5 Best Isekai Anime You Cannot Afford to Miss!


Konnichiwa! I am back with another Anime list hoping you would have completed others that I have recommended before and you must be bore thinking what to watch next. After writing a list of Rom-Com this time I am sharing a list of my favorite isekai anime.

So, first of all, for those who don’t know what isekai anime is, isekai means “Another world” or “Different world” in Japanese. So isekai animes are animes in which the main character or characters get transported or reborn or somehow moves to a different world.

In simpler words, the main character just gets transported to another world due to some strange reason or he was summoned there or something like that. Isekai animes are generally short and quite fun to watch and mostly belong to the action-adventure genre. Without wasting any more time here is the list of my fav isekai animes.

Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious



Starting off the list with an action-adventure yet comedy isekai anime. Cautious Hero: the hero is overpowered but overly Cautious is a really short isekai anime consisting of only a season of 12 episodes.

The story starts when a job was given to a goddess name Rista to save a world with S rank difficulty and she summons a hero to do so. The Hero, Seiya is exceptional in every way, but there was another attribute of him that Rista missed reading before she summoned him.

The hero is incredibly cautious or you may call it overly cautious. He does things like buying three sets of armor one to wear, one for spare, and a spare for the spare. He would go full power against slimes just in case to be sure. What makes this isekai anime worth watching is the twist that you came to know after watching the anime.

Cautious Hero: This Hero is Overly Cautious - Seiya throws Ristarte

Cautious Hero Light Novel & Cautious Hero Manga

Cautious hero light novel consists of 7 volumes which cover 3 out of 4 arcs from the web novel. 8th volume is not out yet nor it has been announced but is expected to continue the 4th arc from the web novel. The author of the light novel is Light Tuchihi and the illustrator is Saori Toyota.

The story was first released in summer 2016 as cautious hero web novel which was self-published on Kodakawa’s site Kakuyomu. Starting from February 2017 Kodakawa began releasing the cautious hero light novel. By time anime completed airing in japan i.e., dec 10, 2019 7 volumes of light novel were out.

 Artist Koyuki has been working along with author Light for creating manga adaption since November 2018. Manga is already up to volume 2 and new chapters comes out on monthly basis via Monthly Dragon Age Magazine. Yen Press has licensed the English publishing rights for both manga and light novel.

Cautious Hero Characters ( Cautious Hero Voice Actors)

  • Seiya Ryuuguuin (Anthony Bowling)
  • Ristarte (Jamie Marchie)
  • Mash (Chris Thurman)
  • Elulu (Sarah Wiedenheft)
  • Ariadoa (Marissa Lenti)
  • Cerceus (Chris Rager)
  • Adenela (Alexis Tipton)
  • Valkyrie (Katelyn Barr)
  • Rosalie Roseguard (Madeleine Morris)
  • Wohlks Roseguard (Sonny Franks)


IMDB: 7.4/10




Continuing the list with another action-adventure isekai anime with a little bit of comedy. This anime consists of 2 seasons, each having 25 episodes.

Story starts when Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store, and gets dropped into a fantasy world. Just like that nothing happened to him he was walking and suddenly found himself in a different world.

Not long after his arrival, he is attacked by a group of thugs. All he has to his defence is a bag of groceries and a cell phone which is useless now as he is not in his original world. Fortunately, he is saved by a mysterious beauty named Satella, who was in hot pursuit after the one who stole her insignia.

In order to thank her, Subaru offers to help her in her search, he even finds whereabouts of that which she seeks. But who would have known that a much darker force is stalking them from the shadows, and just minutes after finding the insignia they both were murdered brutally.

However, Subaru immediately reawakens to a familiar scene – confronted by the same group of thugs, meeting Satella all over again. Ever heard of the phrase “history repeats itself” well isekai anime literally shows history repeating itself.

Re:Zero Light Novel & Re:Zero Manga

Re zero web novel was first serialized by Tappei Nagatsuki  from April 20,2012 onwards. Till February 10,2021 6 novels and 2 side stories have been published with total of 513 chapters and 7th is work under progress.

Media factory acquired the rights for light novel publication and 1st light novel was released on January 24,2014 illustrated by Shin’ichiro Otsuka. As of December 2020, 25 volumes have been published along with 4 side story volumes and 6 short story collection. The light novel is published in English by Yen Press.

3 arcs have been adapted in the manga, each in different series. 1st one was published by Daichi Matsue in between June 2014 and march 2015. Second one was published by Makoto Fugetsu, since October 2014. 3rd one was also launched by Matsue, published by media factory.

Re:Zero Characters

  • Subaru Natsuki (Sean Chiplock)
  • Emilia (Kayli Mills)
  • Rem (Brianna Knickerbocker)
  • Ram (Ryan Bartley)
  • Puck (Erica Mendez)
  • Beatrice (Kira Buckland)
  • Roswaal L Mathers (Ray Chase)
  • Otto Suwen (Zach Aguilar)
  • Echidna (Anairis Quinones)

Re:Zero Ratings

IMDB 8.1/10




Now this is a different kind of isekai anime you will surely love to watch. When we talk about isekai anime generally there is an unwritten rule stating the main character will be overpowered and would not be defeated easily by anyone. But that’s not the case here.

This is story of Satou Kazuma, a Hikikomori (A shut-in) and die-hard fan of anime, manga and games (general definition of weebs XD) who dies in a traffic accident. At least he was supposed to, but when he woke up, a beautiful  girl calling herself goddess sitting in front of him.

She informs him that he not died due to accident but due to shock, the vehicle stopped right before hitting him but he still died due to shock. She offered him to go to another world and he can take one thing with him. He decided to take her as one thing to bring with him in another world.

From here their adventure of subjugating the demon king begins, or so one would think after all this is an isekai anime main character is there to kill all the demons with ease. But for Kazuma its only the labour for obtaining food, clothing and shelter begins.

Despite Kazuma wants to live in peace, goddess became the beacon for problems eventually attracting the attention of the demon king’s army.

KonoSuba Light Novel & KonoSuba Manga

Konosuba light novel series is written by Natsume Akatsuki. It has 17 volumes and 4 spinoff light novel adaption. Light novel was illustrated by Kurone Mishima and it was released from 1st October 2013 to 1st may 2020.

Konosuba manga adaption was illustrated by Masahito Watari. It began serialization in October 2014 in issue of Fujimi shobo’s monthly dragon age magazine. There are 8 volumes of manga out as of May 2019. Yen press has rights for English publication of both light novel and manga.

KonoSuba Characters (KonoSuba Voice Actors)

  • Kazuma Satou (Arnie Pantoja)
  • Aqua (Faye Mata)
  • Megumin (Erica Mendez)
  • Darkness (Cristina Valenzuela)
  • Luna (Erica Harlacher)
  • Wiz (Brianna Knickerbocker)

KonoSuba Ratings

IMDB : 7.8/10

The Rising of the Shield Hero



Another short yet amazing isekai anime to continue the list. Rising of the shield hero anime is another action-adventure comedy where you feel really bad for protagonist. Some may even call it a little dark. It consist of 1 season of 25 episodes.

Rising of the shield hero season 2 release date is not known yet but a trailer for rising of the shield hero season was released in November 2020 in which they said anime will be out in 2021 so we will be seeing season2 soon enough.

The story is of Iwatani Naofumi who was summoned in another world along with 3 other people to become the hero of that world. Each of the heroes equipped legendary equipment/weapon when summoned to help them. Naofumi received the legendary shield as his weapon.

Naofumi lacked charisma and lack of experience and that resulted in him getting betrayed, falsely accused and robbed on the 3rd day of adventure. Shunned by everyone from king to peasants, Naofumi gets filled with hatred and vengeance and his life in parallel world begins.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Light Novel & The Rising of the Shield Hero Manga

The original web novel was published by Aneko Yusagi. Rising of the shield hero light novel series is illustrated by Seira Minami and was published by media factory with further expanded story-line. 22 volumes have been published till June 2019.

Rising of the shield hero manga adaption done by Aiya Kyu and it was published by media factory. Till July 2020 16 volumes have been released. One Peace books have licenced both light novel and manga for north American publication. New episode of manga comes out on monthly basis.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Characters (The Rising of the Shield Hero Voice Actors)

  • Naofumi Iwatani (Billy Kametz)
  • Raphtalia (Erica Mendez)
  • Filo (Brianna Knickerbocker)
  • Ren Amaki (Alan Lee)
  • Motoyasu Kitamura (Xander Mobus)
  • Itsuki Kawasumi (Erik Kimerer)
  • Melty (Jackie Lastra)
  • Myne (Faye Mata)
  • Glass (Morgan Berry)
  • Fitoria (Christina Valenzuela)

The Rising of the Shield Hero Rating

IMDB : 8.5/10

No Game No Life



Let’s end the list with another great yet short isekai anime. It consists of 1 season of 12 episodes and a movie called no game no life zero. As of no game no life season 2 it has been 7 years fans are waiting for it but there is no confirmation nor any type of announcement regarding it.

No game no life is a surreal comedy of two shut-in NEET siblings named Shora and Shiro. The duo behind the famous name of “Kuuhaku” (“Blank”) in the world of online gaming. For them real world is just another lousy game.

However, everything for them changed when they received a strange e-mail challenging them for chess match. The undefeated duo gets transported into another world by Tet, the god of games.

It’s the world of Tet or rather Disboard of Tet where all forms of conflict as small as petty squabbles and as big as the fate of whole country is not decided by war, but by way of high stakes games. It is all possible due to the fundamental rules of world.

The dynamic duo whose whole spent their whole life just playing games has now reason to play those games. Their to do list now contains to unite all the species of Disboard, defeat Tet, and become the new god of this wonderful world where gaming is everything.

No Game No Life Light Novel & No Game No Life Manga

Yu Kamiya wrote and illustrated no game no life light novel. It was published by media factory in between April 2012 and January 2018. There are 10 volumes of the light novel. Yen Press has the English publication rights for light novel.

The author and his wife, Mashiro Hiiragi worked together on no game no life manga adaption. It was published in monthly comic alive magazine on irregular basis. North American version of no game no life manga was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment.

No Game No Life Characters

  • Sora (Scott Gibbs)
  • Shiro (Caitlynn French)
  • Stepahine Dola (Sara Ornelas)
  • Jibril (Amelia Fischer)
  • Kurami Zell (Kara Greenberg)
  • Fil Nilvalen (Christina Stroup)
  • Tet (Shannon Emerick)
  • Izuna Hatsuse (Kira Vincent-Davis)
  • Ino Hatsuse (John Swasey)
  • Priestess (Suzelle Palacios)

No Game No Life Ratings

IMDB: 7.9/10


So, this is the list of some of the best isekai anime out there that enjoyed watching the most. Let me know in the comment your fav isekai anime from the list also if it is not in the list let me know I will watch it asap.

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What are the 16 races in no game no life?

In no game, no life 16 races are there each represented by a race piece which is part of the chessboard and they are human (Imanity) as king, flügel as queen, Dwarf as bishop, Ex-Machina as bishop, Dhampir as a knight, Seiren as a knight, Elf as a rook, Lunamana as a rook, Old Deus as a pawn, Phantasma pawn, Elemental as a pawn, Dragonia as a pawn, Gigant as a pawn, Fairy as a pawn, Demonia as a pawn, werebeast as a pawn

Is Re Zero actually good?

Re zero is one of the best anime that I have ever watched. It has a great storyline, great character development a little bit of romance and comedy. Overall just great anime to watch

Will there be season 2 of cautious hero?

There has been no official announcement by the studio for season 2 but considering the source material and where season 1 ended season 2 can come

Does Netflix have Konosuba?

konosuba is available on Netflix depending on your region


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