Xiaomi Mi TV Box vs Fire TV Stick: Features, Pricing, and Much More!

Amazon FireTv Stick vs Mi Tv Box

Many of us don’t have Smart TVs at our home but wouldn’t you like to watch Netflix dramas and Amazon prime shows on your old TV? Guys, I am not kidding, it is possible! We can convert our regular LCD/LED TVs to Smart TVs using media streaming devices such as Amazon Fire tv Stick and Mi TV Box. So. here’s the comparison of Mi TV Box vs Fire TV Stick, one the basis of features and pricing.

Be it Amazon Fire TV stick or Mi TV box, these Smart devices can be used in both types – smart or non – smart TVs. Smart TV users will have access to more applications as Smart TV are packed up with limited apps. Apart from the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Mi TV box, there are several other media streaming devices are available such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku TV, and many more.

To start with, I would like to give you an overall comparison of both the items in the following table.

Criteria Amazon Fire TV Stick Mi TV Box
CriteriaDescription Amazon Fire TV StickA miniature designed system takes all your commands and gives you a platter of entertainment to choose from. This stick will make your TV smart and will hide behind the tv and have all things done. Mi TV BoxA box fitting to every pocket that provides an ordinary TV with a smart system to run with. Its peculiar support for TV has its benefits. A friendly remote keeps your smart life going with acceleration.
CriteriaOperating System Amazon Fire TV StickFire OS 6 (Nougat) Mi TV BoxAndroid TV 9 (Pie)
CriteriaProcessors Amazon Fire TV StickMediaTek Quad-Core 1.3GHz Mi TV BoxCortex-A53 Quad-Core 2.0GHz
CriteriaRAM Amazon Fire TV Stick1 GB Mi TV Box2 GB
CriteriaStorage Amazon Fire TV Stick8 GB Mi TV Box8 GB
CriteriaWi-Fi Amazon Fire TV Stick2.4GHz / 5 GHz Mi TV Box2.4GHz / 5 GHz
CriteriaSmart Assistant Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Alexa Mi TV BoxGoogle Home
CriteriaBluetooth Amazon Fire TV Stick4.1 Mi TV Box4.2
CriteriaBluetooth Voice Remote Amazon Fire TV StickAvailable Mi TV BoxAvailable
CriteriaPorts on Device Amazon Fire TV StickHDMI, micro USB, Power interface Mi TV BoxHDMI, USB, Audio out, Power interface
CriteriaCasting Amazon Fire TV StickMira cast Mi TV BoxChrome cast
CriteriaHDR Amazon Fire TV StickDolby Vision, HDR 10 Mi TV BoxHDR 10
CriteriaAudio Amazon Fire TV StickDolby Atmos Mi TV BoxDolby
Criteria4K Amazon Fire TV StickAvailable Mi TV BoxAvailable
CriteriaSmart Device Control Amazon Fire TV StickAvailable Mi TV BoxAvailable
CriteriaPrice Amazon Fire TV StickINR 5,999/- Mi TV BoxINR 3,499/-

Moving forward, I have much more to tell you about these two products than these stats that will help you to have a better choice.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box Design: Looks Do Matter!

Amazon Fire Tv stick has a dongle-like design with 2 ports. I will always be hidden behind your TV. It can be plugged into any TV or monitor through an HDMI port. If you have an HDMI port on your PC then voila! The PC can be your streaming device too.

Mi Box 4K has a mini set-top box design that can ideally be placed in front of your TV on a table. You can also have it fixed behind your TV instead of wires all over. The remote will work as-is since it works with Bluetooth connectivity.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: How to Set up the Device?

For Fire TV Stick: Plugin the stick into your TV’s HDMI port and provide it with power through its micro USB port. The other end of the USB can be connected to the TV or its adapter for power. Switch on the TV and change your source to HDMI to set up the device.

For Box 4K: It comes with an HDMI cable that has HDMI on both its ends. One end of the end will be inserted into the TV and the other will go in the Mi Box 4K.  For power, there is an adapter that is included in the packing. Switch on the TV and wait for the magic to happen.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Remote Control Design

Remotes of both these devices are similar in design i.e. power button at the top, then comes voice search button, ‘ok’ button in the center surrounded by four arrow keys, a home button, a back button, and volume buttons.  Mi Box’s remote has direct buttons for Netflix and Prime video apps. Fire TV sticks’ remote comes with rewind, forward, play/pause, and mute buttons and Mi Box remote lacks these. Play/pause, rewind, and forward buttons are very handy when it comes to video or movie play making it easy for you to control.

Amazon fire tv stick remote

Both the remotes come with built-in voice assistants which can be activated by pressing the button on your remote and speaking out what you are searching for to the remote. Then it will navigate the contents on your TV screen and provide relative results for what you asked. Fire TV Stick’s Alexa as an assistant is much more responsive than Google Assistant on Mi Box’s.

Mi Tv Box Remote

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: The Resolution Battle

Mi Box 4K as the name suggests supports up to 4K resolution that has stunning results. However, Amazon Fire TV Stick supports 4K, Dolby Vision and HD 1080p, a better version of resolution which may be updated in Mi Box 4K.

To have access to what the Fire TV stick provides one must have a TV supporting these resolutions, otherwise you won’t be able to experience the amazement.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Picture Quality

This is a vital technicality to discuss as viewing is most of what you will experience. Both of these devices have almost the same viewing as both of them support 4K resolutions. Still, the Fire TV stick would stand out as it has Dolby Vision. For this, you will need the TV and video both supporting this resolution. Other than this there is a tapered difference between these devices.

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Amazon fire tv stick

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box User Experience

Fire TV Stick just feels like child’s play. Its navigation and switching between apps are very smooth and user-friendly. Its animation is pleasant too and doesn’t lag at all. Though it has 1 GB RAM, Fire TV Sticks works better than MI Box that comes with 2 GB RAM.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Screen Casting/Mirroring

Amazon Fire TV Stick is propped up with MiraCast that supports screen mirroring. It is like watching what exactly is happening on your mobile screen with Wi-Fi support. Every app that you switch between is seen on the TV. And that’s what I feel is a drawback! It is obvious as no one will be comfortable watching your mobile mirrored where your privacy is risked but the screening does not fall back. Moreover, this can be done only with Android phones leaving iOS phones not compatible with this feature. (Good for you iOS users!)

On the other hand, Mi Box 4K has a Chrome cast that does not mirror your contents – instead, it pulls out the content directly from the internet and uses your mobile phone merely as a remote control. Leaving all the privacy issues behind. It will give you lagging issues but those are negligible. And eventually mirroring wouldn’t be a good option keeping in mind the user-friendly switching among apps.

Mi Tv Box

Amazon FireTV Stick App Store vs Mi Box Play Store

This pair of devices support plenty of applications to keep you entertained all the time. Mi Box 4K has the official Play Store access which opens doors to all the apps available and compatible with the TV. Another way around Fire TV stick has Amazon App Store that may have a few fewer apps which will not make even a sizeable difference.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Youtube, Voot select, MX player, Eros now, and many more popular apps are available on both these streaming devices. Furthermore, if you are a Prime Video fan, you just have to buy the Fire TV stick as there are no chances of lagging and you will have seamless streaming. Mi Box will get onto your nerves in this case.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Gaming Options

There are several games that you can play on both devices as they have a very vast collection of games considering Play Store on Mi Box 4K and Amazon App Store on Fire TV Stick. Playing games with a remote may be uncomfortable so, you can have your Bluetooth controller connected for certain games – although there will be a few games that will demand the Bluetooth controller to play with. Any controller with Bluetooth connectivity will be compatible, be it from red Gear or Xbox. You may face problems with heavy games like Asphalt versions as the OS won’t be able to run for longer with this kind of heavy usage.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Connectivity Ports

There are no ports available in the Fire TV stick other than HDMI and power jack, while the Mi Box 4K has an extra port for USB through which we can play our saved movies from our pendrives. It also has a 3.5 mm audio jack to connect speakers through wires if not using a Bluetooth speaker.

FireTV Stick vs Mi Box: Which One to Consider? 🤔

Mi Box is no doubt a cheaper one to go for with INR 3,499/– as it includes a 4K vision, USB port, Audio jack, and a higher number of apps from the Play Store.

But if you cannot compromise on picture quality and resolution of Dolby atmos, plus audio experience of fantastic Dolby Atmos and can compromise a USB port then without any doubt Amazon Fire TV stick is perfect for you

So, now the decision is all yours as to which streaming device will have your living room stand out. You have all the tech details, now you are just an order away.

Also, Do let me know in the comments which device you liked the most! Anyways Wish you Happy Streaming 😉

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FireTV Stick vs Mi Box FAQ

How do you turn a normal TV into a smart TV?

To covert your normal TV into a smart TV you will need a smart media device like amazon Fire TV stick, Mi Stick or Apple TV Stick. One of these devices has to be connected to your TV via HDMI cable. If your TV does not have HDMI port you can use HDMI – to – RCA adapter that goes into red, yellow and white cables on the back of your TV. And now you are ready to go!

Should I Buy a 4K fire stick?

Fire TV Stick is the one you should be looking for when it comes to smart TV upgrade. It converts your TV to 4K HDR TV and gives you basic controls on a single remote of Fire TV stick like play/pause, volume buttons and power so you won’t be needing a second remote. With exciting games, loads of streaming apps, and smooth interface you will love this Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is the best TV stick you know?

When it comes to me, I would surely go with amazon Fire TV stick as it has amazing sound of Dolby atmos, 4K HDR resolution as well as Dolby vision. Gaming is better with Amazon app store which includes games that can be played with remote and your bluetooth console. It is worth the price when it comes to its features.

Which is better Amazon Fire Stick or MI box?

On the basis of the comparison given above, Both the sticks are good for making a TV smart. When it comes to better viewing, sound, interface, and gaming options Amamzn Fire TV stick wins. Mi Box has edge over Amazon Fire TV Stick only in terms of price.

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