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Laxmii is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language comedy horror film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence in his Hindi directorial debut. It is a remake of the 2011 Tamil film Kanchana and stars Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani in the lead roles. It is digitally streaming on Disney+Hotstar now. Read this Laxmii review article to know more.

The film deals with a ghost seeking vengeance for being wronged and haunts everyone who is staying in the house and… Whatever.

★★☆☆☆ 2/5


After seeing some footage or scenes of the film Laxmi (Laxmi Bomb previously), one can comfortably scratch their heads wherever they can find a hard surface on. This film definitely needs a review so that audience doesn’t waste their valuable time on a bad performance, poor jokes, and failed attempts to remake the masterpiece(Kanchana).

Okay, Let me tell you why, the way it has been written in terms of screenplay, dialogues Editing, dubbing, VFX, etc looks so fast, cheap, and majorly falls flat on your face.

After the humongous success of Kabir Singh which gave a huge statement in terms of success formula to make a super hit in Bollywood, there was a large number of production houses that hired talented directors, and their films were hit in the south Indian Movie industry, however, this method here has horribly gone wrong.

The reason, why I was somewhat excited about this film was just because of the original writer-director Raghava Lawrence (kanchana series) and highly depreciated actor Manu rishi but the story is so inexpedient, spurious, and unfunny to cater to the hunger of today’s audiences.

However there is still some audience left who enjoys horrible and disastrous comedies like Housefull 4 directed by Farhad Samji, here also he has written some additional screenplay dialogues and what not to worsen the film.

“For the sake of the mass audience, this type of films are being made” this was the very statement of filmmakers in Bollywood which are literally unacceptable also on the same side  Bollywood’s PR (PUBLIC RELATION) are working so well and hard to promote their films And manipulating the real and thunderous tastes of mass films.

If I tell the real taste of mass film then it will be Vijay’s THERI, VIKRAM VEDHA, BAHUBALI series, Hera Pheri, etc, and not films like Housefull 4, Total Dhamaal, etc.

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Talking about Akshay Kumar who is doing Laxmi after Housefull 4, the performance here or in hf 4 or wherever, it’s all same, just speaking the dialogues loudly here too falls flat, however, the climax sequences of him portraying Laxmi are really applaudable, praiseworthy and cinematic but just for those rare moments one cant invest their 2 hr 21 min in a flick which doesn’t have enough meat to engage the audience.


Cinematography aspect which is totally south Indian stylized narrative, fast shots,a sudden zoom,5 angles just for a shot where women are walking downstairs, overly shaky effects, etc executed by kush Chhabria and Vetri Palani Samy doesn’t assimilate any uniqueness to the film.


Talking about Editing, from the trailer itself was proved that there will be a huge monetarily saving in this aspect, there was nothing an editor could do if the remaining prime aspects are miserable however, the length could have been shorter.


 Bam Bholle song and sound design are all one can thoroughly enjoy in this film which consists of so good beats and core which deserved a better film. The background score and the climax are the only portions through Which one might keep going through the exhausting and crass screenplay.


Unfortunately, the point is that you really have to be an Akshay Kumar fan to have the tolerance to go through the loud act, jarring sequences, and forced humor which are the downfalls of the film.


Sharad Kelkar undoubtedly a talented actor is always underutilized to such awful films, who here lends some sensitivity and somewhat emotional arc to this dreadful saga with such a small cameo pulling out such a praiseworthy act to applaud for. The character played by Akshay Kumar to expose the Hindu godmen to use them for comedies is now at the peak of its exhaustion with its half hazard editing.

The film also suffers from some forceful invasion of music videos, for an instance, Asif (Akshay k) tells Rashmi (Kiara) “main tumhe Kuch Bhi khareed ke de sakta hun” where she goes “main nai maanti “and then as if says “CHALLO MERE SAPNO MEIN” and there are a random Dubai music video and its weird choreography

The film has no business calling itself a horror-comedy. Neither is it particularly funny nor is it all that scary. Lawrence might as well have called it a drama.

As a matter of fact, the expressions of supporting characters, including Advani’s sister-in-law played by Ashwini Kalsekar; her mother, played by Ayesha Raza Mishra; and her brother, played by Manu Rishi Chadha, add a tinge of wit and humor. the violence is made to look excessively gory. Even the antagonist and the plot around him turns out to be quite dull.

The film who is claiming to break stereotypes by heavily stereotyping people across the board is a device bad Bollywood never seems to get enough of all the transgender characters clap their hands and dances around a fire; a  Muslim character wears a ‘topi’ and beard, and everyone else speaks their lines in the hope of making us laugh.

Then Raghava of the Kanchana film goes over what has happened to Kanchana, he wrestles with the right and the wrong, The good and the bad, The personal and the larger society. Here was a man who, from the beginning, we see as afraid, sets aside his personal fears and dislikes to serve justice. To right a wrong. In Laxmi, that conflict, that interiority of the character is never shown or told about. We go from exorcism to the return of the ghosts in almost no time and then bang, climax.


I don’t recommend anyone to watch this movie, except fans of Akshay Kumar. If you are inclined to watch horror series, read the article below to know more. 

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