Samsung’s SERO is a 43 inch Q -LED 4k TV which is aimed at people who use their phones to power most of the video content that they watch.

Instead of only watching it on their phone or tablet, they now have a 43-inch TV to watch it on and as 40% of all videos are now in portrait mode, especially due to items like Instagram, Snapchat, and tik-tok, that’s why this TV makes a lot of sense for users who want to view their content on a much bigger and better screen.


Mobile content just got bigger

Another interesting fact about the TV is it takes some lessons from the Samsung Frame TV and Seraph TV. You can select from a wide variety of backgrounds to make an area more attractive in the room for a dashboard of information via smart things or to repeating cinemagraph videos.

It has an ambient mode where you can look at other things on the TV when you’re not using it on the screen. The screen becomes a piece of art, essentially you can have photos on there, you can have a calendar, there are even some little videos with different kinds of scenes such as a window scene with some books & a fireplace scene.

The Sero basically looks like an oversized smartphone mounted in its vertical orientation. That’s because the screen doesn’t get to the base bottom, leaving the base uncovered just a few inches away.

There’s even a little thing that you can put the TV in the corner as the screen that shows the time, temperature outside & the weather. The TV not only supports the galaxy devices but you can also use Apple Airplay which means all your recent iPhones are compatible with this TV.

Get your room a new aesthetic

There is a simple motor that controls rotation between the front display and the back panel that houses the connections – which, in theory, mirrors the orientation of whatever smartphone you have connected. Flip your phone around 90 degrees and the Sero will execute the same.

Well, this product is already available in Korea and it’s coming to the U.S. in the second half of 2020

The Sero: The First Unveil at CES 2020 | Samsung

Concluding to price

The Sero is only sold in single- 47-inch screen size at least for the time being. In Korea, the Sero is priced at 1.89m KRW, which estimates up to around $1,600 / ₹1,25,000 INR.

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