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Minecraft is one of the most-streamed games on youtube. It has remained one of the most favorite games among YouTubers. The viewers also enjoy watching the stream of YouTubers playing Minecraft. In this game, we can create our own world with the help of blocks.

About Minecraft

Minecraft had remained one of the best-selling video games of all time with 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users till this date It is a world generated with 3D blocks. In this, we need to extract raw materials craft tools, build structures to create our own Minecraft world.


Minecraft world is virtually infinite which can be generated by the players as they explore the Minecraft world. The map has limits on vertical movement but it allows an infinite horizontal movement.

This game world is divided into biomes ranging from forests to desert to rivers to snowfields. The Minecraft world map includes mountains, forests, rivers, lava, and caves. The game world follows a day and night time cycle. It takes 20min to complete the day and night cycle.

Minecraft is a Multiplayer game. You can play with your friends and can create your own dream Minecraft world.

Game Modes in Minecraft

This game includes different types of modes such as survival mode, Hardcore mode, creative mode, adventure mode and the last spectator mode.

Survival mode

In this mode players need to collect natural resources for their living. Natural resources such as wood and stone which can be gather from the map are used to craft certain blocks and material. This mode also contains a health bar which can be reduced when the player gets attacks from mobs, falls from high location, drowning, falling into lava, due to suffocation and staying without food for long time. So generally we need to keep ourself survive as much as we can.

Hardcore mode

It is one among the survival mode variant. In this the player is spawn in the map with the hardest setting. If a player dies in this mode, they are not able to interact with this mode again and can only able to do the spectator mode and can explore the world or can delete it entirely. This game mode is only available for Java Edition.

Creative Mode

In the creative mode the player can access all the recources and items through their inventory menu. Also the player can add or remove the recources of the inventory instantly. In this mode the player gets many ability, one of them is flying. The player can fly around the map so that they can easily build the structure of any size for their own Minecraft world. Also you won’t feel hungry and can’t be affected by any falls, drowning, lava or any harmful object.

Adventure Mode

This mode is designed for the players so that they can get a new experience of user crafted custom maps. The gameplay of the Adventure Mode is almost similar to survival mode but with some restrictions which are been applied to game by the creater of the map. This custom maps is for the players to experience the different adventures of the map.

Spectator Mode

The spectator mode allows the player to spectate the Minecraft world of other players. They can teleport from one place to another. The player can fly through blocks and can watch the other player gameplay without interacting with them. They can get a view from the perspective of another player or any creature of the map.


Minecraft is based on a Sandbox video game. In this game, we can create our own world with the help of blocks. On starting the game for the first time you will enter the map as a helpless and confused player. It will take some time to understand how the game can be played and what to do in the game.

minecraft gameplay

As soon as you enter the map you will able to see the landscape. Some areas would be full of trees, some covered with grasses, some covered with sand, and the rest of the area would be full of water. The player will be allotted a Minecraft default character. The game character comes with a health bar having 10 hearts.

The health bar goes on reducing if the in-game player causes damage. Damage can be caused due to fire, lava, falling from a high location, drowning, or else being hit by other players. Here the resources like water, sand, grass, stone, ice, fire are used in-game for which helps you to make your own Minecraft world. We can relate this game to real life.

Also the monsters like large spiders, skeletons and zombies will spawn in darker areas of a certain radius of the character, so to protect from it the player needs to build a shelter at night. The game player also has a hunger bar which goes down when the player feels hungry, so the player needs to keep eating food to refill the hunger bar.

The character comes with an empty inventory. In inventory, we can store the different resources used in the making of blocks. The various types of blocks are created using the crafting table. Here we have to do mining to extract ore and many other useful materials used for the construction purpose. The mining is done under the surface of the map. Through mining, we can come across a cave and some hidden areas under the map.

In the game, crafting is very important. Through crafting, we can make many tools and blocks which will be required for the construction purpose. We can create a sword, hammer, bow and arrow, and many more through crafting.


  1. Windows 10
  2. Xbox One, Xbox 360
  3. PS3, PS4, PS
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. macOS

Java Edition of Minecraft can be purchased from the Minecraft official website. There is also a demo version available which can be played for free.

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