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If you are confused about what to watch next then I may be able to help you. Are you a Romantic-Comedy fan? If yes then this article might please you. If you like to watch emotional, romance anime/movie then you should definitely watch The Shape of Voice also known as ‘A Silent Voice’.

In this article, I am going to give you a detailed explanation of the movie and what you can expect from this Anime movie.

Movie Introduction

The story revolves around Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya. Shouko Nishimiya was a new girl in a class of Shouya Ishida. Ishida started bullying the new girl Shouko Nishimiya as she was deaf. But as the bullying continues, the rest of the class starts to turn on Shouya for lack of his compassion.

After completing their elementary school Shouya and Shouko never spoke with each other again, until older, wiser Shouya decides he must speak with Shouko again. He was tormented by his past and wanted to atone for his sins, but is it already too late…?

A Silent Voice Characters

A silent voice mainly revolves around Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya. Other characters in anime that played an important part in their lives are.

Yuzuru Nishimiya sister of Shouko Nishimiya.


Miyoko Sahra classmate of Shouya.

sahara miyoko

Miki Kawai classmate of Shouya.

Kawai anime

Naoka Ueno classmate of Shouya.


Tomohiro Nagatsuka Friend of Ishida.

Tomohiro Nagatsuka

A Silent Voice Overview

From here on I am going to describe what happened in the movie so it contains all spoiler. Read-only if you are ok with the movie getting spoiled.

The movie starts with Shouya Ishida selling all of his personal belongings and clearing out his room. Collecting money crossing the days on his half-torn calendar. In the next scene, he is placing the envelope of money near his mother’s head and goes out.

Shouya is headed to the bridge to jump off and kill himself when he realizes he needs to do one more thing before he dies. He needs to see Shouko Nishimiya one last time. Shouya started remembering his elementary school days.

He remembered the day when Shouko Nishimiya just got transferred to his school. How she introduced herself using a notebook as was deaf and unable to speak properly. At first, everyone tried to cooperate with her tried to become friends with her to help her.

But after some time people started getting annoyed with her. They started avoiding her. Naoka Ueno who was helping her with notes and all during class started to distance herself from her. Nishimiya started feeling left out.

A special class for learning sign language was proposed by the school but it was objected to by Ueno and other students. But Miyoko Shara one of their classmates volunteered to learn sign language as she wanted to talk more with Nishimiya.

But due to that Shara also became the person who was hated by most of the people in the class. After sometime Shara transferred from the school and Nishimiya was once again left alone.

A Silent Voice Characters

Now Ueno and other friends of Ishida like Kazuki Shimada and Keisuke Hirose not only started avoiding Nishimiya but started bullying her. They started bullying her in different ways. After some time they found out that she was using hearing aids to help her hearing.

That aid became the main targets of a bully they started throwing it away or destroying it or damaging it in one way or another. Nishimiya still just wanted to become friends with everyone keep enduring everything without talking about it to anyone.

Once Ishida took out her hearing aids so hard that her ears started to bleed and a scar was left on her ear. She still endured it silently. Later that day she tried to talk to Ishida as she only wanted to be friends with them but Ishida and his friends again bullied her.

It was like the breaking point for her, the next day she didn’t come to school. The principal of the school explained the situation to the class that her mother called and informed that she has lost 8 of her hearing aids in the past few months and it was not just some coincidence she was definitely getting bullied in school.

Their homeroom teacher pointed out that it was definitely Ishida’s doing and started scolding him. He tried to defend himself but all of his friends turned him down and made him scapegoat. Ishida tried to point out that he was not alone in all this thing but as it himself alone against everyone no one listened.

Ishida even mentioned that Miki Kawai bad-mouthed Nishimiya even though she pretended to be a good person in front of everyone. But as I said he was the scapegoat for everyone and no one listened to him.

Now his life took a huge turn. Now his friends started bullying him instead of Nishimiya and he lost all of his friends. When he reached home that day his homeroom teacher has already told his mom about all things that he has done.

His mom told him to get ready as we’re going to meet Nishimiya’s mom on their way to meet them his mom took all the money out from the bank to pay for the damage done to hearing aids by his son.

After that Ishida started getting bullied in his school by his friends and he used to blame Nishimiya for all that. Once he saw her cleaning his desk and lashed out at her saying it was all her fault.

Ultimately, she transferred out of school and never talked with anyone else from that school until that day Ishida decided he wants to see her once more.

A Silent Voice 1

Ishida wakes up in his room by the voice of his sister’s child calling him for breakfast. He goes down for breakfast. During breakfast, his mother asked him why he wanted to end his life indirectly and everything that happed a day before came flooding into his brain.

How he wanted to end his life and decided to meet Nishimiya one last time. His mother threatened him to burn all the money he put in an envelope for her if he didn’t promise to never do anything like that again. He pleads not to do so and he won’t try to suicide again but his mom burnt money accidentally.

He then left for school. Currently, Ishida is in high school. Tormented by his past he is unable to see anyone’s face and can’t recognize anyone. He is all alone in school spending all of his time alone. When he saw someone else alone during lunchtime, he tried to recognize him but failed to do so.

The next day when he arrived at school, he saw the same person whom he saw last day sitting alone getting bullied by someone for borrowing his bicycle. The guy called for help; Ishida hesitated at first but then helped him by offering the bully his bicycle.

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That day Ishida was thinking of meeting with Nishimiya once again. At the end of the day, he didn’t get his bicycle and started to doubt his discission looking for some sign to tell him to meet her when found a discount coupon for bread and remembered that Nishimiya goes and feed fishes bread every Tuesday.

He took that as a sign and bought some bread and went to see Nishimiya at her school. When he reached her class, he was stopped by someone who introduced himself as her boyfriend and told him never to come and meet Nishimiya as he knows all about his past how he used to bully her and now he is doing all that to get rid of his sins.

Ishida left and, on his way, home he found the guy who was getting bullied in the morning that day bringing his bicycle back for him. The guy introduced himself as Tomohiro Nagatsuka and they both become good friends and started hanging out together.

Once after the movie, Ishida asked him what does friendship meant to him, after listening to him he went to meet Nishimiya again, as he wants to befriend her. But he was stopped by the same guy again. At that moment Nagatsuka came charging at that guy and a chaotic situation was created.

The situation attracted Nishimiya’s attention and she saw Ishida and they met again and went to the bridge to feed the fishes and to talk while that guy and Nagatsuka were watching them using a camera from far afar.

A Silent Voice Ishida and nishimiya

Ishida had changed a lot since elementary school he even learned sign language to talk with Nishimiya but that guy thought it was just an act. Ishida returned Nishimiya’s communication notebook which she used to communicate with others during elementary school and Ishida threw it into the water to bully her.

When she tried to read what’s inside Ishida tried to stop her and by mistake, the books fall into the river. Nishimiya jumps into the water to save the notebook and Ishida jumps into the water to save Nishimiya. Later they both decided to be friends while that guy still hates Ishida; he took picture of Ishida jumping into the water and post it on the internet.

Due to that picture, the next day Ishida was suspended from school as jumping from the bridge was prohibited. When he was writing an apology letter for school his mom asked him to go and get maria his sister’s daughter from the playground.

When he went there to get her, she informed him about someone was there in the dome when look inside it was that guy, he was in very bad health so he carried him to his home and treated him well.

During the night when Ishida was sleeping that guy run again from the house in the heavy rain walking alone on the street. Ishida came out looking for him after some time found him and walked him to his home.

That’s when he revealed that he was actually Nishimiya’s little sister Yuzuru Nishimiya and not a guy. And they were near Nishimiya’s house after that Nishimiya’s mom came and slapped Ishida and took her back home. And told her to stay away from him.

But after that day Ishida and Nishimiya started meeting frequently every Tuesday to feed fishes also Yuzuru regularly started visiting Ishida’s house and play with Maria. After sometime Ishida wanted to do something for Nishimiya and asked her if she wants something, at that time, she said that she wants to meet Sharada once again.

Ishida decided to make that thing happen, he asked Kawai if she knows where Sahara studies as Kawai and Ishida were in the same class but she didn’t know but told him someone else must know it. He then found out where Sahara was studying and decided to go and talk to her.

And the train station he found that Nagatsuka has informed Yuzuru about him going and Yuzuru brought Nishimiya with her. And then Nishimiya and Ishida left to meet Sahara. When they reached their destination, they found her at the station itself. Sahara and Nishimiya started talking with each other while Ishida was sitting silently beside them.

After that, he left both of them alone and went out for a walk when he saw a similar face distributing some coupons from some club. It was Ueno. The next day Ishida decided to visit the club and confirm it but Ueno hid there. And Ishida didn’t saw her.

A Silent Voice Ishida and nishimiya

After a few days when he was waiting to meet Nishimiya across the street. Ueno came from behind and started talking with him and talked about harassing Nishimiya again but Ishida refused. Ueno tried to bully Nishimiya but Ishida stopped her from doing so due to which she got pissed.

Afterward, Nishimiya, Kawai, Ishida, Nagatsuka, and other friends started hanging out together. They decided to visit the amusement park one day. Ueno was also invited by Sahara but others were unaware of it. Ueno tried to bully Nishimiya there also.

At the end of the day, Ueno took Nishimiya on a Ferris wheel. They talked about the past and blamed everything on Nishimiya and even slapped her and left the park. It was all recorded on Yuzuru’s camera which she gave to Nishimiya before she went to the Ferris wheel.

The next day Ishida got in a heated argument with Kawai but just like last time Kawai made a scene of it and blamed everything on Ishida. Later that day everyone met on the bridge coincidentally. A chaotic situation was created when Ishida said some mean but true things about Ueno Kawai and Sahara. Everyone left except Yuzuru and Nishimiya.

After that only Nishimiya Yuzuru and Ishida started hanging out. On Tuesday, he was waiting at the bridge with bread. But Nishimiya didn’t come he started leaving after some time and noticed Yuzuru crying in distance. Later Yuzuru came to Ishida and gave a letter to him by his sister.

Ishida offered to walk her home as he saw her crying but she refused. He still insisted and when walking her home, he found out that her grandma died. After few days when Ishida and Nishimiya met again, they decided to spend their whole summer break together.

As they decided to spend a whole summer break together doing various stuff. Nishimiya even invited him on her mom’s birthday. At first, her mom was angry seeing him but later she also forgave him for his past. Then they all decided to go and watch the fireworks festival together which was coming soon.

On the firework festival night after watching fireworks, Nishimiya’s mom and Yuzuru left Ishida and Nishimiya alone to buy something from stalls. After sometime Nishimiya left for home. By the time she left Yuzuru and her mom returned and asked where she was. Yuzuru asked Ishida to fetch his camera from home.

When Ishida reached home, he saw Nishimiya standing on the balcony. Then suddenly she climbed the balcony and tried to jump from there. But Ishida saved her using all his force. He succeeded in saving her but end up falling from there himself and getting hospitalized.

A Silent Voice Ishida and nishimiya

In the hospital, Ueno came to take care of him. She lashed out at Nishimiya again and started beating her when her mom and Ishida’s mom interfered and stopped them. Afterward, Ueno started taking care of Ishida till he was hospitalized. Nishimiya decided to make everything okay and went to all of their old friends and sort out the issue.

She wasn’t able to sort it out with Ueno but she made everything with others good. One night when she was sleeping, she dreamt something horrible about the past and about Ishida. She got scared and ran towards the bridge where they used to meet daily.

On the other hand, Ishida also felt something wrong and suddenly he woke up from a coma and found himself in the hospital.

He wanted to see Nishimiya immediately so he left without getting supervised by the doctor or anyone. Both of them met at the bridge.

After that, both of them shared a beautiful moment. I would like to see yourself in the movie so I won’t be describing it here. I suggest you watch this movie. So, if you watch this movie let me know in the comments how you liked it.

A Silent Voice Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Indie

A Note for Manga Lovers

This is roughly adapted from a Manga with the same name. Although it is just a rough adaption and some of the details have been changed so if you like to read the manga you can go for that also. I already ruined the movie for you so I won’t be ruining manga for you.

A Silent Voice 2

Many anime lovers are wondering what about A Silent Voice 2. Sorry guys to break it to you, but part 2 will not be happening. I think the movie was so great because it feels just perfect on its own. If part 2 ever gets announced, it would just ruin legacy of part 1.

What’s your opinion guys? Do comment down below what you feel about A Silent Voice 2. If you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Happy binge-watching!

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Is a silent voice based on a true story?

Unfortunately, the film isn’t based on a true story. but the film helped to ensure all the Japanese sign language in the film was true to life.

Is a silent voice sad film?

If you like to watch emotional, romance anime/movie then you should definitely watch ‘A silent voice’. In this article, I am going to give you a detailed explanation of the movie

Is a silent voice 18+ adult film?

A Silent Voice is a film suitable for ages 12 and above.

Who died in a silent voice?

Ito Nishimiya in “A SILENT VOICE” died peacefully in her sleep.

Does silent voice have a happy ending?

The movie ends with the two of them going on a date to the High School Summer Festival.

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