Ultimate TV Buying Guide 2021- Points to keep in Mind!

Ultimate TV Buying Guide 2021

Nowadays buying a new TV has become more difficult. As technology has grown many new functions are getting added to the TV. Apart from the feature purpose also which type of display and screen size to choose is a little more confusing factor.

Moreover selecting the Trusted brand for your TV is much needed. So we have come upon with a Quick TV buying Guide for the person who doesn’t have much knowledge about all these and wants to buy them all-over best TV for their home so they can have a finest viewing TV.

TV Buying Guide 2021

What should I consider when buying a TV?

To buy an all-rounder TV the 7 things you should keep in your mind before buying would be the Display of the TV, screen resolution, screen size, connectivity, it should be an Android TV, Sound Quality and the last and the most important it should be having proper warranty card.

Display Type

There are 3 types of display options available today. Factors such as glare, contrast, and viewing angles of the TV are determined through the Display Type. So the three different Display types of TV are LED, QLED and OLED.


  • The LED display is mostly used in every TV nowadays
  • LED TVs are thin and are ideal for day time viewing.
  • Uses edge-lit or back-lit LEDs to generate a high-quality display.
  • LED TVs are low price range sets


  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) TV sets are extremely slim.
  • Better contrast ratios when compared with the best-LED TVs.
  • OLEDs are high price range TV sets


  • Quantum dot LED (QLED) uses quantum dots to produce superior color range and brightness.
  • Displays vibrant colors and awesome picture quality.
  • QLEDs are medium price range TV sets

Screen Resolution

If you want a better viewing experience you should go for higher screen resolution in a TV. It enhances the image, gives the natural colour of the picture and also the clearity of the pictures get’s increased. The higher amount of resolution the more better viewing experience.

So there are total 3 different types of screen resolution HD, Full HD and 4k UHD

TV Screen Resolution


  • HD display provides 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution.
  • HD screen resolution TV is available at a budget price.

Full HD

  • Full HD display provides 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution


  • 4K UHD provides 3840×2160 pixels of resolution
  • 4K UHD screens are four times sharper than the other HD variants and produce a sharp display.

Screen Size

There are many options in the TV screen size to choose from. It depends upon you which screen size you need so that it can give a proper view. Majorly the screen size depends on the area size. According to the room, bedroom, etc you can select the respective screen size so that you can get a clear view even from the corner of the room.

If the bedroom where you want to mount the TV is small you can go with a 24″ or 32″ screen size. If it is a living room you so go with a 40″,43″ respectively. In the end, it depends on you which size you want to have so that you can enjoy the view of your TV.

An ideal screen size equals the distance between you and the screen divided by 1.6.

Screen size = TV-to-viewer distance/1.6

Viewing DistanceScreen SizeResolution
5-1040″-43″FULL HD
6-1249″FULL HD
8-1355″FULL HD or 4K
8-15 & above65″ 4K

Android TV

Now the days need for Android TV (Amazon USA link) is increasing as it is useful in many ways. The Android TV can work with almost every feature of android mobile. It has become a need for everyone as it provides multi-functionality. An Android TV has become a source for entertainment as it offers features of video streaming apps, gaming apps, and also smooth internet browsing can be done through this Android TV.

Check prices of Android Tv at Amazon .

The Android Tv has its own OS, it comes with a minimum of 8GB storage and gets on increased according to the higher model. It consists of RAM for smooth working.

Android TV 2021


Now, most of the TVs come with multiple ports and have built-in wifi and ethernet ports so that the TV can easily get connected to the internet.

Reason behind providing multiple ports is that you can easily connect your Pendrive to the TV, can connect a laptop through HDMI cable so that you can enjoy your stuff on the big screen.

So the 3 major part of connectivity which must in there in today’s TV are Wifi, Ports, and Bluetooth


  • Wi-Fi adapters and ethernet ports ensure fast-speed data connectivity.


  • A TV should at least have 3-4 different ports so that you can connect the USB drive to display pictures, movies or to play music.
  • HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 ports support 4k UHD and 8k content respectively.


  • It helps to connect other devices such as headphones, soundbars, and speakers to your TV.

Which is better OLED or LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED display takes more amount of power consumption. The cost of an LED panel TV is less than the other.

The picture quality of the LED panel is good and has more brightness. LED panels are thin compare to LCD panels. It is heavy in weight but has a long lifespan.

OLED stands for Organic Light-emitting diode. It takes less power consumption. The OLED panels are expensive than the LED. OLED panels give better picture quality than LED panels. It has less brightness. The OLED panels are much thinner. They are lighter in comparison to LED. But it has a less lifespan.

If considered in terms of picture quality OLED TVs can easily beat LED TVs. Also, OLED is much thinner and lighter. The color contrast of OLED TVs is so real and awesome as it feels like we are watching the image live.

It offers a wide viewing angle and also the power consumption is less. As it gives this many features the pricing of the OLED TVs is expensive than the LED TVs.

What is the best brand of TV to buy?

There are various Tv brands. Some of the brands provide TV at cheap price, some at reasonable and some brands at high price accordingly to the quality and warranty they provide. It’s not like that the cheap TV is not better and only the high priced TV are better.

TV Buying Guide

But here the only difference between the cheap and expensive TVs is their customer service, warranty and also sometimes the product are sold expensive due to their company brand. After all, it’s an electronic product, which can get damaged due to any electronic issue.

So for this type of issue always the company which provides proper customer service and warranty service should be chosen. Here I am listing down the best TV brands with amazon links so you can check their latest prices.

Which brand would you prefer when buying a new TV? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this with your friends who are looking to buy a new Tv.

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What should you consider while buying a TV?

While buying a TV you should look for these 5 major things
Android TV
screen resolution
Screen Size

What is the best TV to buy in 2021?

You can go with brands like Sony, Samsung and LG. This three brands have always remain at the Top priority in TV

Are Sony TV better than Samsung?

Both of the brands are thrilling, we can’t compare between them. Both of them are leading brands in the TV selling industry. The only difference is the pricing. Sony TVs are a little bit expensive than the Samsung. There’s not that much difference in their display.

Which is better UHD or LED?

LED-backlit 4K UHD TVs give higher resolution and are far better than an OLED TV. While OLED TVs are still more expensive than good 4K LED TVs

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