7 Best Selling Bluetooth Speakers To Buy From Amazon in 2021!

Best Bluetooth Speakers

Hola Readers! If you are planning to buy a new Bluetooth speaker to cherish your small group gatherings then you are at the right place. The list consists of Best Bluetooth Speakers to buy in 2021.

The list is based on my personal opinions and what I would like as a consumer. So, without wasting time let’s jump right into it.

But first of all, here are some points that you need to keep in mind before buying a Bluetooth Speaker. First is the audio output power of the speaker. This is denoted by W (watt).

If you are going for a budget Bluetooth speaker then the audio output must be at least 10W, if you want decent loudness in an open area. And also you should check if the sound gets distorted at high volume.

How many drivers are there in your Speaker?

Check how many channels/drivers are there in your Bluetooth Speaker. Drivers are used to playing sounds of different frequencies separately at the same time. This gives you better Audio output. Thus more the drivers, the better is the sound quality.

Also, check if your speaker has a Bass driver or not. If you buy a cheap Bluetooth Speaker then many times they lack a Bass driver and ruins your experience.

what affects Bluetooth connectivity?

Do check the Bluetooth version of the Speaker you are buying. The higher the number of the Bluetooth version the better connectivity you get. Bluetooth version 4 supports 10 meters of range. Whereas Bluetooth v5 supports 40 meters of range. Also, you can connect to multiple devices.

If your speaker also has an AUX input port then it’s a cherry on the Cake. Playing through AUX would drain less battery as compared to Bluetooth. For the Charging port, I would recommend C-type as it supports fast charging and supports reverse compatibility.  

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Mivi Roam 2

  • 5W speaker
  • Powerful Bass
  • Bluetooth v5.0
  • IPX7 rated
  • In-Built Mic with Voice Assistance

Mivi Roam 2 Wireless Bluetooth is a portable speaker of compact size. It is easy to carry. Even this small size provides around 20-22 hours of Playback time. The sound quality is pretty good.

Mivi Roam 2

The body is made out of Aircraft-grade Aluminum and the sides are rubberized. The built quality is amazing and feels rugged. Mivi claims the Roam 2 is Drop-proof, Dust-proof, and Waterproof.

If you buy two then you can connect both and they will act as stereo speakers. At this price, it is an amazing feature. The sound quality is good considering the size and the price. The bass is also good.

Infinity Fuze 100 (By JBL)

  • 4W speaker
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Dual Equalizer
  • in-built Mic
  • Dual Connect
  • IPX7 rated

The Infinity Fuze is small in size with a 4W speaker. The Dual EQ feature by Infinity lets you hear music with deep bass. At full charging, it gives around 8-9 hours of Playback time.

Infinity Fuze 100 (By JBL)

IPX7 certification makes it Water and Dustproof. It’s light in weight, so it won’t be a hassle to carry it. The built-in Mic lets you connect to Google Assistant/Siri. Also, you can make calls from it.

The dual connect feature lets you pair with another Fuze 100. The built quality is up to mark. Feels durable and rugged in hands. If you don’t know about Infinity, it’s a sub-brand of JBL. So quality won’t be compromised.

boAt Stone 650

  • 10W speaker
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • IPX5 rated
  • Built-in Mic

Boat Stone 650 is a powerful speaker with a noticeable size. It’s not that small in size due to its big 10W speakers. These heavy speakers produce punchy Bass. With a 1800mAh battery capacity, it takes up to 3 hours to charge fully and gives a playback time of around 7 hours.

boat stone 650

IPX5 rating makes it Water and Dust resistant. The extra AUX port and SD card slot are great features. With the built-in mic, you can have called on the speaker itself. Built quality is average but the Sound quality is mind-blowing.

With 10 watts of output, it plays audio clearly in an open area. If you want a loudspeaker at a low cost then trust me this is the one you must consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker in 2021.

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Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

  • 16W speaker
  • Dual EQ modes
  • Built-in Mic
  • Stereo Speaker
  • IPX7 rated
  • Bluetooth v5.0

The Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with two 8 watt speakers which deliver high-quality sound in multiple directions. The Dual EQ modes let you play music with normal and deep bass modes. The speaker supports stereo sound which gives you the effect of surround sound.

IPX7 rating makes it Water and Dustproof. It can stay immersed in water for 30 minutes up to 1meter in depth. So now enjoy your pool parties without any worries.

Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

With 2600mAh battery capacity, you can get up to 12 hours of playback time. The Mi Portable speaker comes with a type-C charging port that lets you charge it quickly.

Bluetooth v5.0 lets you stay connected to the speaker up to 40 meters. Bluetooth v5 is more stable than the previous versions. With the built-in microphone, you can have one button hands-free calls and voice assistant support.

The built quality feels sturdy and bold. The design is amazing and feels premium. With the Anti-slip pads, it stays tough on smooth surfaces which really enhances your experience.

For this price range, it is the best Bluetooth speaker available in the market with the latest tech packed inside. Trust me you will recommend the Mi Portable speaker to everyone around you once you use it. This product provides the best value for money. And as a consumer, I am satisfied with the quality that I got.

JBL Charge 3

  • 20W speaker
  • 6000mAh battery
  • IPX7 rated
  • JBL Bass Radiator
  • Built-in Mic
  • Bluetooth v3.0

The JBL Charge 3 is really made for outdoor use. With 20W speakers, the device produces loud sounds in open space. As we all know JBL is a well-known brand in the Audio industry, so the expected sound quality is Amazing and produces premium bass.

IPX7 rating makes it Dust and Waterproof. The body is covered with durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing. The built quality feels up to mark as it comes in the premium price range.

JBL Charge 3

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect with two devices at the same time. Even with such a big battery capacity, it weighs 799grams only. The JBL Charge 3 comes with a built-in noise and echo-canceling speakerphone which gives you crystal clear call quality with just a press of a button.

JBL Bass Radiator technology inside the speaker produces cinema level bass and takes your experience to the next level. Definitely, you are getting what you are paying for. The premium experience justifies the premium price.

Tribit XSound Go

  • 12W speaker
  • IPX5 rating
  • Built-in mic
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • 20 hours of Playback time

Tribit XSound Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker in a compact size. It comes with a sleek design. The built quality is average but the sound produced is good. The sound gets a little bit distorted at highs but mids & lows are great.

Tribit XSound Go

Dual high-performance drivers, passive radiators pump out crystal clear mids and deep bass. The battery life is excellent at this price. The speaker will get you through 20 hours of continuous playback.

The speaker comes with a tear-resistant strap which comes in handy while using outdoors. IPX5 rating gives you water and dust proofing. With a weight of just 390 grams, it is easy to carry anywhere. Also, a 12W speaker will give decent loudness in open areas. For this price, I can’t complain. Overall experience is good and won’t let your expectations fall.

UE Megaboom 3

  • 12W speaker
  • 20 hours of playback time
  • 360 degree Sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Connect over 150 speakers

Megaboom 3 provides powerful, immersive sound. The 12W speaker is cylindrical design delivers stereophonic 360 degrees sound. The intense bass woofer provides deep bass.

The built quality as the price suggests is premium grade. The outer body of Megaboom 3 is covered in 2 tone fabrics. The Megaboom 3 gives 18 hours of playback time.

UE Megaboom 3

With an IP67 rating, the speaker is water and dustproof. The Megaboom 3 is designed to float on the water surface. Not 2, 3, 4,…… you can connect over 150 speakers and create cinema level surround sound effect.

The premium sound quality justifies the premium price of the speaker. The Boom and Megaboom app bring several useful features. With the help of the app, you can pick a playlist and assign it a magic button. Once assigned you can press the button for 3 seconds to start the playback. 

I think the price is in the upper price band but the experience was so admirable that it was worth paying the higher price.

All the Bluetooth speakers mentioned above are good and provide value for money according to me. I am not saying these are the only ones that are good. Do let us know your favorite ones in the comment below!

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which is the best Bluetooth speaker?

Here are some names of the best Bluetooth speakers:-
1)Mivi Roam 2
2)boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker(Black)
)Infinity Fuze 100 (By JBL)
)JBL Charge 3
5)Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

What is the difference between a wireless speaker and a Bluetooth speaker?

WiFi speakers connect to your home network; they usually run on AC power, so they require an outlet. Bluetooth speakers are paired directly with a device like a phone or a laptop.

What is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker?

1)Tribit XSound Go
2)Mivi ROAM 2
)boAt Stone 200
)boAt Stone SpinX 2.0
)Infinity JBL Fuze Pint
This is some best affordable Bluetooth speaker with good specifications at their individual price range

Which speaker has the best sound quality?

If you really want the best sound quality you should either go with Bose or JBL. Both speakers sound extremely good. Both of them provide good bass. But I would like to say that Bose speakers are much premium in quality and also a bit more expensive than JBL speakers.

How to pick the best Bluetooth Speaker?

Here are some points which should be consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker.
Good Battery Life
Good Audio Quality
Quick Connectivity
Audio Power
Weight & Size

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