day.
  • On this day, Nick and Sabrina participated in the academy’s Lupercalia celebration in which they had to go into the woods at night and perform some rituals in the moonlight.
  • However, their rituals are interrupted by Nick’s familiar werewolf Amalia. Amalia is jealous of Sabrina and goes to kill her but Nick kills Amalia first.

Who was Adam?

  • Adam was Ms. Wardwell’s fiancé who returns home.
  • However, Lilith falls in love with him as he resembled her first love, Adam.
  • But the Dark Lord senses Lilith’s devotion to him being replaced by Adam. So, he kills Adam and serves his head to Lilith as dessert.

Why was Ambrose imprisoned?

  • After marrying Zelda, Father Blackwood wanted a promotion and presented his misogynistic ideas to the Pope.
  • The Pope rejects Blackwood’s ideas so he kills the Pope and frames Ambrose for the murder who is imprisoned.
  • Later, the Dark Lord pardons Ambrose from execution and strips Blackwood of his power.

How did Satan return to his Angelic form?

  • Sabrina and her friends find a prophecy in the mines that predicts her to be Satan’s half-mortal, half-witch Queen.
  • Pretending to help Sabrina stop the prophecy, Ms. Wardwell advises her to create a Mandrake Doppelganger as a vessel for her mortal powers.
  • Sabrina and Ambrose perform the Mandrake spell but the doppelganger escapes and kidnaps Sabrina’s mortal friends to create more doppelgangers.
  • Sabrina kills her doppelganger and her friends kill the other doppelgangers, thus fulfilling the prophecy and Satan returns to Earth in his Angel form.

Who was Sabrina’s real father?

  • Sabrina’s parents Edward and Diana Spellman could not conceive a child so they went to the Dark Lord for his blessings.
  • But the Dark Lord tricked them and planted his own child in Diana’s womb.
  • So, Sabrina’s real father was the Devil – Lucifer Morningstar.

How was the Dark Lord trapped?

  • Pretending to agree to become the Queen of Hell, Sabrina plans to trap the Dark Lord at her coronation.
  • With the help of Lilith and the coven, they trap the Dark Lord in Sabrina’s father’s Acheron Configuration.
  • But the Dark Lord escapes it so Nick sacrifices his body to trap him and thus the Devil is trapped.
  • Lilith designates herself the Queen of Hell and carries Nick to Hell with her and imprisons him. She resurrects and sends the real Ms. Wardwell back to Greendale.


Talking about Part 3. After a month of Nick being imprisoned, Sabrina and her friends visit Hell to free Nick. There they meet Caliban, Prince of Hell made of clay. Sabrina brings back Nick and chains him in the Academy. Prudence and Ambrose are off to track Blackwood who is on the run. Zelda and Hilda decide that from now the Academy will worship Lilith instead of Lucifer. Later, Blackwood is used as a vessel for the Dark Lord and Nick is freed.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3

Who were the Pagans?

  • The Pagans were magical beings and ancient Greek gods who came to Greendale disguised as Magicians and started a carnival.
  • They came to town to resurrect the Green Man.

What was the Hare Moon ritual?

  • After Lucifer stripped the coven of their powers, they decided to use the light of the Hare Moon to restore their powers.
  • But the Pagans interrupted the ritual and warned the coven to worship their Pagan God or face death.

Why did Nick and Sabrina breakup?

  • After Nick was freed of the Dark Lord, he couldn’t quite adapt to his old life so quickly as the Devil had messed with his mind.
  • So Nick tells Sabrina that he needs to figure himself out and blames him for everything he went through.

What was the Unholy Regalia?

  • After Sabrina decides to take up her responsibility as Queen of Hell to stop Caliban from taking over, Caliban challenges her for the Unholy Regalia.
  • The Unholy Regalia were three ancient magical artifacts lost in time and whoever would find all three objects would rule over Hell.

What was the first object in the Unholy Regalia?

  • The first object was King Herod’s crown.
  • Sabrina finds the crown with help of Ambrose but King Herod attacks them.
  • Caliban seizes the opportunity and steals the crown, thus winning the first round.

What was the second object in the Unholy Regalia?

  • The second object was Pontius Pilate’s bowl which was in Golgotha.
  • Both of them go back in time and Sabrina manages to trick Pilate and steal the bowl, leaving Caliban behind to die.
  • Sabrina wins the second round but Caliban returns as he was made of clay.

What was the third object in the Unholy Regalia?

  • The final object was Judas’ silver coins.
  • Sabrina goes to find the coins but Caliban tricks her again and traps her in a stone statue and also traps Lucifer and Lilith alongside her.

While Sabrina was busy with the Unholy Regalia, Blackwood conspires with the Pagans to destroy the coven. The Pagans kill everyone and resurrect the Green Man by sacrificing Harvey.

How did Sabrina defeat the Pagans?

  • Decades later after being trapped in the stone, Sabrina is woken by her future self and explains they are in a time loop.
  • She learns that Caliban is dead and Ambrose is still alive. So, with the help of Ambrose and using the objects of Unholy Regalia, they go back to before her family and friends were killed.
  • Everyone is saved and they send Pesta, the witch of decay (disguised as Ms. Wardwell) to the Pagans for sacrifice to the Green Man.
  • Pesta rots the Green Man with her magic and the coven kills the Pagans.
  • After their victory, Sabrina goes to Hell and prevents herself from being trapped into stone and traps Caliban instead. The past Sabrina decides to be Queen of Hell and current Sabrina decides to live her mortal life in Greendale.


In the final season, The Academy now worships the triple goddess Hecate and calls themselves The Order of Hecate. Sabrina Morningstar enjoys her life in Hell while Sabrina Spellman feels lonely as all her friends are in romantic relationships. Blackwood recruits Agatha and Ms. Wardwell in his new church and calls upon the Eldritch Terrors to destroy Greendale.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4

What are the Eldritch Terrors?

  • The Eldritch Terrors are eight ancient, immortal, dangerous entities that existed before time and space.
  • They were outcasts from the world who were given a seat at the world’s most dangerous terrors.

What was the first Eldritch Terror?

  • The first terror was The Darkness, which possessed dead workers from the mines and destroyed every inch of light in Greendale.
  • Sabrina Morningstar and Sabrina Spellman went together with Ambrose to the source of The Darkness which was in the mines.
  • There they defeated The Darkness and trapped it in a huge crystal ball.

What was the second Eldritch Terror?

  • The second terror was The Uninvited, a filthy looking man who was outcasted from his society years ago due to his appearance.
  • He knocked on the doors of every house in Greendale to ask for food and shelter and killed those who turned him away.
  • Blackwood sends him to Hilda and Dr. Cee’s wedding but Sabrina takes him to Hell to Sabrina Morningstar and Caliban’s wedding.
  • There with the help of Lilith and Lucifer, Sabrinas trap him in their childhood dollhouse.

What was the third Eldritch Terror?

  • The third terror was The Weird, ancient squid like parasite that possessed people.
  • The Weird possessed Sabrina but Pesta rotted her brain so the squid left her body and Ambrose trapped it in a water tank.

What was the fourth Eldritch Terror?

  • The fourth terror was The Imp of the Perverse, a magical artifact which could change reality.
  • Blackwood gets the Imp and makes himself the Emperor of Greendale.
  • Everyone was in a trance except Sabrina and Roz because both of them had come in physical contact with the previous terrors so they were immune.
  • Ambrose finds the Stone of Omphalos and gives it to Sabrina to restore reality of their coven.
  • Later, Sabrina wishes the Imp to restore reality and Prudence beheads Blackwood but he doesn’t die as he bears the Mark of Cain.

What was the fifth Eldritch Terror?

  • The fifth terror was Deus Ex Machina, in which the Mortal realm and Infernal started colliding into each due to the existence of two Sabrinas.
  • Mortals started being transported to Hell and huge statues started appearing on Earth.
  • The Angel of the Celestial realm comes to Greendale and tells that one Sabrina must die or both must merge. But soon everyone finds out that the merge would kill both Sabrinas and they kill the Angel.
  • Later, Ambrose finds that three duplicate realms are on their way to collide with the original ones.
  • So, to create a balance, Sabrina Morningstar goes to the other mortal realm.

What was the sixth Eldritch Terror?

  • The sixth terror was The Returned, dead people returning from their graves.
  • Many people make an appearance in this episode like Zelda’s familiar dog Vinegar Tom, Dorcas, Dr. Cee’s mother, Sabrina’s father Edward and a band from hell named Satanic Panic who challenges Harvey’s band for a competition.
  • Mambo Marie calls the immortal resurrected man Lazarus and plays a game of Senate with him to defeat The Returned.
  • Marie begins to lose but Lilith comes with the Spear of Longinus (only weapon that could kill immortals) and kills Lazarus.
  • Later, Mambo Marie reveals to Zelda that her real identity is Baron Samedi, almighty father of the spirits of life and death. Thus, she has to lead The Returned to their graves and stay with them.

What was the seventh Eldritch Terror?

  • The seventh terror was The Endless, a never-ending loop portrayed by Salem in the parallel universe where Sabrina Morningstar goes.
  • Morningstar finds that the duplicate realm is a set for the TV show ‘Sabrina – The Teenage Witch’ and finds that all the episodes were a documentation of what happened in the real mortal realm.
  • She finds Ambrose who tell her that Salem is the writer and everything happens as he speaks.
  • The next day, Sabrina finds that everyone on the sets is a worker for The Void and escapes the parallel universe as The Void consumes everything.

How did Sabrina Morningstar die?

  • While everything was being consumed by The Void in the parallel universe, Sabrina finds the mirror she came from and goes back through it.
  • As the mirror was sealed and turned to stone from the real world, Sabrina had to exert a lot of force to come back through it.
  • Hence, she died after falling from the mirror and tells Sabrina Spellman that “The Void is coming” as her final words.

What was the eighth Eldritch Terror?

  • The eighth and last terror was The Void, emptiness which existed before the world began and which desired to devour everything once again.
  • Sabrina Spellman takes Pandora’s box and goes into the center of The Void to trap it.
  • But her family calls back her soul into Morningstar’s body but The Void was not fully trapped by then and comes along with Sabrina’s soul who starts consuming things.
  • She goes to the Mountains of Madness to protect her loved ones.

How did Sabrina Spellman die?

  • At the Mountains of Madness, Blackwood offers Sabrina to help her control The Void.
  • Weeks later, her friends come there and see Sabrina starved and weak. But before leaving, Sabrina tells Ambrose about Blackwood’s plan to sacrifice her and tells him to come with Pandora’s box and the other terrors.
  • Sabrina’s family and friends arrive before the sacrifice and turn Blackwood blind. Sabrina tells them that they must perform the ritual.
  • Zelda and Hilda make a cut on Sabrina’s throat and as she bleeds out the portal opens. From there, Harvey brings everyone that Sabrina had consumed and Nick drops the terrors and locks the remaining Void.
  • But when they come back, they find that Sabrina has bled out and is dead.

How did Nick die?

  • After Sabrina dies, she is shown at her ‘Sweet Hereafter’ where she is at peace and reading a book.
  • Soon after, Nick arrives and tells her that he drowned in the Sea of Sorrows.
  • Sabrina objects but Nick explains that now they can be together forever and they kiss.

How did Lilith become Queen of Hell?

  • After Lilith gets the Spear of Longinus, she goes to Hell and stabs Lucifer with it.
  • While he lays dying, she drinks his blood which now makes her a celestial being and takes over the throne of Hell.


Fans are outraged at the ending Netflix gave to Sabrina after killing off the main lead and romanticizing suicide by showing that Nick killed himself as he couldn’t live without Sabrina. There are many theories of how Sabrina can be brought back from the dead in a world of so much Voodoo in the next season.

But Netflix announced that the show is canceled and will not be renewed further. Many petitions have been going around by fans to save Sabrina and renew the show and we hope Netflix considers them!

What are Familiars?

The show shows many witches having different animals as their Familiars (Pets). Witches can select their pets from a catalog or cast a spell and see who answers. It was explained that Familiars were actually Goblins.

Was Roz truly a Witch?

Roz was very helpful with her Cunning which helped her see things others couldn’t. But in the last season , she discovers that she is a Witch, a Seer and was lied to by her Nana to protect her.

What happened to Caliban in the end?

When Sabrina was possessed by the Void, she accidentally consumed Caliban along with others. But when Nick and Harvey go into the Void to fetch the people, they leave Caliban there who is consumed along with the Void into Pandora’s box.

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