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best game to stream

Now a day’s gaming community has shown great success. Due to this pandemic situation, many new gamers had chosen their carrier to be gaming YouTuber. Games like PUBG, COD, and many more games get popular through youtube streaming. According to our research, we have shortened out some best games you can stream on YouTube & Twitch and can gain heavy views. The research says that the streaming of these games catches more audience as they are liked by most of the peoples.


Minecraft is one of the most-streamed games on youtube. It has been one of the most favorite games among YouTubers. The viewers also enjoy watching the stream of YouTuber playing Minecraft. In this game, we can create our own world with the help of blocks.


Minecraft is based on a Sandbox video game. In this game, we can create our own world with the help of blocks. On starting the game, the player will be allotted a Minecraft default character. The game character comes with a health bar having 10 hearts.

The health bar goes on reducing if the in-game player causes damage. Damage can be caused due to fire, lava, falling from a high location, drowning, or else being hit by other players. Here the resources like water, sand, grass, stone, ice, fire are used in-game for which helps you to make your own Minecraft world. We can relate this game to real life.

The character comes with an empty inventory. In inventory, we can store the different resources used in the making of blocks. The various types of blocks are created using the crafting table. Here we have to do mining to extract ore and many other useful materials used for the construction purpose. The mining is done under the surface of the map. Through mining, we can come across a cave and some hidden areas under the map.

In the game, crafting is very important. Through crafting, we can make many tools and blocks which will be required for the construction purpose. We can create a sword, hammer, bow and arrow, and many more through crafting.

Minecraft is a Multiplayer game. You can play with your friends and can create your own dream Minecraft world.


  1. Windows 10
  2. Xbox One, Xbox 360
  3. PS3, PS4, PS
  4. Nintendo Switch
  5. macOS


Valorant is an FPP shooting game by Riot Games. The game was launched on June 2, 2020. Valorant is only available on windows. Valorant has gained massive popularity in a very short span. It had remained one of the best games for streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

The game streamers also loved it so much. They enjoy a lot playing Valorant. One of the highlighting points of this game to get this much popularity is that the game is free of charge. Within a short span, Valorant had gained nearly 3 million downloaders, which is pretty impressive.


Valorant is a 5 VS 5 shooting game. The gameplay of valorant is similar to Counter-Strike with some updated strategies, weapons, and graphics. Valorant has gained so much popularity in FPP shooting games, that I think there won’t be a single streamer who hasn’t done the Valorant stream yet.

The Mechanics of the game are at its top. If you are new to this game it will take some time to get to know about the gun recoil. I can say that for the first time you will definitely miss the shot. Because it’s difficult to control the recoil of the gun. But this type of mechanics makes the game realistic and much better than the others in comparison to Valorant.

About the Game

In Valorant as I told it’s a 5 vs 5 shooting game. In this, we game have to choose an in-game character. There are a total of 13 characters in the game. The character are called Agents. We have to select one among these 13 Agents before the beginning of the game.

Every individual Agent has a unique power, abilities, and unique strategy. So it’s all on you which agent to choose. You can’t change the Agent in between the game. Only you can change the Guns after every round. Here the Guns also have special abilities, more damage rate, and more fire rate.

Valorant is absolutely free to play the game. You can download it from its official website. In the game up to some extent, some Agents are for free. There are also some paid Agents, if you want you can buy them through in-game purchases. Also, some guns, special power, special abilities can be purchase through in-game purchases


Among Us was originally launched in 2018. Till August 2020 no one was aware of the game. Due to the pandemic situation, the gamers came across this game while exploring different games. After that, some of the youtube gamers started streaming this game. The audience liked the game too much. The game was liked by Billions of people all over the world.

Among Us

The gamers who stream the among us game always gain a good amount of audience. It becomes popular not only on youtube but also on twitch. Every game streamers were streaming the among us game. Also, the Audience was enjoying the game. Till November 2020 it became one of the most streamed games on youtube. Every youtube gamers were enjoying the game.

To this date Among Us would be having billions of downloaders. It is a game which every age group person can play and can enjoy playing it. Because it is simple enough to know about the game.

About the Game

It is very simple to get about this game. It can be played with a maximum of 8 crew members. As it is a multiplayer game we can play with our friends by inviting them to the individual server so that you can play together.

The game starts with showing up that all the 8 crew members are in a cartoonist spaceship. We have to complete some allotted tasks. Every individual player has been allotted some task. We have to complete the task to fulfill the given progress bar. Among the 8 crew members, there will 1, 2, or 3 Imposters. The number of imposters can be set before the game starts. So there will an imposter who will not allow the players to complete their task.

The Imposter can kill the player’s character when no other player is seeing. At a time the imposter can kill only one player after one kill the other kill can be attempt after some seconds. If some crew players get to know that this particular player is an imposter that player can call a meeting and can discuss who is suspected to be an imposter and can tell how he noticed that this player is an imposter.

After discussion with the other crew member, voting is done for the eviction of an imposter. If all the imposter are evicted the other crew members get the victory. If the crew members fail to evict the imposters and imposters get success in killing the particular crew members, then the imposter will get the victory.

Among Us is a very interesting and Suspicious game. Here we have to apply our simple mind tricks to get victory on our side.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It had been developed and published by PUBG Corporation in 2018. It’s Android and iOS version is free to play. It is also launched on platforms like Windows and PS4 at some cost. PUBG is one of the best games to stream on YouTube and had attracted millions of audiences.


PUBG mobile is among the top 5 most downloaded games on Android. The game includes many different play modes like classic, arcade, TDM, sniper training, zombie mode, and many more interesting play modes. The main one is the Classic mode in which 100 players are sent to a map and have to battle among the others with their team members for victory. The player has to search for weapons, armor, bullets, pain killers, bandages, and clothes that are scattered all over the map.

PUBG Mobile is one the best Android/iOS game to stream on youtube or twitch. We can say that in the last 2 years mostly every streamer was doing PUBG live stream. Due to PUBG, the mobile gaming community had shown drastic growth. Many of the YouTubers started their streaming carrier by live streaming of PUBG mobile.

Many YouTube streamers had gained great success in gaming carrier playing PUBG mobile. Too many Esports tournaments had been setup for this game. Many players have participated in different countries. The Winning teams got a huge winning amount.


Fortnite is among the best battle royale shooting games. It can be said that Fortnite and PUBG belong to the same strategy games. Both of these games have a total of 100 player lobby. In both, we have to fight with other players to get the victory. We have the option to play solo, duo, or in the squad in both of these games.


Fortnite has been popular for console gaming. Initially, it was available only for console gaming. After getting great success in the console version, the creators decided to launch its Android and iOS versions. The Android and iOS version was launched in 2018. Its console version was launched in 2017 by Epic games.

In Fortnite after entering the map players can build strategic structures, walls around them to protect themselves from being hit by other players. The structures and walls can be made through resources collected by players on the map. The cover can be made broken by the enemy player by giving damage with their weapons. Fortnite has some cool collection of weapons, skin, and characters. The graphics are too good for this game which makes games even better.


  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Xbox One
  4. PS4 And PS5
  5. iOS
  6. Andriod
  7. Nintendo Switch

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