The Reason behind Apple Followed a Random Guy on Instagram?

Apple Followed Random Guy on Instagram

Apple is well known for its security and performance. But due to this recent event, apple left people in the confused state of “How is that even possible?”

Apple’s Instagram account currently has 25 Million followers and had a fixed following of six accounts.

The six accounts are as follows:

  • Shazam
  • Deidre O’Brien
  • Beats by Dre
  • Apple Books
  • Apple TV
  • and Apple Music

Apple Followed Smarty Anubhav

On 30th December, Apple had an addition of an account in its following list. Apple just followed a random Indian guy named Smarty Anubhav on Instagram who seemed to have no personal relationship with apple.

apple before

The Indian guy was surprised by this act of apple and wanted to look popular. The guy changed his username and display profile several times just to fit right in. The guy even removed (or archived) all his Instagram posts.

Random guy 1
Randomguy e1609360244400

His Followers had jumped from approximately 1200 to 2400 in a span of 20mins.

Social Media

People started trolling Apple on other social platforms for following this random Indian boy. Questions were raised as if this guy is related something to apple? or did apple just followed him by mistake?

Some sources assumed the apple Instagram account was hacked by this Indian guy. Well, that sounds fairly untrue keeping the Instagram security in mind and that too of accounts like apple.

Here are some recent updates of social media platforms:

Meme on apple follwed guy
Translated: Rebirth of SteveJobs?
Source: Instagram
Source: Twitter
Source: Reddit


After some bursts of posts on social platforms questioning apple’s act, Apple Finally Unfollowed this Indian boy from its account. The Questions still remain un-answered i.e. Who was this guy apple was following?… Did Apple followed the Indian guy intentionally or was the account hacked?

random apple guy
Last Known Username of Random Guy

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