Top 11 Netflix Series That Changed My Life Perspective Forever!

best netflix series to binge watch

 Everyone is bored in this lockdown. Nobody knows when everything will be back to normal where we can go out on a date, chilling out with friends, and have a movie night. The best we can do right now to get entertained without doing anything is to binge-watch amazing Netflix series with friends. As Netflix streamfest is going on, you can check out this series which can definitely make your mind to get your own Netflix subscription.

So, here’s my personal list of 6 series which I made after watching 10’s of series.  You may find this list to be old, but trust me, they justify the fact: Old is Gold. This list does contain some hidden series that didn’t draw attention like friends, but they are a masterpiece to watch. 

In recent times, OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar (in India), etc. have seen tremendous response from the audience due to new shows which are worth binge-watch. In today’s guide, we are going to help you avoid the mediocre ones and find the best things to watch.

This list comprises of series which I watched myself, so I am sure you are going to find a must-watch show you already don’t know about.


(Genre: Comedy, Sitcom)

This series is one of the reasons why some people get a Netflix subscription. Once you start this series, there’s no coming back. It’s about six friends (who are reckless adults), living in Manhattan, indulge in adventures which makes you have a great time while watching.   

friends- series on netflix
Friends- Netflix series

Peaky Blinders

(Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller)

This show is a little diamond that takes some time to shine. An awesome performance was delivered by Cillian Murphy (aka Thomas Shelby) and all the supporting actors. The story is based in Birmingham in 1919, where the peaky blinders (a notorious gang) used to run all kinds of illegal business, which was managed by Thomas. Due to some business, the story takes some amazing twists and turns which you need to find out by watching. Also, season 6 is confirmed, which is going to be released in early 2021   

peaky blinders- netflix
Peaky Blinders – Netflix series

Breaking Bad

(Genre: Crime, Drama)

This series is about a chemistry teacher, Walter White who has been diagnosed with cancer decides to leave a fortune for his family by cooking meth with one of his students, Jesse Pinkman. But I need to say that some episodes after a few seasons will be too boring to watch. An after the movie, El-Camino has also been released which is quite slow.

breaking bad-netflix series
Breaking Bad – Netflix


(Genre: Crime, Drama)

Sherlock has been produced by the BBC and it is based upon Sir Arthur Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. It casts Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. I consider it as the best detective series I have ever watched not only because of Benedict’s acting but also due to the casting of actors and cinematography. There are 4 seasons and each season consists of 3 episodes. Very few guys can get bored since each episode duration is about 1hr 30 min.  Season 4 also introduces Sherlock’s psychopathic sister, Eurus (Sian Brooke) who tries to disrupt Holmes’s life. I strongly recommend this series who is looking for great crime-detective series

sherlock-netflix series
Sherlock – Netflix series


(Genre: Psychological Thriller)

You is one of the most celebrated shows available on Netflix. The story revolves around a book store manager, Joe Goldberg who falls in love with an aspiring female writer and takes extraordinary measures to get himself into her life. Sometimes you will love his character for being so care-taking, whereas sometimes you will criticize him for behaving like a paranoid. I will definitely recommend this series to people who like psycho-thriller and murder-mystery  

you- series on netflix
You- Netflix series


(Genre: Political Thriller)

This show has been produced by BBC studios and it is considered to be one of the highest-rated British dramas by various critics. This show is based upon David Budd, a war veteran who is now serving in the police unit. Due to his presence of mind, he prevents a suicide bombing (which you can witness in the first episode), he is appointed as home secretary’s personal security. His life gets derange when the home secretary gets killed in a bomb attack and he is under suspicion. Watch this amazing series yourself to find out how he tackles this situation and finds the real culprit against all odds.

bodyguard- Netflix series

Those were some Amazing Fictional shows that are worth watching once. Now let’s talk about some True stories or Documentaries that I think tops the Netflix documentary genre and are worth watching.  

The Spy

(Genre: Spy Thriller)

The Spy is based on an Israeli clerk who turns into a Secret agent, a real story of the first Mossad mission in Syria. Sacha Baron Cohen the lead actor nailed the role of a Mossad Spy. The production quality was fantastic and probably the best recreation of 60’s Israel. The plot progression is amazing and holds you till the end. The Cinematography is Big screen level and which really adds Life to the Script.

the spy
The spy- Thriller series

Trust me, you would have a great experience watching this show. I dare you once you start you won’t let it go. The show does a pretty great job of grabbing the attention of viewers from start to end and holding them at the edge of the seat.

Evil Genius

(Genre: True Crime)

Evil Genius is a baffling true crime story that took place in 2003. The show starts with the death of a Pizza man who robs a bank with a bomb tied around his neck. The show is short with just 4 episodes but it’s the most deeply Frustrating real-life crime story. The twist and turns of the show will keep you engaged and will force you to binge-watch. Also, I think keeping it at 4 episodes really strengthens the Documentary immensely.

evil genius- netflix series
Evil Genius – Crime series

I won’t recommend it to a soft-hearted person as this show is really Frustrating and would let you doubt people around you in real life. So skip this if you are not into this Genre. By the way, you won’t regret it if you watched it. Kudos to the Director Barbara Schroeder.


(Genre: Drama series)

Unbelievable is about a teenager who is charged with lying about her Rape allegation, but two Investigative female detectives discover a far more sinister truth, which will shock you. The story is based on a real-life story of Marie, an 18-year girl living in Washington. This show is outstanding from beginning to end. ‘Unbelievable’ shows that there is strength in vulnerability. The series managed to Win Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Limited Series, Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie/Miniseries, more.

unbelievable - Crime series
Unbelievable – Drama Series

The strong writing/direction really holds the Viewers. The acting of three leads is amazing. This is not ‘Criminal Minds’ or ‘ Mindhunter’, this show is more towards the psychology of Victims. The title ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ is really justified in the Series. If the Police procedurals interest you and you can digest graphic depictions or discussions about sexual violence then this is the show I would highly recommend to give it a shot.

When They See Us

(Genre: True Crime)

When they See Us is based on the famous 1989 New York’s Central Park jogger Assault and Rape case. The limited series spans a quarter of a century, from when the woman jogger was raped till the settlement of 5 Innocents with the city of New York in 2014. If you support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ moment with really spiked about a few months back then this is the show you must Watch. This show portrays how innocent’s life could be disrupted by Legal authorities. The cast was amazing as hell but hands down to the performance given by Jharrel Jerome. The saddest part is that this is one of many cases where men of color are misguided by the Justice system. This show will really shake you to the bottom of your heart.

When they see us- series
When they See Us- Crime series

If you don’t know about this case then this mini-series does a great job of explaining it. The quote from the show “I’m good, Mama. I’m good.” held me speechless. Literally Each and everyone who is reading this blog right now should watch it. Trust me, You won’t be able to stop yourself from bingeing this mini-series. A heartbreaking masterpiece by Netflix.


(Genre: Drama series)

Unorthodox is a German-American drama television mini-series partly based on a true story. The mini-series packs with 4 episodes. The best part of the show was the poignant performance of Shira Haas as a lead. I really believe that the overall message conveyed is very precious and definitely worth taking. The show is eye-opening and gives an intense look into the orthodox community. The story does exactly what it needs to do and holds the viewers.

unorthodox series
Unorthodox- Drama series

A young woman flees from the constraints of her Unorthodox Jewish culture in search of her own passion. The show is fast-moving, emotionally thrilling with a good production value. The source material, which gives a great insight into the Hasidic community is what really out stands. The story very well jumps back and forth between the conservatism of the Hasidic culture and the neo-liberal youth of post-cold-war in Germany. After watching you would really get interested to read the book of the same name it is based on.

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Netflix series FAQ

Is the spy a real story?

The Spy is based on an Israeli clerk who turns into a Secret agent, a real story of the first Mossad mission in Syria. Sacha Baron Cohen the lead actor nailed the role of a Mossad Spy.

Which are best Netflix series?

Following are the best Netflix series worth binge-watching:
the Spy
When they See Us
Breaking Bad
Orange is the new Black

Should I buy Netflix subscription?

Netflix Streamfest is available on 5 and 6th December. So you can try out netflix for free without entering credit card details. If you enjoy the platform, you can buy a subscription for yourself.

Is Netflix free?

Netflix offers some free shows to watch at Netflix is subscription based platform where you need to pay monthly to enjoy unlimited shows and movies.

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