Hello World Anime- A World Made of Memories!

Hello world anime

You have a little bit of time on your hands and don’t know what to watch? Then I have something for you that you will surely love. Even if you don’t watch anime or not interested in watching anime movies, Hello World would be the perfect choice for you.

It does fall in the sci-fi, romance animes but it’s nothing like other sci-fi anime like Steins Gate or Darling in the franxx or romance like your lie in April. Some may even call it isekai but it’s not like other isekai anime like Sword art online.

This anime has a totally different concept. A concept that left people in uncertainty about what’s going on or what just happened. Hello World is a movie totally worth watching!

Hello World Anime Overview

Hello World Anime

The story sets in the year 2027, the city of Kyoto has gone through huge advancement in terms of technology. In the city lives Naomi Katagaki, an introvert who likes to read books, and Ruri Ichigyou, a girl with a cold personality who also happens to love reading books.

Although both share the same interest, Naomi is afraid to approach Ruri due to her nature. One day while on the walk Naomi sees some crimson aurora piercing through the sky for a brief moment.

Shortly after that, he sees a three-legged crow and a mysterious man who claims to be Naomi from 10 years in the future. He was there to save Ruri from a tragic event that happened shortly after they started dating. And thus, the quest to save Ruri begins.

eng sub Hello World

Hello World Anime Characters.

  • Naomi Katagaki (Takumi Kitamura)
  • Naomi Katagaki (from future) (Tori Matsukaza)
naomi future- hello world anime
  • Ruri Ichigyo (Minami Hamabe)
ruri- hello world anime
  • Tsunehisa Senko (Takehito Koyasu)
  • Yiyi Xu (Minako Kotobuki)

Hello World Anime Breakdown

I know after reading overview and watching the trailer you must be thinking it is just some time travelling or parallel world type of thing, what is special about it? But trust me that’s not what’s going here. From here on I am going to discuss the movie in depth so SPOILER ALERT.

First of all, let’s talk about the concept of Hello World. I know the trailers give vibes of time traveling and all but it’s not exactly time traveling. As it is mentioned in the overview its year 2027 and the city Kyoto has undergone tremendous technological advancement.

So, the city we see in the beginning is the past record of the city Kyoto presented as a simulation. A bit tricky to understand I know let me explain in easier words. So, in the year 2027 technology is so advanced that a device is designed to record everything that happens in real world and play it as a simulation.

Everything that takes place in real world is recorded as past and then it is played as simulation. To simplify it more the device, record all the past events and makes a world of it if you may say.

Coming back to story, our main character Naomi Katagaki is a high school student who is really uncomfortable with conveying his feelings to others. He spend most of his time reading books. He was selected as a librarian unwillingly, but as he has no confidence in talking, he failed to deny.

That’s where he first met Ruri Ichigyo, a girl with a cold personality who also happens to love books. When the library members’ meeting was over everyone decided to stay connected by sharing their line (social media) information with each other. As we know how bad Naomi is socializing so he was almost left out of that also.

That’s when he noticed that Ruri also has not joined the group so he asked her to join the group with him. But it looks like she was not good with mobile phones so instead, she provided him her address.

One fine evening returning home from the library, Naomi witnessed a strange phenomenon. The sky was lit up like northern lights but it was of crimson colour. And suddenly a crow flew towards him and sat in front of him, not any ordinary crow but this crow had three legs.

hello world crow

He was carrying books from the library but got startled by seeing the crow. But again, who wouldn’t after all that crow was something unique. The bag he was carrying fell from his hand, and the crow took the book and flew away.

Of course, Naomi started chasing him for the book. The bird brought him to a shrine and dropped the book over there. But then again something strange happened. The area around him started looking like a game starting screen. Few lines of different colour came towards him.

And suddenly a mysterious man appeared in front of him. Or fell in front of him out of thin air to be precise. Naomi’s reactions were like any other normal student. He panicked and started running, asking the man to not follow him.

That man kept following him, not only that he kept appearing in front of him out of nowhere. Apparently, no one else was able to see him though. On asking him who or rather what he was. He was counter questioned what he was.

In the next scene Naomi wakes up by the noise of the same crow and he guided him to the center of Kyoto Prefecture’s History Records. There where we come to know about the device with infinity storage. The device was called ALLTALE.

After a short tour at the place the mysterious man told him to took a bus to specific location also told him to get there early as there in the nick of time. They reached a place nearby river. Naomi didn’t find anything there to which mysterious man answered that there is something. Events are set in record.

Soon after a drone flying in the air came crashing and hit Naomi in the head. That’s when mysterious man tells us about the real Kyoto. Whole Kyoto was observed with a large number of drones and  every event is recorded in ALLTALE.

hello world drone

Mysterious man talks about the event that was past recorded in ALLTALE. The event where Naomi reading a book near the river was hit by falling drone. That was past recorded in ALLTALE. He says the Naomi was also the Naomi recorded in Alltale.

The mysterious man claims to be the Katagaki Naomi from 10 years in future who was accessing the ALLTALE from real world. He stated the reason for his arrival was because Naomi wanted a girlfriend. To which Naomi replied not particularly.

Later that night Naomi in his room talking with his future self and cleared some of his doubts. Like what is reality if everything is recorded past. And why he was here. To which he answered just like before because Naomi wants a girlfriend, and to prove his point the crow that was with him knocked down a box which contained some adult magazines.

Next day Naomi checked out Ruri Ichigyo who was completely opposite of what he was like. After that he met up with his future self and by mistake told him that she was not cute type. Getting angry his future self-stormed in to show him how cute she was.

After that, his future self tells him about the accident that takes place after they started dating. Exactly after 3 months, they will start going out. Soon after they started going out the accident takes place during a firework festival. They went together to see fireworks festival and a lightning strike took place and it hit the tree.

Unfortunately, she was next to the tree, and she has not opened her eyes after that ever again. And the real goal of Future Naomi is tamper with record and save Ruri from that accident. As he is accessing ALLTALE from real world he can’t interact with the things in it so he asks for Naomi help.

Naomi had some doubts as don’t know Ruri that well, but he agreed with helping to save her. Talking to his future self definitely makes things awkward so he asked what he should call him to which future Naomi answered to call him sensei.

Now the big question that comes here is how are they going to save her. Naomi and Ruri are not even friends now. Sensei had answer for that, he had brought a book with him which has records of all the event that brought both of them close. The three legged crow sat on Naomi’s hand and turned into a glove.

The glove is called good design, the god’s hand. It has direct access to the ALLTALE’s data and has power to interfere with it. Wearing it Naomi could make whatever he want from nothing. Just by his imagination, although it had some restrictions. He started training to learn how to use Good Design.

Hello World good design

At the same time with the help Naomi started following instruction of Sensi to make Ruri his girlfriend. Sensi had a diary from future which had all the events that lead them to become partner. First event took place on a bus ride to library.

Sensi stood next to him and kept instructing what to do. He told him to take out his book that he was reading that time and drop it on the floor. And then to pick it up. When Naomi bent down to pick up the book the bus took a slight turn which resulted in Naomi getting thrusted into Ruri’s butt.

Which obviously lead Ruri to believe that he was a pervert. Both of them stepped down on the next stop and he received a slap from her. And she left from there. Obviously, that made Naomi question sensi’s future diary.

Hello World bus ride

But sensi then reassured him about his plans and pointed at the ground, there was a bookmark lying over there. Apparently Ruri dropped it by mistake, and it will how he can start talking with Ruri.

Next day at the school library he returned the bookmark to Ruri and then apologised for what happened on bus previous day. She understood the sentiments and forgave him.  Naomi was happy as he was able to get closer to her even just a little.

One night when he was reading a book in his room, he received a message from library president to bring a rug for Monday’s bookshelf cleaning. He received message in the group chat made for students part of library. As he remember that Ruri is not in the group as she is not so good with mobile phones.

So, he sent her a letter to bring a rug, this was the second main event that brought both of them closer and they started talking almost daily. Of-course it was sensi’s idea to send letter. Rather his plan to send the letter as he was moving according to the diary.

hello world rug

At the same time Naomi was also undergoing the training to improve his imagination so he can save Ruri using good design. The next major event that brought Ruri and Naomi closer than before was book festival.

Both of them started collecting used books to sell. They kept boxes at different places for people to put books in, but they didn’t get good response. They hardly got 2-3 books. So, they decided to bring books from Ruri’s collection.

Her grandfather had left many books behind for her to read that’s how she fall in love with reading books. Of-course she was a little sad to let those books go, but she was determined to make book festival happen.

They filled a cart with books and decided to take them to school by themselves. They took a short brake, when Ruri asked Naomi what kind of books he like. Naomi was unable to answer that as he said he like to read all types of books.

hello world cart scene

Ruri informed him that she likes adventure novel, she admire those who fight till very end trying their best. Naomi took 1 book from the top of cart and asked whether he could read it. She asked whether he would like to take it, to which he said he will buy it from the fair.

Both of them finally reached school, there were other members of library club. All of them sorted out the books and carried it to the place where fair was going to take place. But faith or rather should I say records have something different stored for them.

The banner for book fair caught fire and all the books that were stored resulted in burning down to ashes. Next day everyone finds about it while Ruri was devasted about what happened. Naomi was angrier with sensei, he argued that he could have prevented that from happening if sensei has told him about it.

Sensei said that it was an important event in making Ruri Naomi’s girlfriend, also it would have changed the records. Sensei said that Ruri was depressed as second hand book fair was cancelled and he gave her comfort which brought both of them closer so Naomi must also do the same.

Well Naomi had different plans, at midnight of the same day he left the home. He went to library and started making those books using good design. Well he tried to do so but he encountered a problem. He didn’t remembered all the books so he was unable to imagine, and hence he was unable to make books.

Sensei came to rescue at that moment. An eye type of thing came out of good design projecting the books which burned down. With the help of that projection he managed to make all the books needed to make second hand book fair event happen.

hello world book making

He worked all night and next day in the morning he went to Ruri to tell her about the books. He said that a small box was kept in different location and hence those books were not burned down. Even though there were not even 50 books book fair could be held.

He was tired as he was up all night and as a result he fell down while talking with Ruri, she supported him and didn’t let him hit the ground. Other members of the library club also brought some books to help, and they made book fair a great success.

While Naomi slept all time during fair due to exhaustion. When he woke up, he found Ruri next to him. She thanked him for making book fair happen. Naomi just came out and confessed that he likes her. To which she replied jokingly that “dating is not something you can do alone so let’s try it together”.

Hello-World confess

She then ran out of the room blushingly and hence both of them started going out. As they started going out Naomi also intensified his training to master good design. And the unfaithful day of the incident arrives.

Now whether he was able to save her or not I am not going to tell you that. I will let you watch and enjoy the scene. Just a heads up movie doesn’t end here but the show gets interesting from now. There is a huge twist that is going to leave you without words.

Hello World Anime Ending Explained

Ok so there is lot of speculation around the ending leaving people in confusion, so I am going to explain it here. Again, SPOILER ALERT. There are many different theories around the ending floating on internet.

I am going to tell you about the one which I think is most accurate according to me. So, we all know that the world is simulation made of records and sensei came from the real world to help Naomi.

But it was not the case to be precise. The twist that we found out was that sensei was also leaving in a simulation world. He was unaware of that thing until right before end.

So, the end scene where we see sensei waking up next to Ruri is the real world. When sensei died in the simulation he just woke up in the real world. It is the best and logical explanation of the ending according to me.

Hello World Anime Conclusion

So, this was the overview and the ending explained in the best way I could do. It was one of the best movies I have ever watched and it is the most unique concept one can imagine of.

Let me know in the comment how you liked it and what are your views or your theory about the ending.

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Hello World Anime FAQs

Is Hello World Anime worth watching?

Hello world anime is one of the best anime movie I have ever watched. It displays a totally new and untouched concept. So if you want to watch hello world go for it.

Is Hello World Anime on Netflix?

Hello world anime is available on Netflix in philippines and Thailand region. You can ofcourse use vpn to see it in your region.

How long is Hello World Anime?

Hello world anime is just 1hr 40min long movie.

Is there is Romance in Hello World Anime?

Yup there is romance in hello world anime. It is sci-fi romance anime which displays a totally new concept.

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