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Everyone deserves a break from their real-time and again and delve into something enthralling and magical. The following article gives a detailed yet brief insight into the characters and storyline of the hottest supernatural series, The Vampire Diaries all Seasons.

The Vampire Diaries: Overview

The Vampire Diaries all seasons deals with every supernatural creature we could’ve heard of like Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Hybrids, Ghosts, Doppelgangers, Vampire Hunters, Travelers, Passengers, etc.

Many critics state that it’s just a show full of teen drama and handsome hunks showing off their chiseled abs, but it runs deeper than that – a story of friendship, love, loss, and sacrifice.

The Vampire Diaries, aired on The CW from 2009-2016 has 8 seasons and is set in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. You can stream all the seasons of the show on Netflix.

Lead Characters of The Vampire Diaries

  • Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
  • Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
  • Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
  • Caroline Forbes (Candice King)
  • Bonnie Bennet (Kat Graham)
  • Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig)
  • Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis)
  • Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino)
  • Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R McQueen)


The Vampire Diaries Season 1 beings just after Elena and her brother, Jeremy have lost their parents Grayson and Miranda Gilbert in an accident and are now in the custody of their Aunt Jenna. Elena soon falls for the new mysterious guy in school, Stefan Salvatore.

Bonnie Bennet, Elena’s best friend who is psychic soon discovers through a series of strange occurrences that she is a powerful witch. Stefan’s brother, Damon Salvatore soon comes to town to stir trouble and starts manipulating Caroline Forbes, daughter of the Sheriff.

The Vampire Diaries Season 1
The Vampire Diaries Season 1

Who was Vicki and how did she die?

Jeremy starts dating Vicki Donovan, sister of Matt Donovan (Elena’s ex) and who was at crossroads with Tyler Lockwood, son of Mayor Lockwood. Vicki is later turned into a vampire by Damon and killed by Stefan as she tries to hurt Elena.

Why did Alaric come to Mystic Falls?

Alaric Saltzman, the new history teacher and a vampire hunter comes to town for answers about his wife and vampires. He discovers that Damon turned his wife Isobel into a vampire on her wish, but later becomes one of Damon’s best friends. Alaric and Jenna soon start dating.

Who was Lexi?

On Stefan’s birthday, his best friend Lexi comes to celebrate. Lexi was the one who turned Stefan’s humanity on when he was a Ripper. She is killed by Damon to prove his loyalty to the Sheriff.

Stefan finds out Elena is the daughter of Isobel and John Gilbert (Grayson’s brother). Meanwhile, Elena discovers about Stefan and Damon being vampires and how they were turned by her doppelganger, Katherine Pierce – the woman they both loved.

Damon is convinced that Katherine is still alive and buried in a tomb so he enlists the help of bennet witches and opens the tomb only to find that Katherine is still alive and not in the tomb. But some ancient vampires escape the tomb led by Pearl and her daughter Anna. Anna and Jeremy start dating and he soon discovers vampires.

How did Anna die?

The Founder’s Council gets suspicious about vampires and sets up a Gilbert device to kill vampires on Founder’s day. All the vampires are saved except for Anna and Mayor Lockwood who die in the crossfire.


The Vampire Diaries Season 2 begins with the return of the beguiling Katherine. As revenge for the Salvatore brothers, she turns Caroline into a vampire. Tyler’s uncle Mason Lockwood comes to town in search of moonstone and Tyler soon discovers the werewolf curse that runs in his genes. Katherine claims to be still in love with Stefan and tries to break apart Stefan and Elena. Damon finds out that Mason is working for Katherine and kills him.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2
The Vampire Diaries Season 2

What happens at the Masquerade ball?

At Lockwood’s Masquerade ball, they plan to kill Katherine and Tyler accidently kills a girl in a fight compelled by Katherine and triggers his werewolf curse. With the help of Lucy Bennet (Bonnie’s cousin), Katherine is trapped in the tomb and the moonstone goes in the possession of Salvatore brothers.

Elena is kidnapped by a vampire Trevor and taken to Rose, the vampire who turned Katherine. They want to offer Elena in exchange for their freedom to an Original vampire, Elijah. Elijah refuses the offer and kills Trevor while Stefan and Damon come to Elena’s rescue.

Who were the Originals?

The Originals, also called The Mikaelsons were the first vampire family in the world turned a 1000 years ago by the spirits of nature who could only be killed by a White Oak Stake or could be temporarily sent to sleep with a special dagger dipped in white oak ash.

  • There were 5 Mikaelson siblings –
  • Elijah Mikaelson
  • Klaus Mikaelson
  • Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Kol Mikaelson
  • Finn Mikaelson

What was Katherine’s real name?

Elena digs into Katherine’s past and discovers that she was a Petrova doppelganger named Katerina Petrova. Katerina gave birth to a baby girl in 1940 but the baby was snatched away at birth by her father. Later, her family was killed by Klaus Mikaelson while she was running from him to save herself.

How did Rose die?

Jules, a werewolf friend of Mason Lockwood comes looking for him and gets into a rivalry with Damon. One night, she tries to attack Damon and ends up biting Rose instead. Due to no available cure for the bite, Rose dies the next day.

Why did Isobel kill herself?

Klaus Mikaelson comes to town and kidnaps Alaric to take over his body and captures Katherine with the help of Isobel. After this, Isobel kills herself in front of Elena for being a disappointing mother.

What was Klaus Mikaelson’s curse?

Elijah meets Elena to tell her about Klaus’ history and his curse. Klaus was the child of a werewolf as a result of her mother’s affair. As a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, his mother cursed his werewolf side to be dormant which could only be reversed by sacrificing a doppelganger, a vampire, a werewolf, and using the moonstone.

What happens at Klaus’ ritual?

To safeguard Elena from dying, Damon forcefully feeds her his vampire blood. Later, Bonnie binds Elena and John’s souls to save her. Klaus kidnaps Jenna and turns her into a vampire.

At the ritual, he kills Jenna and Jules and drains Elena of her blood. Bonnie weakens Klaus and Elijah comes to kill him for killing their family but Klaus tells Elijah their family is safe and with him. Hence, Elijah flees taking Klaus. John dies after Elena comes to life.

While fighting with the werewolves Damon was bitten by a werewolf and Stefan goes to Klaus for help. Klaus being the original hybrid, his blood was the only werewolf bite cure. He offers it to Stefan in exchange for leaving the town and going with him on a Ripper Rampage. Katherine gives Damon the blood and manages to escape. Elena goes to Damon and kisses him after he confesses his love for her.


The Vampire Diaries Season 3 starts with Elena’s 18th birthday. Stefan is with Klaus hunting werewolves to make more hybrids.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3
The Vampire Diaries Season 3

Why was Jeremy able to see Ghosts?

In the last season when Jeremy died, Bonnie begged her witch ancestors to bring him back despite of the consequences that would occur. Jeremy came back to life but starting seeing the ghosts of Vicki and Anna as a result of going against nature.

When did Stefan and Klaus meet for the first time?

On their Ripper Rampage, Klaus takes Stefan to Chicago where they had first met in the 1920s when Stefan was a ripper. He dated the Mikaelson sister Rebekah at that time. But Klaus and Rebekah had to leave as their father Mikael was hunting them, so he compelled Stefan to forget him.

How did Tyler become a Hybrid?

Klaus finds out that to make more hybrids he needs Elena’s blood so he comes back to Mystic Falls along with Stefan and Rebekah. He turns Tyler into a vampire and forcefully feeds him Elena’s blood thus making him a hybrid. Tyler becomes sired to Klaus.

Why were the Mikaelsons turned into vampires?

In the beginning, the family was neighbors to werewolves. One night, their brother Henrik snuck out to see wolves changing and got killed by one. Mikael, father of the siblings forced their mother Esther, the Original Witch to turn them into immortal vampires.

How did Mikael die?

Katherine awakened Mikael, the vampire who killed vampires to kill Klaus. On Homecoming night, Damon teams up with Mikael to kill Klaus. But as Damon was going to stab Klaus with the white oak stake, Stefan stops him and Klaus kills Mikael with the stake. Stefan gains freedom from his compulsion of Klaus.

As revenge for Klaus, Stefan steals the coffins housing the Original siblings. Damon pulls the dagger out of Elijah who awakens his other siblings Rebekah, Kol, and Finn. Bonnie with the help of her mother Abby, opens the secret coffin and wakes up Esther, mother of the Mikaelsons.

What was Esther’s plan to kill her children?

Esther thought her children were an abomination and wanted to reverse the mistake she had made by killing them. She linked the siblings’ lives as one and convinced Finn to sacrifice himself to kill them all. She was about to perform the ritual with the help of Bonnie and her mother Abby. Klaus and Damon reach the ritual and turn Abby into a vampire thus ending the ritual.

How did Finn die?

Sage, an ancient vampire comes to town in search of her one true love – Finn Mikaelson. When Rebekah finds out that the last of the white oak is used in making of Wickery bridge, Sage helps her to destroy the wood. But Damon gets his hands on some remaining white oak and shapes it into stakes. He stakes Finn with the stake who dies alone as the remaining siblings were unlinked by then.

How did Alaric become an Original Vampire Hunter?

After Alaric’s alter ego takes over his original self due to the Gilbert ring, Esther uses the opportunity and turns him by giving him the doppelganger’s blood and making the last white oak stake his ultimate weapon by using the ring’s immortality. Alaric refuses to complete his transition but Esther compels bonnie to give him her blood.

How did Elena become a Vampire?

After Alaric kills Klaus’ body (which Bonnie had reincarnated in Tyler so that her friends would not die), Rebekah wants revenge on Elena for her brother’s death. As Matt was taking Elena away from town to keep her safe, she appears in front of the car and it drowns in the river. Stefan comes to rescue them but Elena tells him to save Matt first and later Elena is found dead. But she had vampire blood in her system to heal her so she wakes up as a Vampire.


The Vampire Diaries Season 4 starts with Elena coping with her vampirism with the help of the Salvatore brothers. The major plot twist in this season is that Elena’s feelings for Damon magnify after being a vampire and Stefan and Elena split up.  A new vampire hunter named Connor Jordon comes to town, who is a member of ‘The Five’.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4
The Vampire Diaries Season 4

Who were The Five?

They were the legendary vampire hunters turned so by a witch. They had a hunter’s mark on their body which kept growing with every vampire they killed. When the mark was complete, it showed a map to the ultimate cure for vampirism.

Rebekah fell in love with the leader of The Five and when he daggered them all, Klaus killed all the hunters except Connor.

How did Elena get rid of the Vampire Hunter Curse?

Jeremy was the only one who could see Connor’s mark as he was a potential hunter.

After Elena killed Connor, she started having hallucinations about killing herself. To free her of this curse, Jeremy decided to complete the transition and become the next vampire hunter by killing a vampire.

Why did Shane want to raise Silas?

Shane, an Occult studies professor at Whitmore wanted to raise Silas as Silas would resurrect all those who died on his behalf and Shane wanted to bring back his dead wife and child.

Who killed Kol Mikaelson?

As Kol didn’t want Silas to raise and give up his immortality, he was hell bent on killing Jeremy to stop him from completing his mark. However, Jeremy had the white oak stake and killed Kol when he attacked him, thus completing his Hunter’s mark.

How did Jeremy die?

After raising Silas, Katherine who was disguised as Elena stole the cure to offer it to Klaus in exchange for her freedom and ran away. Silas caught hold of Jeremy and drained him of his blood later breaking his neck and killing him.

Why did Silas want to destroy the ‘Other Side’?

The ‘Other Side’ was a place every supernatural being went after they died.Silas wanted to lift the veil and destroy the other side after which he would die and won’t be trapped thus reuniting with his true love who was a dead mortal.

Why did The Originals leave Mystic Falls?

Klaus visits his hometown New Orleans and finds that Hayley, a werewolf is pregnant with his child.

The witches of the town use Hayley to force Klaus to take down Marcel, ruler of New Orleans. So, Klaus and Elijah decide to claim back the town they once built.

How did Bonnie die?

After the ghosts run free in the town, Bonnie closes the veil but tries to bring back Jeremy and thus she dies herself.

At the end of the season, Katherine tries to kill Elena and to save herself, Elena shoves the cure in Katherine’s mouth.

Stefan goes to dump Silas’ body and finds out that he is Silas’ doppelganger. Silas locks Stefan in a trunk and drowns him in the river.


In The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Elena and Caroline start their college life at Whitmore College while Stefan is still missing.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5
The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Who was Qetsiyah?

Qetsiyah was the one who rescued Stefan from the river to use him for revenge against Silas.

Qetsiyah was to marry Silas 1000 years ago and had made the immortality spell for him. But Silas betrayed her and used the spell for her true love Amara, Qetsiyah’s handmaid.

Who was Nadia?

Nadia and Matt met on a trip where Nadia found Katherine’s whereabouts. Nadia finds Katherine and tells her that she is her daughter who was taken away at birth and had spent years searching for her.

How did Bonnie become the anchor?

Amara, the original Petrova doppelganger was made the anchor by Qetsiyah out of vengeance. But Amara wanted to kill herself so Qetsiyah with the blood of 3 doppelgangers made Bonnie the anchor and brought her back to life.

An anchor is someone from whom every dead supernatural being passes to go to the other side.

How did Damon and Enzo meet?

In 1953, Damon was captured by Dr. Whitmore who conducted vile experiments on vampires. There he met Enzo St. John, a fellow abducted vampire. Both of them formulated a plan to escape but Damon left Enzo behind to save himself.

How did Nadia and Katherine die?

After being bitten by Tyler, Nadia slowly dies as there was no cure for a werewolf bite.

Being a Traveler, Katherine takes over Elena’s body when her body dies. But after everyone figures this out, Stefan stabs her with the passenger knife and she dies permanently and goes to hell instead of the other side.

Who was Markos?

Markos was the leader of the Travelers who wanted to remove all magic from Mystic Falls thus killing all supernatural beings. He used the blood of Stefan and Elena, the last remaining doppelgangers to perform the spell.

How did Damon die?

To kill all the Travelers, Damon and Elena cause an accident thus dying themselves in it.

With the help of a witch, Bonnie being the anchor brings back all her dead friends but Damon couldn’t pass through as the spell stops and Bonnie dies with the pressure of so many people passing through her.

With the Other Side falling apart, Damon and Bonnie are sucked into a white bright light.


After Damon’s death, Stefan starts his life as a mechanic in a new city after many failed attempts to bring his brother back. Alaric joins as a professor at Whitmore and Elena unable to deal with Damon’s death, makes Alaric compel her to forget that she ever loved him.

Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie are in a time loop and there is someone else with them named Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries Season 6

The Vampire Diaries Season 6
The Vampire Diaries Season 6

How did Damon return?

After Kai teaches Bonnie to do the spell to go back, he tries to kill Damon and Bonnie and go back himself but Bonnie fights him and sends Damon back while she’s still stuck.

Who was Kai Parker?

Kai was a Siphoner who didn’t have any magic of his own and he was born in the Gemini coven. He was Jo’s twin and he tried to kill his siblings Liv and Luke so that he and Jo would merge and become leader of the coven. Hence due to his psychotic behavior, he was banished to a time loop.

He uses Bonnie’s blood and escapes from the time loop to kill his siblings and completes the merge with Luke.

Who was Lily?

Lily was Stefan and Damon’s mother who was banished by the Gemini coven in 1903 prison world for faking her own death and going on a killing spree.

She was also the one who saved Enzo from dying by turning him into a vampire. After Bonnie finds her in the prison world, Damon brings her back.

How did Elena become human again?

After Bonnie returns from the prison world, she brings back the cure which was still intact at that time loop. Elena takes the cure and is human again.

What happens at Alaric and Jo’s wedding?

Just after Alaric and Jo exchanged vows, Kai stabs Jo killing her and her twins. Kai casts a spell that links Bonnie and Elena’s lives together. Elena goes into a deep sleep and could only wake up after Bonnie dies, so Elena is sealed in a coffin and Damon kills Kai.


In The Vampire Diaries Season 7 With Elena gone, this season focuses on the Salvatore brothers giving them full-screen time. The town faces a new threat – The Heretics who returned from Lily’s prison world with the help of Kai in last season. Stefan and Caroline vacate the town to safeguard everyone from Heretics.

The Vampire Diaries Season 7
The Vampire Diaries Season 7

Who were the Heretics?

Before Lily was banished to the prison world, she along with her lover Julian gave shelter to a group of outcasted Siphoners. One of them killed herself but had vampire blood in her system so she was reborn as a Heretic – witch and vampire hybrid.

The season focuses on 4 main Heretics – Valerie, Nora, Mary Louise, Beau.

How did Stefan and Valerie meet?

Before Stefan was turned into a vampire, he met Valerie at a town event and both instantly fell in love and slept together.

But Valerie had to leave and she later found that she was pregnant with Stefan’s child. She was ready to run away with Stefan but was stopped by Julian who also killed her child.

What was the Phoenix Stone?

The Phoenix Stone when combined with the Phoenix sword, killed vampires and sent their souls into the stone forever where they were tortured.

Souls could also be brought back with a spell by placing the stone on the dead body.

How did Caroline get pregnant?

Before Jo died at her wedding, the Gemini coven cast a spell and transferred her twins to Caroline as she was a vampire and the babies would be safe within her.

As Valerie was a part of the Gemini coven, she understood the spell and also uncloaked the twins. Alaric names the twin girls Josie and Lizzie in honor of their mother Josette and Caroline’s mother Elizabeth.

Who was Rayna Cruz?

Rayna Cruz was the daughter of one of the original vampire hunter ‘The Five’. She was compelled by Julian to kill her own father and later got possessed by revenge.

Rayna was blessed with the life of 8 shamans who sacrificed themselves, thus making her immortal. She was given the Phoenix stone and sword as a weapon to kill vampires.

Rayna Cruz marked her victims with an ‘X’ mark with the sword and was magically connected to them and was able to track them until she killed them.

What was The Armory?

The Armory was an ancient museum which held magical creatures, artifacts and experimented with them.

The owner of the Armory, Alexandria was related to Enzo. She had a sister who was trapped in a vault years ago which housed a dangerous monster. The vault was sealed by a Bennet witch so she forced Bonnie to open it but Bonnie sealed the Armory thus trapping the monster inside.

After Rayna Cruz gave her last life to Bonnie, who was infected by the pills to hide her magic, Bonnie returned but with a vampire hunter instinct.

So, Damon had to go to the Armory to break the link between Bonnie and the last Shaman. There he was caught by the monster and when Enzo went to look for him, he was trapped too and they were locked in the vault.


In The Vampire Diaries Season 8, Damon and Enzo are on a killing spree as per the wish of the monster. Caroline hires a new nanny for the twins named Seline. Bonnie and Alaric find an ancient Greek story which resembled the situation of Damon and Enzo, and figure out that the monster is a Siren.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8
The Vampire Diaries Season 8

What are Sirens?

Sirens, also called ‘The messengers of the Devil’ sing songs to mind-control their victims and lure them to their death.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 deals with two Sirens named Sybil and Seline.

Who was Cade?

Arcadius Cade was a man with psychic abilities who wanted to do good for his fellow people. But the people got frightened of his abilities and burned him.

While dying, he created a new dimension with his powers where his soul went. The new dimension was later named Hell.

Sybil and Seline were abandoned from their village for their psychic abilities just like Cade. So, Cade offered them the gift of immortality in exchange of delivering evil souls to him.

How did Tyler die?

After Damon had turned his humanity off to work for Sybil, he came across Tyler who was coming back to town. Tyler tried to convince Damon to turn his humanity on but Damon killed him instead.

How did Stefan and Damon become servants of Cade?

Seline kidnapped the twins to offer them as servants to Cade and free her and Sybil. But Sybil comes up with another plan and offers the Salvatore brothers to Cade instead of the twins.

Cade chooses Stefan and Damon and kills Sybil and Seline by burning them.

How did Enzo die?

Caroline and Damon plan to give Cade the cure so they can kill him. Enzo and Bonnie go to her safe house where she had stored Elena’s coffin.

Stefan who had turned off his humanity was on his way to kill Elena as per Cade’s deal. Stefan found Enzo outside the outside and ripped out his heart. Bonnie then injects Stefan with the cure.

How did Cade die?

After Damon offers himself up to Cade to free Stefan, Bonnie intervenes and starts a psychic battle with Cade. At that moment, Stefan arrives and kills Cade with the dagger.

Later they learn that as Cade is dead, the new ruler of hell is Katherine who was also controlling Cade since the moment she died and wanted Stefan’s soul to be in hell with her.

How did Stefan die?

On the night Stefan and Caroline get married, Katherine returns and wants to release hellfire on Mystic Falls, Bonnie comes up with a plan to reverse hellfire and destroy Katherine but says that Katherine should be in hell at that time.

As Katherine could leave hell anytime, someone had to die with her to ensure she stays in hell after being daggered. Damon decides to die and compels Stefan to leave but Stefan was on vervain. So he injected Damon with the cure and sacrificed himself along with Katherine.


  • Stefan finds Lexi in his afterlife and goes to peace.
  • Bonnie finds a spell to wake up Elena and Damon and Elena get married later.
  • Alaric and Caroline turn the Salvatore Boarding House into a school for supernaturally challenged children as it was Stefan’s last wish.
  • Matt gets a bench named in his honor and decides to run for Mayor.
  • After many years when Damon and Elena die, both of them find peace as Elena reunites with her family and Damon reunites with Stefan at the Salvatore house.

The Vampire Diaries SEASON 9

There are many rumors off late about The Vampire Diaries renewing for a new season which gives a further peak into the characters’ lives after Stefan died, but Julie Plec confirmed that the writers are happy with the ending and won’t be renewing the show.

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