Apple iOS 14.5 & iOS 14.6 Updates are Creating Conflicts! Here’s Why

iOS 14.5 Apple vs Facebook

Apple released its most critical iPhone software update on 3rd May 2021. Of course, It’s the successor of iOS 14 i.e the iOS 14.5, and recently on the 24th of May, another update popped up in iPhones called iOS 14.6.

iOS 14.5 isn’t a massive update but it offers a lot of enhancements including the ability to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch, CrowdSourcing Accidents and Speed Traps, support for AirTags, and the much-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature.

Here are the new features enhancing your iPhone.

Unlock with Apple Watch with iOS 14.5

Apple has come upon with a new feature to unlock your iPhone. This feature can be useful during this pandemic situation. As we need to wear a mask on our face, due to the face mask the face ID sensors can’t recognize the person as the face masks block our face. Due to this, the feature of face ID becomes worthless because in spite of turning on face ID you have to lock your phone manually when you have to wear your face mask.

So Apple has introduced a new feature to unlock your iPhone though you are wearing a face mask and also you need not unlock the iPhone manually. But this feature requires an apple watch. Through the apple watch, you can easily unlock your iPhone automatically. Just you need to keep the iWatch and iPhone in very close proximity to each other, otherwise, it won’t work. The Apple Watch must also be unlocked for this feature to work.

Unlock Apple Watch With iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

Once you have iOS 14.5 and WatchOS 7.4 on your respective devices can you easily turn on this feature from Settings under Face ID and passcode.

Apple Maps CrowdSourcing Accidents and Speed Traps in iOS 14.5

Another interesting and useful feature has been introduced in iOS 14.5 update. Apple Maps gets a popular key feature from Waze. This mapping app will use real drives to crowdsource road accidents, traffic hazards, and speed traps. A new button of the report can be seen on the map to report something. This button is available on both phones and in CarPlay.

Report for accidents, traffic hazards, and speed traps can also be made through voice assistance – Siri

Maps Crowdsourcing Accidents and Speed Traps in iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

One feature had appeared in maps during the iOS 14.5 beta version but apparently hasn’t made its way for launch. The main idea of that feature was that maps can show how crowded a place is during the day. It seems like Apple is still working on that feature.

iOS 14.5 Maps
Source: Apple

New Voices for Siri

Apple has brought this feature for the very first time. No longer Siri’s voice will remain a default female voice. Apple has added two new voices for Siri’s voice and also made improvements to the previous voice. Therefore a total of 4 different voice lists will be able to found in iOS 14.5 update.

Users just need to open the setting app and have to select Siri & search. On the Siri voice menu, the user will find four options under American English. Here the options 2 & 3 are the new choices.

As I told you that Siri will no longer remain as a default female voice, we can select a voice when we set up a new iPhone.

Battery Health Calibration in iOS 14.5

The battery health calibration tool of iOS 14.5 will provide the user that how long your iPhone’s battery will last. This upcoming feature of iOS 14.5 ensures that you are getting accurate information about your battery’s capacity.

According to Apple’s description, this recalibration takes place without any intervention on your part. Here you’ll see a pop-up message at the battery health section telling you that the battery health reporting system is recalibrating and that process might take a few weeks.

The main purpose of this feature is to display the accurate maximum capacity of your phone’s battery. If that capacity reduces, it means that you need to get your battery replaced.

This battery health calibration features of apple only works on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max at this point. It is still unclear about the other iPhone models that will they get this feature. According to beta testers, they found improvements in battery life since this feature had come.

Apps Tracking Transparency Feature of iOS 14.5

Apple adds a big addition to its software update of iOS 14.5 of app tracking transparency policies. Now the Apple developers will need to ask your permission in order to access your advertising ID.

“Tracking refers to the act of linking user or device data collected from your app with user or device data collected from other companies’ apps, websites, or offline properties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes. Tracking also refers to sharing user or device data with data brokers.” 

Apps Tracking Transparency Feature of iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

It means that developers now required to ask your permission before app access your random advertising identifier which is used to track your activity across apps and websites.

To check out the new feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking on your iPhone or iPad. 

AirTag Support

iOS 14.5 update supports Apple’s newly launched technology called AirTags. This AirTags is tracked through the newly launch app by apple named Find My app. Through this Find My app we can track down the locations of various objects fitted with Apple’s airtags. Through Find My app you can easily track down the object which has AirTag fitted on it. The app will tell you the direction where to move right, left, or to go straight.

AirTag Support iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

AirTags have a lost mode which can be tracked via sound and can be found through the app network by utilizing the iPhone, iPad, and Macs of people who are nearby the lost object.

Dual Sim 5G Support

Apple finally introduces a long-awaited feature for their iPhone in this iOS 14.5 update. It introduces the global support for 5G in Dual-SIM mode on the iPhone 12 models.

The Dual-SIM feature of the iPhone 12 allows two lines of service on one device. This is beneficial for those who keep separate numbers for work and home.

New Emoji Characters

iOS 14.5 updates bring several new emoji characters. for example emoji’s like exhaling face, face with spiral eyes, faces in clouds, heart on fire, mending heart along with different gender options with beards. Also, new skin tones of couples have been added.

New Emoji iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

PS5 and Xbox Series X & S Controller Support

Apple iOS 14.5 software update provides you a connection support of PS5 and Xbox series X with your iPhone. It means you can easily play games with the controller. It a next-level fun playing a game with controllers.

The gaming experience just goes to the next level while playing with controllers as every Apple Arcade game includes controller support so you can enjoy the use of controllers with your iPhone or iPad.

How to connect the controller to an iPhone:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth pairing on the controller
  2. Access the Bluetooth menu in iPhone or iPad
  3. Click on given controller name to connect

AirPlay 2 Support for Apple Fitness Plus

iOS 14.5 enables AirPlay 2 support for Apple fitness Plus, which means that you can cast your workouts to any AirPlay 2 compatible device.

The AirPlay 2 support is enabled for iOS 14.5, iPad 14.5, and watchOS 7.4. Through this, you can display workouts on a bigger screen, but unfortunately, Apple watch metrics are not able to display on the TV when AirPlaying a workout from an iPhone or iPad. Workout time, calories burned, set length, burn bars, and other activity features will not be able to show up on the TV set.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Now you don’t need to choose between your 2 favorite apps. Now you can simultaneously work on both the app together with this feature of iOS 14.5. This picture-in-picture mode provides you to access 2 apps to work at the same time. Now you can watch your favorite movie while chatting with others on the same device. You can find which apps installed on your phone supports this feature by going to

Settings >General >Picture in Picture

Reminder App

This feature offers an option to sort lists in Reminders by the due date, creation date, priority, or title. Also, there is an option to print a reminder list so that you can have a record of it.

Reminder App iOS 14.5
Source: Apple

iOS 14.6 Release Updates

As iOS 14.5 has come upon with a big update many new features had been introduced in this update. So we can assume that iOS 14.6 might not be a big update. It seems to be like a maintenance release. Also, the beta version of 14.6 was available before the launch of iOS 14.5. The beta version of iOS 14.6 was available to participants in its beta program. We might able to see feature updates in FindMy App in iOS 14.6 update.

Everything you need to know about the latest iOS 14.6 update

Apple had launched its latest software update named iOS 14.6 on 24th May 2021. This update isn’t a big update like 14.5. This is a maintenance update. It includes another way to locate AirTags trackers and high-fidelity Apple Music support along with bug fixes.

Which devices support iOS 14.6 update?

iOS 14.6 is compatible with all the same devices as iOS 14. It generally includes iPhone 6S till iPhone 12, along with iPhone SE.

New features of iOS 14.6

Add an email id when your AirTag is in Lost Mode

A new feature had been added to the AirTag tracker app. If this AirTag is attached with an item and if you lose that item, you can track that item and when your device enters the AirTag range you will get a notification on your FindMy application. In case if someone else finds your AirTag they can use an iPhone or other NFC-capable device to view the contact number of the owner of that particular AirTag and can get in touch with you. In this update instead of a contact number, you can add your email id.

Hi-fi support for Apple Music

In this, they had added a high quality, lossless and spatial audio support to Apple Music through Dolby Atmos.

Apple Card Family

A new feature to the apple card family has been added. It lets you share your Apple Card with five people. Apple Card Family allows families to track expenses, manage spending with the option to add limits and controls.

The Reason Behind Apple’s New Ad Tracking Feature

This new feature of Apple is about that now onwards Apple developers will need to ask you permission in order to access your advertising ID. Let make it simple from now you will receive a pop-up message at the starting of an app asking that do you want this particular app to track you down.

Actually, this App tracking transparency focuses on preventing an individual app from tracking your iPhone activity across every app. But it doesn’t stop apps from collecting information from you directly in-app, then selling it on to advertisers.

After all, it will give iPhone and iPad owners more transparency and control over apps, further boosting their privacy. In a press statement, Apple said its new privacy feature will require apps to get the user’s permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies for advertising or sharing their data with data brokers.

By turning on this feature the ad tracking will be turned off for the apps you use. Unless and until if you provide permission to an app, then only it can use your data for ads, can share your location data with the advertisement provider.

Why Facebook is Unhappy with Apple’s New Ad Policy?

This new privacy policy of Apple had brought up a controversy between two tech-gaints.

Facebook has clearly said that they are unhappy with this ad tracking feature update of Apple. Because this feature of Apple has threatened Facebook’s $86 billion annual revenue source. As we all know about Facebook’s ad business which runs on ads. This software update of apple will directly affect Facebook’s ad business.

Apps like Facebook and Instagram which are owned by Facebook and which are the main source of Facebook ad business now can’t get user data without their permission. So indirectly this user data can’t be shared with different businesses so that they won’t be able to promote the user’s personalized products through ads.

Heated Argument between Apple & Facebook

According to Apple, this feature gives users more control over their data and transparency into what is collected. Also, Tim Cook said that “If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, it does not deserve our praise”. This sentence was indirectly was pointed towards Facebook.

In reply to that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call that “Apple may say that they are doing this to help people, but the moves clearly track their competitive interest”.

Apple mentions that users should have a choice over the data that is being collected about them and how it is being used.

Also, many of the small businesses are against the new ad tracking update of Apple as they said that they rely on social media ads to attract more customers. Dan Levy, who runs Facebook’s ad business said in a blog post that Apple’s policy change is “about profit, not privacy”.

Apple also mentioned that Facebook can still track users, but they need to get permission from users.

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iOS 14.5 Safe & Stable?

In this new software update of Apple, they have released a new policy of App Tracking Transparency which can provide more security to the user’s data. And also many security patches have been updated in this update.

What happens if you don’t update your iPhone software?

One of the major risks is data loss. It is necessary to keep your iPhone updated with the latest software update. It is necessary to update because it provides you with more security patches. These security patches provide security for your data.

What happens if you don’t update your iPhone to iOS 14.5?

In iOS 14.5 update a new security policy has been released which provides more privacy and security towards your data. In this new App Tracking Transparency policy, App developers need users’ permission to track their data. It is on users if they want to share their data or not. So it is necessary to update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 because it provides you more security to your data.

Will updating the iOS 14 Version Delete everything?

Updating your iOS 14 won’t delete any of the user information from the user device. Just in case of any type of risk you should keep a backup of your iPhone data before updating any software update

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