10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads To Improve Your Competitive Gaming Skills!


The best gaming mouse pad can protect your desk and your mouse too. While most mice will function just fine without a mouse pad, so it’s up to you that whether you need your mice to function “just fine”? So it’s all about the best gaming mouse pad which will help you to improve your competitive gaming skills. So here we have come upon the 10 Best gaming mouse pads that can be totally beneficial to your competitive gaming.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse Pad For You?

There are various forms of mousepads. Mousepads comes in various sizes, different material, and many different designs. Sizes are available from super large to peasant small, materials such as cloth or plastic material, hard or smooth surface and variety of designs are available. Therefore the best gaming mousepad varies depending on your preferences, that whether you wanted a smooth surface or a hard surface mousepad. It also depends on whether you needed for day-to-day purposes or for competitive gaming.

The process of finding the best gaming mousepad for your setup will now be eased down. We have come upon the major need for the best gaming mouse to make your gaming setup complete. You just need to ask yourself a few questions: “How big a mouse pad you needed according to your comfort?”, “How much do you want to spend, do you really need an expensive mousepad or a budget-friendly?” , “With which surface you are comfortable while playing games, smooth or hard?”, “which material of gaming mouse pad will be perfect for you?”. So just you need to keep these things in your mind while selecting the best gaming mousepad you.

Logitech G240

logitech g240


  • Surface Type: Cloth
  • Size: 11.0 x 13.4 inches
  • Thickness: 0.04 inches

Reasons To Buy

+ Responsive, durable surface

+ Rubber grips

+ Optimised for Logitech mice

Logitech is a well-known gaming brand. All its product is worth buying and is of good qualities. Logitech G240 provides moderate surface friction so that the Heat treated at 200C, the cloth surface of G240 provides just the right amount of friction for low DPI maneuvers.  Because gaming using low DPI settings benefits from moderate resistance to the mouse feet when starting or stopping a rapid movement. Therefore a gaming mouse pad should have good surface friction which can help you in dealing with better movement.

The rubber base of G240 helps to firmly bond with the cloth which helps to keep the flexible surface in place to prevent the cloth from bunching up in front of the mouse which benefits the smooth mouse movement. The G240 is just 1mm thick maintaining a low profile. Also, the soft fabric improves comfort as the wrist moves back and forth across the mouse pad’s edge.

Razer Sphex v2


  • Surface Type: Polycarbonate
  • Size: 14.0 x 10.0 inches
  • Thickness: 0.02 inches

Reasons To Buy

+ Super thin

+ Unobtrusive 

+ Optimised for Gaming Mouse

+ Ultra Tough for Long-Lasting Durability

Razer comes in the top 5 best gaming brands all around the world. It provides the best and high-quality gaming products. Also, the majority of the gamers use products of Razer as it provides the best performance gaming products. 

Razer Sphex v2 has an ultra-thin gaming mat which delivers high tracking quality for both laser and optical gaming mouse. The surface of Sphex v2 is made up of polycarbonate with an improved adhesive base. It provides a smooth movement of the mouse. The friction towards the desk is good even after months of use.

Razer Sphex v2 has a great look compared to other mouse pads as it has a great design on its top which is an attractive part of it.  Also, it’s one of the key features is its ultra-thin material which measures less than half a millimeter. The polycarbonate surface is lab tested to have ultra-high impact, rip and tear strength. Hence at this price, Razer Sphex v2 is a worth buying product considering the features which it’s delivered.

Logitech G440

logitect g440


  • Surface Type: Hard
  • Surface Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 13.39 x 11.03 x 0.13 inches
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ Low friction surface

+ Solid rubber base

+ Minimal branding

Logitech G440 is solidly constructed using 3 critical layers. The top layer is polypropylene which provides a low friction surface. The mid-layer is made up of polystyrene providing the firm, semi-rigid foundation. And the base is made up of rubber keeps the gaming mouse pad stationary.

Logitech G440 has a solid, hard surface mouse pad. When it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance, there is nothing better than a hard surface mouse pad. Hard surface allows them to glide their mouse with ease. It totally depends on personal choices, some of them like hard surfaces, and some of them like to have a smooth surface gaming mouse pad. Both of them are best at their places.

It offers ultra-low surface friction which helps in increasing the speed of mouse movements. As it has a polyethylene surface it allows the mouse to glide even if a minimal force is applied.

Corsair MM300 Extended

corsair mm300 extended


  • Surface Type: Smooth
  • Surface Material: Cloth 
  • Dimensions: 930mm x 300mm x 3mm
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ Low friction surface

+ Solid rubber base

+ Superior control

+ Zero slip

Corsair MM300 provides a smooth, durable, cloth surface with reinforced stitched edges to avoid fraying. The design of the gaming mouse pad is very unique. The material of the mouse pad is made considering the smooth movement of the mouse, consistent accuracy, and provides low friction. And also it is designed in such a way that the stitched edges guard against the surface peeling.

The MM300 is optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice. As the base of MM300 is made up of rubber which helps it stay stick in one place.

Roccat Taito Control

roccat taitto control


  • Surface Type: Soft
  • Surface Material: Cloth
  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 12.60 x 0.14 inches
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ Large surface area

+ Excellent surface texture for control

+ Thick with stitched edges

For those gamers who like cloth surface mouse pads for better and smooth mouse control, the Roccat Taito Control would be great for them as the Taito Control takes your gaming experience to the next level. Total control surface provides steady, smooth mouse actions. The RoccatTaito Control gaming mouse pad has a thickness of 3.5mm

It has a rubberized base which provides excellent grip and no-slip security. The long-lasting stitched border in Roccat adds style to it. Taito control surface features advanced cloth textile chosen only after countless hours of rigorous testing.

Razer Goliathus Chroma

razer golithatus chroma


  • Surface: 140.6-inches square
  • Size: 13.99 x 10.05 x 0.12 inches (355 x 255 x 3 mm; W x D x H)

Reasons To Buy

+ Razer Chroma-enabled 

+ Gaming optimized 

Razer Goliathus Chroma is the bestselling soft gaming mouse of the Razer brand. It has been powered by Razer Chroma with a stunning spectrum of colors. It comes with RGB lighting around the pad. The Razer Goliathus Chroma is optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors. It doesn’t affect the in-game control whether you use a laser or optical sensor mouse.

The surface of the pad is made up of micro-textured cloth which helps in balancing both speed and control over mouse movement. Here you have 2 different options in size, one is a medium mouse pad and the other is the extended razer goliaths chroma mousepad. Both of them have RGB in them. If you are a fan of RGB and wanted to complete the gaming setup having everything RGB on it, you should definitely go for Razer Goliathus Chroma as it isn’t much expensive.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming



  • Surface: 133.56-inches square
  • Size: 250 mm x 210 mm x 2 mm

Reasons To Buy

+ Relatively thin (2mm)

+ Smooth Frictionless Surface 

+ Optimised for low and high CPI tracking movements

+ Durable and washable for easy cleaning

SteelSeries Qck is one of the best-selling gaming mouse pads. The surface of the pad is made up of exclusively QcK micro woven cloth to provide maximum control. The material is very durable and easily washable. It is considered one of the best gaming mousepads in terms of surface performance.

It has been tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer, the high thread count, and smooth surface optimize mouse tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors.  The base of the pad is made up of non-slip durable rubber which is designed in such a way that it eliminates unwanted movement and provides a solid platform for competitive gaming.

For the past 15 years, SteelSeries has remained the trusted brand among the Esports pro and had won more prize money than any other gaming brand.

Razer Gigantus V2 

razer giganthusV2


  • Surface Type: Soft
  • Surface Material: Cloth
  • Dimensions: 47.24 x 21.65 x 0.16 inches
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ Variety of sizes and designs

+ Thick, High-Density Rubber Foam With Anti-Slip Base

If you’re looking to make huge plays, then go big with the Razer Gigantus V2. As a soft gaming mouse pad with a textured micro-weave cloth surface, it’s designed to help you up to your game with fluid swipes and pixel-precise aim.

Here you can create your own Razer Gigantus V2 design or personalize it by adding your gamer tag and favorite game art. It also has a variety of sizes. It also has a 3XL size variant that covers entire desks, perfect for those who use a lower DPI or just like to have more room to maneuver.

The M & L size mouse pad has 3mm thickness while XXL & 3XL have 4mm of thickness. The thickness of the pad provides friction towards the surface so that it securely sticks at one position.

Razer Firefly and Mamba Hyperflux

razer firefly


  • Surface Type: Hard or Soft
  • Surface Material: Plastic or Cloth
  • Dimensions: 13.97 x 11.12 x 0.5 inches
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ Integrated RGB lighting

+ Includes hard and soft surface

Razer HyperFlux offers a wireless Power Technology which enables mouse mats to create a magnetic field that efficiently transfers power directly to their companion mouse. This technology creates indefinite power for the mouse and eliminates the need for a battery. This result’s in an ultra-lightweight wireless mouse that keeps on going, so there’s never a need to stop and recharge.

The Razer Firefly HyperFlux features a dual hard and cloth surface for more playstyle flexibility. You can easily switch between a hard surface which provides speed for quick mouse swipes or can move to a smooth surface which provides a control for precise aiming.

As the Hyperflux system eliminates the need for a battery inside the mouse the weight of the mouse comes down to 96 grams. This makes it the lightest wireless gaming mouse. The only downside of this is that you can’t use the wireless mode without the mouse pad. However, you can take the micro USB cord from the pad to plug in the Mamba and use it on the go.

Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB


  • Surface Type: Hard
  • Surface Material: Plastic
  • Size: (350mm x 260mm x 5mm) 
  • Base: Rubber

Reasons To Buy

+ 15 very bright LEDs

+ USB passthrough port

The MM800 Polaris RGB has 15 individual RGB zones which are powered by true PWM lighting. It provides the most accurate color representation. It has a Built-in USB pass-through port for your mouse. The low friction micro-textured surface ensures fast and smooth movement, pixel-precise tracking, and is calibrated for both optical and laser sensor mice. The MM800 RGB POLARIS features a built-in USB pass-through for your mouse to save you a port for other devices.

The base is made up of non-slip rubber to keep MM800 securely in place. You can use the unique lighting profiles of MM800 through iCUE software.


All the above given are the best gaming mousepad which we would prefer to buy. So if you are looking for the best gaming mousepad for yourself you can consider the above-listed gaming mouse as they are at a considerable price according to the product. And also if confused about how to choose the best gaming mousepad we have also given brief guidance on it at the starting of the blog

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Best Gaming Mouse Pads FAQs

Are hard mousepads better?

It depends on the individual choice that which mouse pads will be comfortable for them. No doubt hard mousepads provide smooth movement of the mouse. And when it comes to pure speed and low tactile resistance, there is nothing better than a hard surface mousepad.

Do Gaming Mouse Pads matter?

A big yes if you are a professional gamer. For professional gaming mouse pads matter a lot. A gaming mousepad provides friction towards the surface so that it can stick at one place and don’t move while you are sliding your mouse on its upper surface. And also many more benefits are there, so for a professional gamer gaming mouse pads matters a lot.

Which mouse pad is best for gaming?

There are many gaming mousepads that are good at their individuals. Here are some best gaming mousepads
Logitech g240
Logitech g440
Corsair mm300 extended
Roccat taito control
Razer goliathus chroma
Steelseries qck gaming
Razer gigantus v2
Razer firefly
Corsair mm800 polaris rgb

What do PC gamers look for in a mouse pad?

The PC gamers needed a mousepad that provides good friction towards to surface so that they can easily glide their mouse on it and also the mouse pad should not move while doing the movement. All the upper surface material of the mousepads matters a lot as it provides speed and friction to its mouse.

Why is a gaming mouse pad so costly?

Might be the material of the gaming mousepad makes it costly. They are made up of good quality material to provide smoothness and comfort to your hand.

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