Noise Shots Lineup Comparison: XO vs X-Buds vs X5 Pro!

Noise Shots

Are you a Music lover? And love to hear music but don’t have great earbuds! Here are some of the best Noise Shots earbuds which I think are great and provide customers with amazing value for money.

Noise – Overview

Noise is an Indian tech brand that has won titles like Best selling brand on Amazon & Flipkart for four years in a row. They also make Smart Wearables like smartwatches and smart bands. If you haven’t heard about the brand, trust me they are great at making tech and they know what today’s consumer needs.

Below I have mentioned some amazing Noise earbuds which are best at their price. I don’t say these are the only good ones, those are some earbuds which I think are providing the best value for money.

Noise Shots XO


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range 10m
  • Audio Encoding Format Aptx and AAC
  • Earbud battery 40mAh (each bud)
  • Case battery 720mAh
  • Earbuds Charging Time 1.5hrs
  • Playback time up to 6hrs
  • Waterproof rating IPX7
  • Wireless Charging

Price: Approx Rs 3999

Colors: Rose Gold, Metallic White, Space Grey

Noise Shots XO

Noise Shots XO are premium in-ear style earbuds. The buds come with a metallic finish. They look elegant and feel premium at the touch. The charging case is of a bit different style. The build is good but it’s not compact which makes it difficult to carry in a pocket.

The case is matte in texture and the top is metallic in finish. To get to the buds we have to slide the top lid. The earbuds are magnetically held inside the case. The case packs with a type-C charging port at the back and also supports wireless charging.

Pairing is simple, we just need to take the buds out of the case and you’ll see the Right earbud on your device and then you’ll have to connect the left one. The buds are lightweight and they fit inside the ear is great. They come with a snug fit which makes them great for daily work-out and running.

Talking about the sound quality, it’s great. The Noise Shots XO buds produce punchy bass and music with amazing clarity. Even if you use it at full volume the highs were balanced and not distorted at all. Also, the call quality was great.

Noise Shots XO comes with gesture control which makes them easy to use. The gestures are easy, like single tap to Pause, double-tap to change the track, triple touch to access Google Assistant or Siri, long-pressing right earbud will increase volume and the left one will decrease the volume. With the single charge, you get around 6 hours of Playback time and additional 36 hours with the case.


Is Noise Shots XO-buds value for money? According to me, yeah Noise pretty much keeps up to the mark of Rs. 3999. Sound and build quality are great. Even if you are a heavy user or music lover, Noise Shots XO won’t let you down. You get great value for money.

Noise Shots X-buds


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Bluetooth Range 10m
  • Audio Encoding Format SBC
  • Earbud battery 45mAh (each bud)
  • Case battery 650mAh
  • Earbuds Charging Time 1.5hrs
  • Playback time 4hrs
  • Waterproof rating IPX5

Price: Approx Rs. 3799

Colors: Teal Green, Peachy Orange, Matt Black

Noise shots X Buds

All the colors have a nice matte finish. Small LED light at the back for indications. They have a in-ear design with silicon tips. The built quality feels sturdy and is very impressive. The shape feels like Apple Air Pods and Air Pods Pro. 

The case comes with a magnetic lid. The buds are held by a magnet inside the case. So, if your case is open it won’t fall off like Apple Air Pods.

There is LED light on the front of the case which indicates the charging of the Case. On the back of the case, we get a micro USB port for charging the case. The case is compact and the built quality also feels good.

Talking about the fitting of the buds in-ears, the grip seems pretty good and doesn’t feel like it will fall. The grip is so good that it won’t fall while jogging. Even when the music is not playing you’ll hear a little ambient sound.

From a comfort point-of-view, I won’t say they are the best as I felt irritation after 1.5-2 hours of continuous usage. If you use your buds while sleeping, lying on a pillow then I won’t recommend it to you as it feels uncomfortable.

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The Noise Shots X-buds come with an IPX5 rating so sweat and rain won’t be a problem. There are no buttons for pairing, just simply wear them and they’ll start pairing mode to which you can turn ON Bluetooth on your phone and connect them.

The connecting process is not a hassle. Buds also tell you Battery percentage when you wear it, which comes in very handy in day-to-day usage. The NOISE Shots Buds-X works well with both Android and iOS.

The battery life is pretty good. The Noise Shots X-buds comes with gestures that make it super easy to use without even touching your phones.

A single tap on right will increase the volume and, on the left, will decrease the volume.  This gesture is the most helpful one. There are so many gestures that it makes it difficult to remember.

You might be thinking that we could customize the gestures but awfully Noise doesn’t let you do that.

Let’s talk about the sound quality, the buds are for average users. I won’t recommend it to Music lover as the bass is below average and the mids and highs are decent. Sometimes the highs become too loud and make you uncomfortable.

But it’s up to users, some of you might like a less bass experience. Also, the call quality was decent and not anything extra.


If you ask me they are not worth the price you pay. For a similar experience, I’ll recommend you Redmi Earbuds S as they cost just 1799 Rs. Redmi Earbuds S is a far safer choice for a similar experience at a lower cost.

Noise Shots X5 Pro


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • AptX Hi-Fi audio technology
  • Bluetooth Range 10m
  • Case battery 2200mAh
  • Earbuds Charging Time 1.5hrs
  • Playback time upto 150hrs
  • Waterproof rating IPX7

Price: Approx Rs 3499

Colors: Hot Red, Black


Noise Shots X5 Pro buds are in-ear style and the built quality feels sturdy. The earbuds have a hook design that provides a snug fit. The fit is pretty good and you’ll feel confident while working out and jogging.

The case comes with a matte finish and is compact in design. The built quality is amazing. The case packs a type-C charging port and also a regular USB port at the back. 

The buds are pretty light with just 5 grams (approximately) for each. Noise Shots X-buds are very comfortable in wearing.

With just one charge you get 8 hours of playback time which wonderful at this price. Having such a massive battery life is a blessing for users with heavy usage.

Talking about the sound quality, it’s the best what you can get at this price. Noise Shots X5 Pro produces high bass and music with high clarity. The sound quality is the same as other Noise buds at this price point.

Connectivity is great and it supports auto-pairing which is a pretty handy feature. The buds also support the gestures that we get with other Noise shots like Noise Shots XO.

Noise Shots X5 Pro are compatible with both Android and iOS. Both Google Assistant and Siri can be accessed by triple tapping on the buds. The Noise Shots X5 Pro packs a 6mm graphene driver and Qualcomm aptX Hi-Fi audio technology which helps to produce punchy bass.

The noise cancellation is not that great, if you have too much background noise then it won’t provide you that great audio experience.

The case with a 2200mAh battery is the highlight of Noise Shots X5 Pro. You can also use the case as a Power bank. The output of the case is slow, so I don’t think that it will be of any use. The charging time of a charging case with such a huge battery is 2 hours.


According to me the Noise Shots X5 Pro is great value for money. The sound and call quality is amazing. The product design is also satisfying and the buds are very comfortable for long time usage.

Didn’t liked the above suggestion, no problem we have also wrote some blogs on other wireless earbuds too! Do check-out those blogs.

If you made it up to here, I think you love our blogs! Please check out other blogs too. Open to any suggestions or reviews, do let us know in the comment section below or e-mail us! 😊

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Is Noise a good company?

Yeah, Noise is an Indian company. Noise is a young tech brand which provide great tech at great price. The provide good value for money products.

Which Noise Shots are Best?

This is a very subjective question. According to my Noise Shots, X5 Pro is a great value for its price. Noise shots XO are also a choice. You can select on the basis of your priority.

Is Noise best for noise cancellation?

According to my, Noise Shots XO is good at Noise canceling. But models like Noise Shots X5 Pro is average in noise cancellation.

What are the best earbuds available?

For the price range around 2000 Rs. to 2500 Rs. Realme Buds Air Neo is the best in the market. For the price range around 2500 Rs. To 3000 Rs. Skullcandy Spoke True Wireless Earbuds are greats for normal use. OnePlus buds are amazing in the price range above 4000Rs. 

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