Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1 Review

Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1 Review

Hello Everyone, I am going to start something new. I am going to share the summary of light novels that I have read. And I am going to start it with one of the Best Anime out there with no 2nd season, Classroom of Elite.

I am obviously not going to write a novel from word to word because it won’t be possible. So, what I am going to do is write all the chapters in my own words so that you can get an idea of what is happening in the novel.

If you like the summary you can read the novel yourself, as reading the novel as a whole is just better than just reading the summary (personal experience). Without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

Classroom of the Elite Overview

Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1

Before getting to the novel, let me tell you what the classroom of the elite is all about. Classroom of the elite is a story about a student at Koudo Ikusei Senior high school (advanced nurturing high school).

Koudo Ikusei is a prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities, a school where 100% of the students are able to go to university or find employment. A school with no restriction on the appearance of students. They can wear any hairstyle they like or any personal effects they desire.

This school looks like paradise from the outside, but the truth is only superior students receive favorable treatment. That is all the things about getting into any university you like or getting any job you want is only available to those students who graduate from class A.

On the other hand, Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, the protagonist of our story is a student of D-class. The class where the school dumps its “inferior” students to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was placed in class-D but his situation begins to change when he meets Horikita Suzune and Kushida Kikyou, two of his classmates.

Classroom of the Elite Characters

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji

Horikita Suzune

Horikita Suzune

Kushida Kikyo

Kushida Kikyo

Yosuke Hirata

Yosuke Hirata

Ken Sudo

Ken Sudo

Sae Chabashira

Sae Chabashira

Haruki Yamauchi

Haruki Yamauchi

Kanji Ike

Kanji Ike

Kouenji Rokusuke

Kouenji Rokusuke

Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1 Overview

I am not including all the chapters in the novel in a single article as that would make the article too long to read. There are 12 chapters in volume 1 out of which I am including 3 of them in this article, the rest will come out in future articles.

Chapter 1: The Structure of Japanese Society

The writer asks about an honest opinion on equality “are we equal?”

Chapter 2: Welcome to the School  life of your Dream

Horikita approaches Ayanokouji while he pretends to be asleep

  • Bus trip to school (2.1)
  • Entrance ceremony and class introduction (2.2)
  • Incident at convince store (2.3)
  • First impression of dormitory (2.4)

Chapter 3: The Students of D Class

Kushida asks for help from Ayanokouji to become friends with Horikita

  • Announcement regarding club fair to be held at gymnasium after school ends (3.1)
  • Horikita and Ayanokouji visits club fair (3.2)

Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1 Summary

Chapter 1: The Structure of Japanese Society

The chapter starts with the writer posting a question for us. He wants our honest opinion on ‘are we equal or not?’ Society always strives towards equality, there are people who always speak about women and men being equal, and as result, the employment rate for women has increased there are also special subway cars just for women.

Public opinion about people with disabilities also has been changed. We are told not to call them ‘disabled people’ to avoid discrimination. Children are taught that everyone is equal. But is that true? That’s what the writer asks us about.

If men and women have different abilities, their roles also should defer. No matter what polite words you use to call disabled people but they are still disabled. That’s what the writer thinks and hence he comes to a conclusion that no, we are not equal. To be human is to be unequal, equality does not exist.

In any case, we are still human beings living, thinking creatures, who strive towards equality. It won’t be right to simply say we are unequal and live our lives on pure instinct. Although equality is just a dream, we cannot accept inequality either. So, right now the writer is trying to come up with a new answer for humanity’s eternal question.

Chapter 2: Welcome to the School Life of Your Dreams

2 months has passed since Ayanokouji has started his school life in Tokyo Metropolitan advanced nurturing high school (Koudo Ikusei). Horikita, one of his classmates approached him while he pretended to be asleep to avoid hearing her which he dubbed as ‘sleeping strategy’.

Of course, that won’t work on her. She gave him 3 seconds to him to wake up or she will punish him without showing any mercy. He had no choice but to abandon his sleeping strategy under the threat. She asked for little of his time, which he tried to refuse, but that was not an option available to him.

She would be exceptionally displeased if he refused and she would prove a major obstacle in his high school life, for example, she might set a great number of thumbtacks on his chair, or might splash water from above when he was in the toilet, or may stab him with needle of a mathematical compass, something like that may happen to him if he refuse.

He claimed that was nothing but harassment or rather bullying, especially last one as she had already done that in past. She sarcastically said that it was only a joke and she won’t ever splash water on him. Of course, that was not the main problem here. He was more concerned about thumbtacks and needle.

He rolled up his sleeve and showed her a scar that was still there from last time she stabbed him. She completely denied it and asked for evidence that it was her who stabbed him. Of course, there were no evidence so he can’t say anything further. He still didn’t want to lend a hand.

As he was about to refuse her, she asked “Ayanokouji-Kun would like to regret while you suffer or would like regret while you despair?”. Posted with two absurd choices he didn’t have any other choice but help. He started remembering the day 2 months back when he met her.


It’s April, the day of the school entrance ceremony. Ayanokouji rode the bus to school, the bus was pretty crowded but he was fortunate to find a seat and settle down. As he was about to fall asleep while enjoying the outside scenery, he heard a voice that broke his sleep.

There was a young lady who appeared to be an office worker arguing with a well-built, high school-aged boy who took sat down on one of the priority seats while an old aged lady who was having trouble standing was standing next right to him. She argued with him saying he should offer his seat as it is one of the priority seats.

But young man had no intention of giving up on his seat, he reasoned back that he had no legal obligation on giving his seat and its totally up to him whether he should give it or not. He considered the reason of giving up his seat just because he was younger totally non sense.  Both young lady and young boy argued back and forth while old lady didn’t want any further commotion so she said to leave it.

The young lady apologized to old lady and it looked like young boy has won, but another young girl of high school age wearing same uniform as Ayanokouji as came to aid young lady. She argued saying that it would be considered as a contribution to society.

But that was also not enough to change decision of the young boy. He said that he has interest in contributing to society, also if they just want to help old lady any seat would be fine not only priority seat  so just ask anyone else to give their seat.

The young girl tried to appeal everyone to give a seat to old lady irrespective of whether it was a priority seat or not. Although Ayanokouji was near the old lady he decided not to give up his seat. As he looked around to see what others were doing, he saw 2 kind of people one who pretended not to have heard anything and other who were hesitant on what to do.

While looking at others he saw girl sitting next to him. She was different than others, she was not confused at all her face remained expressionless as she decided not to give her seat. After some time, a working woman couldn’t bear the guilt gave her seat to old lady and it ended the commotion.

Soon they reached their destination, Ayanokouji get off the bus as he was going to walk towards to entrance. Someone called out to him. It was the girl next to him in bus. She asked why he was looking at her in bus, he answered that he was just curious as she also didn’t think of giving up her seat.

She inquired whether there was something wrong with doing so, to which he said no there wasn’t anything wrong as he also didn’t intend to give up the seat as he like to avoid the trouble. To which she said if that’s what he thinks then they are completely different as she didn’t gave up seat as thought that was pointless.


Ayanokouji disliked entrance ceremony and imagined most of the first year students felt same. Principal and students exchanged words of gratitude more than necessary, entrance ceremony is same whether it be elementary school, middle school or high school it marks the start of major trial for student.

But that was not the only concern Ayanokouji had, as someone who does not like he considered making friends was important for that. And according him there is only few key days after entrance ceremony to do so. He spent his previous day running through various situation in his head about how to approach someone and become their friend.

Someone like him needed practice for this, as the environment here was different from what he has experienced so far. He was isolated, he had ventured alone in battlefield, and it was a do or die. Looking around the classroom he made his way towards seat that had his nameplate, which was at the back of room near the window.

In the end he was unable to talk with anyone, he thought he would be alone forever. He started having thoughts like “what on earth are ‘friends’, anyway?” “where do friends come from?” “do you become friends with someone by sharing meal or can you become someone’s friend by walking to the bathroom first time together?”  

The more he thought about more he wondered about what is friendship, is it something deep and meaningful. While he was lost in his thought, he heard someone sigh next to him. It was the girl who fought with him at the bus stop and then walked away.

As it was the second time they have met and he was thinking of introducing himself to someone anyway he went ahead and introduced himself to the girl. Girl obviously had no interest in introducing herself. He said it would be uncomfortable to not know the name of neighbour to which she strongly disagreed.

He inquired if she had any other friend in different class or did, she enrol here lonely. She definitely had no interest in talking but later she changed her mind and introduced herself as Horikita Suzune. He went forward and started talking more about himself.

He said he had no particular hobbies but he was interested in about anything he don’t need many friends but he felt it would be good to have some. Horikita commented that he spoke exactly like someone who doesn’t like trouble. Considering this as insult he pointed it out to which Horikita said she hope that would be her only upset.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as he pointed out at the classroom entrance there was standing a boy same boy who created a scene over giving his seat on the bus. After few minutes a bell rang and a woman entered the classroom.

She introduced herself as Chabashira Sae, instructor (homeroom teacher) of class D. she usually teaches Japanese history but at this school they do not change classroom after every grade so she will be their homeroom teacher for next 3 years. She informed to the students entrance ceremony will be hold a gymnasium. before that she distributed written material about school’s special rule and admission guide.

This school differed from any other normal high school. Rules stated that all the students need to stay in the dormitories located at campus for next 3 years and students were forbidden to contact anyone from outside the school. Even contact with immediate family was not allowed without authorization.

Leaving school grounds without permission was also forbidden. However, the campus itself has every facility that a high school student would like to have like karaoke spot, café, boutique, theatre just name it. You can even compare the campus to a small city, after all campus was spread over more than 600k sq. meter.

Another unique feature of school was S system. After that Chabashira sensei distributed students id card to them. Students id card was one of the most important things for them as it was required to access any facility on campus, they can buy anything they want from the campus using their student id card. Anything located on school premise was available for purchase.

You can compare student id card with credit card, it was also simple to use them at store you just need to swipe them. She informed to the students that points are automatically deposited to their account on first of every month and they should all have received 100k points already. She also mentioned that 1 point is equal to 1 yen.

Everyone was shocked listening that, why won’t they after all they just received 100k yen monthly allowance from school right after admission. Chabashira sensei understood the atmosphere she further explained that this school evaluate students talents. Having passed entrance exam and getting admission here made them worthy enough to get this much point.

As there were no further question, she left the classroom. Once the teacher left students started getting restless and started discussing how they would spend money. Suddenly a young man stood up requesting everyone to listen to him.

He proposed to introduce themselves to the class as they are going to spend next 3 years being classmates. Huis idea was praised by many and so he started introduction with himself.

He was Hirata Yosuke his hobby was sports and he was planning on joining soccer team. After that a girl named Inogashira Kokoro tried her best to introduce herself but she was very nervous and fumbled a lot in the end she introduced herself her hobbies were sewing and she was pretty good at knitting.

After that Yamauchi Haruki introduced himself, he claimed to compete in table tennis in elementary school, he was ace baseball player in junior high school. He got injured and was now in rehab. After that a very cheerful girl who helped Inogashira to calm down during her introduction stood up for introduction.

She was Kushida Kikyou, none of her friends from junior high didn’t made it into this school so was alone here. Her first goal, was to be friends with everyone so she asked everyone to share their contact information after class introduction end. She also asked everyone to invite her to all the parties and trips in vacation if they are planning anything.

The next student in the line rebelled the idea of introduction saying that they are not bunch of kids and he wasn’t here to make friends . Hirata tried reasoning with him but that didn’t help and he left the classroom.

After that Ike Kanji introduced himself saying he like girls and was in market looking for new girlfriend. And everyone started commenting sarcastically on his introduction. After that Hirata asked next boy in line to introduce himself, he was the one who created trouble on bus.

He decided to introduce himself, he was Kouenji Rokusuke sole heir to the Kouenji conglomerate group. He claimed that soon he will be tasked with carrying japan into future. After that it was turn of Ayanokouji to introduce himself, he introduced him same way as he introduced himself to Horikita, which was failure according to him.


After entrance ceremony ended 70-80% of students made their way to dormitories, while some decided to go to café or mall Ayanokouji decided to visit convince store on his way to home. As he entered the store coincidentally, he ran into Horikita again.

Horikita thought it was an unpleasant coincidence to which Ayanokouji said there is no need to be hostile. Convince store was full with everything you would need to star your life at dormitory, he thought Horikita would go for best brand available but he noticed that she was selecting cheapest option.

He posted a genuine question about girls being picky about which shampoo to us, Horikita replied saying that depends on person, you would never know when you need money. After that she glared at him indicating don’t go looking into other people’s basket without permission.

Horikita told him that she was surprised how he stayed behind for introduction as he don’t like trouble, he said he stayed specifically for that reason. He turned same question to her asking why she didn’t stay for introduction. She said she had several reasons for doing so, and considered it was useless.

He argued saying probability of making friends after introduction is high, she argued back saying back assuming he was right how many friends he made. Of course, we know that he failed to make friends during introduction so debate ended right there.

They both started roaming convince store when they came across instant food. He saw two students filled there basket just with noodles cups and went onto billing counter. He was amazed seeing how many types of noodle cups were available, he picked a  cup and saw price of 156 yen he tried asking Horikita about it whether it was normal or not but she was not sure.

After examining different types of noodle cups, he decided to buy a regular sized one with “FOO Yakisoba” written on it. Horikita moved away from food section and started looking for daily essential. Ayanokouji took this moment to make some witty jokes with her.

He took a razor with 5 blades and told her it would be a cut above others prompting her to buy that, she asked why in the world she would need a razor. He made action of shaving an imaginary beard and grinned smugly. She looked at him like he was dirt and said she don’t have anything to shave not on her chin, no under her armpits and not down there.

After that Horikita took the cheapest face wash available there, again thinking that girls would be pickier about stuff like that he picked up a more expensive one and said that would be better for her. He was shot down by her saying it was unnecessary.

He tried to convince her but before he could he say anything she snapped at him saying she already denied it. He gently returned the face wash at its place. He started looking around the store desperately to find new topic to carry on the conversation when he stumbled something strange.

He called out to Horikita, some toiletries and food have been tucked away in corner at first glance it appeared similar to other items, but there was a big difference. Those items were marked free. Horikita also found it strange. Daily necessities like toothbrush and bandages were stuffed in a clearance bin and labelled free.

He considered as schools leniency, as those items would be emergency relief for students who has exhausted their monthly points. Suddenly a loud voice from near the register had broken the peaceful environment of the store. A dispute had been broken between 2 students and they were glaring with each other.

Apparently, one of those two was from his class, the one who rebelled against class introduction and created a scene with Hirata. He went to check up what exactly was happening. On reaching there he asked the guy from his class what was happening but he was countered with another question who he was.

As the guy was not present during introduction Ayanokouji introduced himself and said he was his classmate. At his explanation red haired guy lowered his voice and said he remember him now, apparently, he has forgotten his student ID back in his room in dormitory. And as that work as money here, he is now unavailable to buy noodle cups in his hand.

The red hair guy put away the noodle cups and started to walk away, probably he was going back to dormitory. Ayanokouji offered him to help and buy it for him as it would be annoying to head back all the way to dorm. The guy accepted the help as it would be really annoying going back and thanked him.

He introduced himself, he was Sudo and thanked him again. He gave noodle cups to him and he walked to hot water dispenser, watching their conversation Horikita sighed. She mentioned he was acting as pushover from start and asked whether he intended to become his servant or did he want to be friends with him.

He answered that he just wanted to help and think of becoming friends. They both wrapped up the shopping and presented their student id card at the machine near register for payment. Ayanokouji started thinking about what merit every student would possess for school to provide them with 100k yen as allowance.

Considering there were 160 students in his grade that would make a total of 480 students which would bring allowance to 48 million yen per month that would be equal to 560 million yen per year. Even if the school is supported by government it is still overkill.

He asked a question to Horikita about how school would benefit from giving so much allowance. Horikita wondered same, according to her campus had more than enough facilities, and handing out these much point would only make students slack off from studies.

She provided him with an advice of not spending all the money as it would be difficult to control habit of spending money if got addicted to it. After coming out from store he spotted Sudo seated outside waiting for him. He handed him the noodle cup and asked if he really planned on eating it there itself.

He replied saying it was common sense. Hearing his answer Horikita sighed annoyingly and said she is taking her leave as staying there any longer would strip off her dignity. Sudo got angry on her remark and shouted what did she meant by dignity, they were just ordinary high school student or was she different a high born daughter from noble family.

Horikita ignored him which tipped off Sudo even more, he placed his cup of noodle on ground and said angrily to Horikita to look at people when they are talking. Horikita again ignored him and asked Ayanokouji what was his problem, he just got angry suddenly.

This made Sudo even angrier, he started yelling that he would smack that smug face off her face. Ayanokouji came in between tried to calm him down saying she has bad attitude but he was taking it too far. Sudo’s patience had run out he said stuff like she has bratty attitude which was bad especially for girl.

On his comment about girl Horikita said that he had pretty outdated thinking and advised Ayanokouji to stay away from him. Sudo was about to jump on her to beat but Ayanokouji held him back and made him calm down.

After she was gone Sudo grabbed his noodle cup and began eating. Soon after that three boys came out of store holding same brand noodles called out to them as first years and said that was their place and to get out of the place. Sudo again got angry and shouted he was first there and told them to get out.

Those 3 were 2nd year students and they made fun of Sudo and told him to get out of the spot. It looked like a fight about to break between them and Sudo. Even being outnumbered Sudo didn’t back down.

Seeing that one of them asked in which class he was and later he himself guessed that he was in class D. Sudo took that as an insult and asked so what? They started commenting internally that it was a dead giveaway that he was a class D student. Sudo barked at them asking what’s that supposed to mean.

They said pitying on him that they are letting him off the hook. Sudo kept shouting at them telling them not to run away. But they didn’t pay any attention and said quit yapping as they will be in hell soon. Ayanokouji got confused by what they meant when they said be in hell soon

Sudo didn’t bother to clean after his mess as he was angry with those upperclassmen, he put his hand in his pocket and walked away. Ayanokouji noticed the surveillance camera outside the store and thought it would create a problem so he cleaned up the mess created by Sudo.


Ayanokouji made his way back to the dormitory, he received a key card for room 401 from the reception along with a guidebook containing the rules of the dormitory. He boarded the elevator flipping through the guidebook it contained trivial stuff like garbage disposal date and time, notice about avoiding excessive noise, as well as notes to not waste electricity and water.

He was amused seeing no restriction on the usage of electricity and water as he had assumed, they would detect their points for same but that was not the case. He was also surprised seeing co-ed dormitories as it was high school Afterall. Although there were rules unclearly stating sex is strictly forbidden.

He reached his room; it was 8 tatami mats wide. It was his first time living alone, he was forbidden contact with anyone outside the school until graduation which was perfect according to him considering his situation. This school boasted a high employment rate after graduation and all but for him, it was a trivial thing.

The reason why he joined this school was the reason that students were not allowed to contact anyone outside of school even if they are immediate family or friends. He considered that thing freedom.

He could do whatever he wanted to eat whatever he want, whenever he want. Nobodies eyes would reach him and he can start a new life from the scratch here. He dived into his already made unable to calm down thinking about his new life that is about to begin.

Chapter 3: The Students of Class D

It’s the second day of school, everyone is quite surprised as they saw how warm and friendly the teachers at this school looked. Even though Sudo spent most of his class asleep, teachers didn’t intend to do or say anything. It was up to each individual whether they want to listen in class or not.

Soon it was lunchtime, Ayanokouji felt envious as he saw most of the students leaving his field of vision and he was still alone unable to make even a single friend. He was called out as pathetic by Horikita to which he obviously questioned what is pathetic?

She replied saying his thought of wanting someone to invite him to lunch was like an open book. Ayanokouji argued saying she was also alone; has she not thought the same thing or did want to spend 3 years of school life without even a single friend.

Horikita was obviously alone by her choice, she liked to be alone and told Ayanokouji to stop caring about her and start thinking about himself. Less than a minute has passed since the end of the class bell rang and most of the students already left the classroom.

Hirata one of their classmate suddenly announced that he is going to cafeteria, and asked if anyone wants to join him. Ayanokouji tried to take this chance but, as soon as he announced that he was most of the girls gathered around him saying they would join him.

Ayanokouji unable to say that he wanted to come he started to think all these girls didn’t need to jump just because he is handsome. Horikita witnessing this scene commented that it was tragic. Hirata asked once again if anyone else wanted to join, as he was about call Ayanokouji, a fashionista-type girl latched onto his arm and took him away.

Considering the event pointless Ayanokouji decided to head to cafeteria alone, as he exited the classroom a beautiful girl called out his name. It was Kushida one of his classmate.

She asked Ayanokouji whether he was on good terms with Horikita. He replied saying they were just casual acquaintances; he won’t exactly call that good term. Kushida planned to be friends with everyone, so she asked for everyone’s contact info but she was shot down by Horikita.

She wanted to know more about Horikita and as she only talked to Ayanokouji, she thought he might know something like what kind of person Horikita is. Ayanokouji said Horikita wasn’t good at interacting with others and out of curiosity he asked why she was interested in Horikita.

Kushida replied as Horikita left on the day of class introduction and since then she hasn’t talked to anyone so she was worried about her, that’s all. Ayanokouji understood the situation but he was unable to do anything about it so he apologized.


After taking a quick peek in cafeteria Ayanokouji decided to buy some breads from convince store and have lunch in classroom. As he returned to classroom there were around 10 people left in classroom, while some of them have joined their desk to eat together. Soon after him Horikita also returned to her desk.

As he about began to eat his lunch an announcement was made through the speaker, “at five I clock japan’s standard time a club fair was held at the gymnasium,” that was the announcement made.

He thought about asking Horikita to go there as he called out to Horikita, she shot him down saying she not interested in joining any club, even before he could ask anything.

Horikita struck him with reality that he had no friend. Of course, he knew that but he was able to talk normally to Horikita now and considered it as plus point. To which Horikita utterly refused to count her as one of his friends. Horikita asked him whether he intended to join the club as he wants to go to the fair.

He said he is not sure yet, but mostly not. Horikita read through him once again as she asked whether he was planning as a pretext to make friends. He admitted that as he failed to make any friends on first day, he considered this as his last option. She asked him to invite someone else. But that was the problem, he can’t invite anyone else, as he had no friends.

He inquired whether she had joined any clubs in past. But as he thought she didn’t. he changed his question and asked whether she has experience for ‘this’ or ‘that’. She wasn’t sure what he meant by ‘that’ but considered as something mean-spirited.

In one notion she karate-chopped him in the side. He coughed after strike, unable to believe that a girl could hit so hard. His asked the reason for getting hit. She replied saying that he ignored her warnings and now she may need to punish him mercilessly.

Ayanokouji refused obviously and said violence doesn’t solve anything. Horikita has a different opinion on the matter she stated that violence has existed since the dawn of time. It has been proven to be the human race’s most effective mean to achieve something. Even in many countries, police who enforces law uses handgun and baton, wielding violence as tool to make arrest.

She also said that she would be using violence to rehabilitate him, and purge him of those impure thoughts. He tried to turn the table on her and asked what if he said the same. He was met by an unexpected answer by Horikita she said she didn’t mind, but he would never get chance as she would never say something carelessly.

He got the point and promised to be more careful from now on. Horikita gave some thought about club fair and decided to accompany him if it was only for a little while. He agreed to that and both of them decided to go.


After class has ended Ayanokouji and Horikita both visited gymnasium for club fair. As they reached there, they saw around 100 of people waiting. They stood at back of the room waiting for fair to begin reading pamphlet that they received upon entering gymnasium.

They talked casually about types of clubs school had, facilities were significantly more substantial than ordinary school. The equipment  they had were so luxurious it would put professional stuff to shame.

Ayanokouji thought it would it would be hard for newcomers to get into athletic club and even if they get in, they would just be benchwarmer forever. Horikita objected saying it would depends on one’s effort. By training a year or two they would be able to play in.

Ayanokouji said he would be unable to put that amount of effort no matter how desperate he was. To which Horikita teased him saying that she didn’t realised concept of training even existed for a guy like him who doesn’t like troubles. Ayanokouji asked what relation was there between not liking trouble and training.

She replied saying a person who doesn’t like trouble would also avoid unnecessary manual work. And he should stick to his words. Soon after that Tachibana, the student council secretary and club fair organiser delivered her opening remark and club fair began.

Horikita again teased Ayanokouji by suggesting to join judo club and pointing out to an upperclassman saying he would encourage him. He snapped saying that upperclassman looked like gorilla and he would kill him for sure. Horikita argued saying he would probably talk about how easy judo is. Ayanokouji simply told her to cut it out.

He thought they could have decent conversation but all she was doing is stick it to him. He thought athletic club looked intimidating and they don’t accept beginners. Horikita stated that beginners should be accepted as the more members a club has more money they receive from school, and that’s how they buy better equipment for training.

It sounded like they are using beginners for money to Ayanokouji. A representative from each club got on stage one after another and explained about their club functioning. First one was archery club. Ayanokouji thought of taking this moment to tease Horikita and even the score. He said to Horikita that she should join them to increase their budget.

She denied it saying she hate the idea of joining a club solely for that reason, also athletics club are just gathering of people with nothing to do better. He commented that it was her twisted personality talking. She agreed but still athletic club was no-go to her.

As club representative introduced them one after another, he noticed Horikita was suddenly tense. Her face was pale. He tried to ask what was matter but he didn’t get an answer. On following her line of sight, he found nothing out of ordinary just baseball team captain giving club introduction.

He thought of several reason for her pale face like love on first sight or something but immediately dispersed them as that was not possible. He tried to call her out once again but it was like she couldn’t hear him anymore. He decided to stop talking and wait for explanation.

As one club finishes their introduction another comes up, first years started talking internally discussing what they thought. As the upperclassmen finished the introduction, they walked off the stage to an area where some tables had been set, probably registration area. Eventually everyone walked off until only one person left.

He appeared to be 170cm tall, he was slender, with sleek black hair. He wore sharp glasses and had a piercing, calculating gaze. He stood calmly in front of microphone looking around first-years. He piqued interest of Ayanokouji as he stood there. Unfortunately, his expectation were dispelled immediately.

He didn’t say a single word, perhaps he was nervous or maybe he was drawing a blank. First years started making fun of him and passed on comment like “did you forget to bring your notecards” “do your best”. Laughter filled the gymnasium, it reached crescendo and then suddenly it died.

The relaxed atmosphere suddenly changed, and things took an unexpected turn. Horikita stared back at student with an intense gaze, not breaking her line of sight even for a second. The silence continued for around 30 seconds or so and then that student finally spoke.

He was Horikita Manabu, the student council president. On hearing ‘Horikita’ name Ayanokouji looked at Horikita next to him, ‘Maybe they had same second name by coincidence or maybe….’ that’s what he thought.

Horikita Manabu gave his speech without taking a single pause. He said that student council is looking for freshers to replace the graduating third years. Although there were no specific qualification required to join student council, they don’t accept people who have joined other clubs so he requested avoiding joining any other club if they are planning to join student council.

He spoke in a soft tone but tension in the atmosphere was so high you could cut it with a knife. His presence dominated everyone around him. He also mentioned that student council does not accept people with naïve outlook. Not only such people will not be elected, they would damage the sanctity of this school. Immediately after finishing his speech he left the gymnasium.

Organiser ended the club fair with thanking everyone and stating registration are open till end of April. Thanks to laid back organiser the tension in air was dissipated. Horikita remained there as statue, he tried to call out to her once again but it was like his voice didn’t reach her ears.

As he was lost in his thought Sudo called out to him, Ike and Yamauchi their classmates were also with him. Sudo asked him whether he joined a club, he denied and asked Sudo the same. Apparently Sudo has joined basketball as he has been playing basketball since childhood. He asked other two whether they had join any club.

Ike said they just came as they felt it would be fun also, they thought they may have ‘fateful encounter’. Ayanokouji asked what he meant by ‘fateful encounter’. Ike crossed his arms and explained he wanted his first girlfriend from class D that’s why he is keeping his eyes open for encounter.

He also mentioned how imposing student council president was and he was just something else. Ayanokouji agreed to the fact. Ike mentioned that he made a group chat for the guys yesterday and invited Ayanokouji to join. Ayanokouji confirmed if it was really ok for him to join. Ike said of course it was they were all from class D.

Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Volume 1

Ayanokouji took out his phone to exchange contact information with them. Finally, it was his chance to make some friends. As he took out his phone, he noticed Horikita has disappeared into the crowd. Worried about her he stopped what he was doing for a moment.

Ike called out to him asking what’s wrong. He said nothing and exchanged contact information with them. He felt like following her for a moment but then decided not to as she was free to do whatever she wanted to.


I think this much would be enough for this article. Would continue the volume in the next one. Let me know in the comments whether you like it or not. Also, if you really liked the summary I would once again suggest reading the light novel as you will enjoy it more. See you next time, till then sayonara.

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How many volumes are there in the classroom of the elite light novel?

There are 20 volumes of classrooms of the elite out yet. 15 of year 1 and 5 of year 2. I am not sure how many of them are officially translated into English. But you can find fan translation or machine translation of every volume floating around on the internet. Also, the writer said he would try to bring a new volume out every 3 months so I guess the next one should be out by end of October.

Does a light novel have pictures?

Obviously, otherwise, how would you know who is who and how do they look. Personal opinion character design is better in novels compared to anime.

Will Classroom of the elite have a Season 2?

According to the information I got online and research done there will be no season 2 as anime was made just to promote sales of manga and light novel

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