Google I/O 2021 Highlights: From Android 12 to Coolest Tech Announced!

Google I:O Keynote 2021

This year Google has come up with various developments in Google I/O Keynote. They are indeed making the impossible a reality with their developers and AI. Before diving deeper into tech let’s have basic questions answered.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is a developers conference held every year annually in Mountain View, California by the search giant Google. Various speakers from around the world describe how and where google is developing in hardware and software. This time I/O has everything online because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Google I:O 2021

How to Watch Google I/O?

All the keynotes were directly live-streamed from Google headquarters. Free for all to watch, unlike earlier sessions where visitors had their own perks. As the event is wrapped up, there are recorded videos you can watch. Click Here to know more .

What’s New This Year?

The Google I/O keynotes mostly focused on Privacy, Android 12, Wear OS, Maps & Smart Canvas. They have filled in the details of android & what it means to have new advancements in technology in AI. Without further ado let’s dive into the upcoming technical era…

What is Whitechapel?

An effort from Google to develop their own mobile processor on a chip is codenamed Whitechapel. This chip would be used in upcoming Pixel 6 phones and Chromebooks – as rumored. Whitechapel is said to be technical enough to have developers’ attention to be successful. It is presumed to beat Qualcomm snapdragon 765G but Snapdragon 888 and Apple’s bionic 14 has a better place to hold.

Android 12 and its Wonders!

Android 12 has had many advancements to be seen in creative ways. It has safer information so as to provide people with more transparency and control over you. To make this a success they have created a ‘privacy dashboard’ which shows information about what data was accessed and when for all the apps.

Private computer core an open-source enables things like ‘Now playing’ for songs and smart reply, that suggests what responses to give in chats.

Google has a much better visual enhance coming this fall. Material You– This feature helps us transform the look and feel of google’s applications by generating every person’s own material palettes. This mixes color science with a designer’s eye. These designs generated by the system would be perfect fi for every screen & device. Material You will be launching in google pixel.

A tool for all ages, Chrome will be having last open shopping carts directly on the new chrome tab in a couple of weeks. Google will also find promotions and discounts for those open carts which will help you find what’s best for you.

The addition of ‘little patterns‘ in Photos will show a modification in everyday moments by identifying not so obvious moments a resurfacing them to you. Also, the camera has been modified to capture moments with more accuracy with increased auto-white balance and auto exposure.

The Lacing of WearOS and Tizen OS

Google and Samsung combining their two of the best OS into a unified platform focusing on 3 major things – faster performance, a thriving developer system, and longer battery life. This commendable platform will be for use of all device makers. The better health & fitness tracking of Tizen OS and better skeleton of WearOS for operating 3rd party apps make it a great combination, yet this combination cannot compete with AppleOS is watches.

Google Wear OS I:O 2021

The Google Pixel Buds A

Pixel Buds A are supposed to be one-tap Bluetooth pairing on Android. But this goodness to ears is yet to have a launch confirmed. It was on the 4th of May that the Android official page of twitter posted to confirm Bud’s existence, though the post was not live for more than 10 minutes and was taken down. However, we all do hope to have this faster connectivity soon.

Google Pixel Buds A I:O 2021

Smart Canvas by Google

Google’s smart canvas would bring content and connectivity to one platform. A platform where the whole team working on a project can gather, share their ideas, and modify it then and there with Google meet directly into docs, sheets, and slides. All new companion mode – coming later this year, enables the possibility of having a separate tile of each colleague sitting in the office. It will also have noise cancellation with the help of the best of google’s AI. Smart canvas will also have improved video quality and real-time captions and translation to languages to want.

Now, Workspace will be available to everybody from college students, to office colleagues, small businesses, to neighbors and friends.

Digital Car Key by Google

The digital car key on your mobile will allow you to start your car, lock it and unlock it. This will work with NFC & ultra-wideband technology, making it easy and secure to use. With this, you will also be able to lend your friend a car without the tediousness of handing in car keys. You can also have the car tracked down on the same application.

Digital Car Key Google I:O 2021

TPUV4 AI Engines

We have also been given a hint about Google’s homegrown TPUV4 AI engines. These Tensor Processing Units are been made by Google to support its TensorFlow machine learning framework and the applications that it drives within Google. TPUV4 will be more than 2 times faster than TPUV3. People were disappointed even after revealing TPUV4 as there was no in-depth information about its architecture and work.

Project Star Line

Project Star Line will help you nearly meet people by 3D image processing. This project will come to action with very high-resolution cameras and self-built depth sensors, they capture our appearance from multiple views. And use these to create an extremely detailed real-time 3D model. It is as good as feeling someone sitting across the room. This will be of great use in healthcare and medication.

Project Star Line Google I:O 2021

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Google I/O 2021 FAQs

What can I expect from Google IO 2021?

This year google keynotes have covered an amazing deal of AI advancements. The newness is ranging from a child learning in google classroom, to college students using LaMDA tools efficiently and to the elderly having fun and improvised work experience with Smart Canvas. These stated are just a few, a lot more cool and tech nerd things are to look upon.

What does Google IO stand for?

Google I/O or just I/O is a developers conference held every year in open and hence we have “Innovation in the Open” as the expansion of I/O. However, it also stands for “Input and Output”.

What was announced at Google IO?

The Google I/O keynotes mostly focused on Privacy, Android 12, Wear OS, Maps & Smart Canvas. They have filled in the details of android & what it means to have new advancements in technology in AI.

What’s the coolest tech announced at Google I/O 2021?

I think the project Star line was cool stuff that takes video conferencing to a different level. It uses HD cameras and AI to process your 3D image to the person you are talking to, to give them a chance to feel you near them as if sitting in the same room. This also is the future, have to feel someone as near as possible even though they are far away in distance.

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